So the past couple of days have been stressful for various reasons. And my XYZ body part has been hurting, but nothing super serious, and manageable.

I had mitts with coach Gunz on Wednesday and I admit I was kind of nervous. He runs a hard practice and I really wanted to impress him. ^^;; I did okay, though! And MAN, he knew evil stuff that burn out the body and make you feel like you’re in a fight…which is what I need at this point. I felt way more confident in myself after that session.

Wednesday night after teaching the kid’s class, I went home and finished the anime Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.
fma lesson without pain is meaningless
Wow, what an AMAZING series. Seriously, it had all sorts of deep messages and powerful imagery. I first watched it when I was in college, but when I heard the manga continued, I didn’t really feel like it was finished. Brotherhood, the continuation, is ridiculously superior.

Anyway, today Miesha and Chel-C (twitter @chelcBailey) came to Syndicate to help me out with sparring for my training camp. Many thanks!! 😀 Along with Jamie, they shark-tanked me kickboxing and MMA-wrestling-grappling. That means I stay in the middle, but they alternate out every two minutes so a fresh guy (gal) came in. The shark-bait gets tired REALLY fast. But I was okay! 😀 rar! I love sparring with Chel-C. She is awesome and talented.

Here’s a pic of me and Jamie showing off our Mei-Li shorts. Dragons and kanji! I love this brand. That’s why I post about it so much. I want to get Julie, the maker, publicity. 😀
roxy jamie meili shorts
(click to enlarge)

miesha and chelsie helping
Chelsie and Miesha! 😀 <3 miesha chelsie and roxy doubleteam
HEY, no fair double-teaming the Roxy! Well, that’s what it felt like to be shark-tanked. And Miesha showed me this nifty new move. COACH Miesha. #GoTeamTate

And thanks to my coaches for looking out for me. 😀

Then I went home feeling battered (like a battered fish! shark-bait? HAHAaaaaa) and took an ice bath.

This is post-ice-bath Roxy.
roxy and ice stuff
Notice the ice-bath hair – buns tied up on the side so hair doesn’t get wet. Holding empty ice-bags. Not thrilled but stoic icy expression. and T-shirt from new sponsor

And then I was FREEZING so I drank some hot Herbal Papaya tea with healthy immune-supporting extract in it.
herbal papaya and roiboos
Another sponsor! I’m so blessed to have sponsors. This is why it’s easier for a pro fighter to live in the US than Japan. -_-

Now I am so sore and exhausted I can’t wait to be go to bed. lol