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excellent training, last week’s UFC, Japanese, Once Upon a Time

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This week was a great week for me! I’m back at full power for training. Lots of process with technique on mitts. Trying to work some new things on the ground. Struggling a bit with a few new things, but it’s always like that for me before it falls into place. I think that should happen any day now. haha

I’ve been trying SO hard and finally was able to lose a few pounds of fat, so instead of walking around at 145, I’m at 141.5. That’s nice. 😀 I was lifting and eating a lot, and gained both fat and muscle. I usually try and hang out around 141 when I don’t have a fight set.

Awesome sparring, mostly with the ladies Jamie and Hannah! We went hard and I felt great.
Haha this is the “Ultimate Selfie” taken by Tony Diaz. hah!
(click to enlarge)

Last weekend I got to watch a lot of my friends fight in the UFC. I’m heartbroken for Jessamyn Duke who lost by decision to Elisabeth Philips. ;_; So happy for Miesha and Bryan and Tom! 😀 I hung out with Bootsy, Mishel, new friend Charlie, and….

hannah and roxy happy at tom's win

Tynan and his cousin
tynan and cousin at alehouse

Heather and Morgan
heather and morgan at alehouse

…at the Alehouse. 😀

Bryan won!
bryan winning on tv
Tom won!
tom lawlor on tv
I’m nervous when my friends and teammates fight, but I’m like TWICE as nervous when my coaches fight. There’s not only the caring about them personally, but the fact that I look up to them and they teach me stuff. Man, I was wringing my hands the whole time. lol He was so cool, though!

I went to Luke and Corey’s baby shower! It was so nice! There were mostly fighters or acrobats there. haha
Luke's baby shower party pic

I’m trying to study Japanese A LOT leading up the UFC Japan in September. I want to get another job as an interpreter and my Japanese has gone down the tubes. So I’m watching anime every day for listening practice, I’m also listening to interviews by Japanese fighters who are supposed to be on the upcoming card, and practicing translating what they say. My friend Goto-san is helping correct my Japanese. Seriously, I’d be lost without him!
I’m making a notebook of phrases I need. Especially hard words like “Diuretics.” Rinyo saiyo ni aru kusuri. Such an unusual word I’m having trouble memorizing it.
pic of notebook studying japanese
(there’s one kanji mistake on here I’ve since corrected btw but I’m sure nobody’ll notice haha)

I finished Once Upon a Time season 2!
I loved this scene so much!
mad hatter and daughter
(Season one, actually)

dark ones
Why do I like Rumplestiltskin and Hook so much? They’re bad guys but like my favorite characters. lol I probably empathize with them, and Colin O’Donoghue is kind of good looking. *_*

My week: weights, Tom interview, Arrow/Once, DBZ super, Minions, Stitch

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Two weeks ago some nagging injuries had me down (literally). I feel much better now, but that was rough. -_-

Smile and carry on!

I binge-watched Arrow (finished season 2) and Once Upon a Time TV (middle of season 2) TV shows. I’ve been watching Dragon Ball Z super, the NEW DBZ! So EXCITED I can watch it at the same time as the Japanese fans! 😀 I love being in the loop.
dbz super family vaca
I’m not going to post a link because it’s kind of copyrighted and I don’t wanna get the websites in trouble. ^_^;
I wrote my Japanese blog a lot to practice my language skills. I lifted a lot of weights. My nagging shoulder pain is gone and I surpassed my max repetitions on my max weight for various lifts! 😀 YAY!

Again, coach John was right. He promised me I could have gains and get rid of my shoulder pain, despite me never ever having success lifting before. I’m glad I blindly trust him. And I LOVE LUKE ROONEY, my new physical trainer. XD
luke and roxy

He shaved his head and facial hair for work…. I literally did not recognize him without my glasses until I got closer.
shocked anime girl

Last Friday I saw the movie “Minions” with my mom. That is REALLY significant because I can never get my mom to do ANYTHING with me, and I’m really frustrated. She never wants to go out to eat or go out in the evening because she has specific TV shows refuses to miss. No, we don’t have DVR because she doesn’t want to pay and I don’t watch the TV. She won’t go out during the day because she has a routine of shopping at every store in Las Vegas because each store has specific sales and she spends hours researching them. *sigh* The last time we saw a movie was two years ago, and we used to go all the time. So this is significant.

She laughed SO much, as did I! It was fantastic! Now we have a slew of new inside jokes, like

I do watch Star Trek with my mom almost every day. That’s one thing we do together. So weird that most of the cast is probably my age now that they were back then. And my mom thinks that Riker is cute, and I’m like, omg he’s in my age range now. *_* I mean then. LOL anyway. THEN we saw an add for a Star Trek convention that I AM TOTALLY GOING TO GO TO!!!! 😀 😀 Last year I was fighting and couldn’t go. I wanna get my mom to go with me!! But she said “no!” OF COURSE she would say no. I’m hoping that if I rant about it for the next three weeks she’ll start wanting to go, too! ;_; August 8th. that’s what happened with Minions. I introduced the idea two weeks in advance and kept acting excited about it until she broke down. XD

This week I’m feeling better physically! I’m training and it’s awesome!! XD Teammate and Syndicate’s assistant coach “Filthy” Tom Lawlor is in Chicago and will fight this Saturday! Man, I’m getting nervous. *_* I wrote a kick -butt interview with him! check it out!

So…. there’s this Reebok deal. I liked what Tom said in his interview. He gave his honest opinion without dissing it and being offensive. I hope nobody in Reebok or the UFC get upset because he’s giving pros and cons logically. As for me….
i will not give my opinion of the reebok deal
I’m afraid to say anything!

And then poor Stitch, famous cutman, got fired by the UFC!
feels so many feels
So……. you don’t publicly bash your boss on social media and expect no repercussions. It’ll either be very good (fans apply pressure and you get what you want) or very bad (you get fired). But he didn’t really diss Reebok or the UFC. He just spoke how it wasn’t fair he lost his sponsors … check it out here:
I actually started retweeting his stuff and sympathizing but now I’m afraid to say anything. 🙁
I hope Stitch works my Invicta fight!
roxy and stitch
He’s always nice to me, gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and speaks Japanese to me.

And I might have an announcement! 😀

goku yes happy

Saturday&Sunday- Expo, kinda met Arlovski, Joanna’s seminar, UFC

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Saturday morning I did BJJ with the gi! I haven’t done gi training in months, so this was fun and felt good! It felt different to be constantly pushing and pulling with the gi, so I felt like I got a good workout.

I actually had planned to do some kickboxing, but my back was hurting and I was tired and had stuff to do that day, so I decided to take a shower and go to the expo to get some signatures. I had a signature scavenger-hunt assignment.

So I was supposed to get signatures on posters from Chuck Lidell, Don Frye, Arlovski, Fabricio Werdum, and then Frankie Edgar, Mighty Mouse, Daniel Cormier…

Dude, there’s only so many lines I can wait in in the span of an hour and a half! 🙁 I checked the schedule for people available at 1:00 PM and everybody but Arlovski was finished! oh no. And despite being a fighter, I can’t cut lines.

So I met up with Celia, a facebook friend who sponsored me in my last fight by putting “Lemon Badger” on my banner, and got to chat with her while waiting in the Arlovski line. I had like 7 posters I needed him to sign, but technically we are only allowed to get the fighters to sign ONE item. Then we have to go to the end of the line.
roxy and celia
I was soooo nervous…..that A) I’m meeting Arlovski! B) He would only sign one thing

Finally it was our turn! My heart was beating. He reached for his usual signature card which I REALLY WANTED but I had other priorities. I said, “HI! 😀 😀 Would you sign my posters for me?!” He smiled tolerantly (I could barely see his face under his hat) and dutifully signed all of them. I let them flip back after he signed. Thank youuuuu. And then the staff lady took a picture of us but I didn’t have registered badge (I had a UFC guest pass) so I can’t get the picture ;_; and I was so nervous that I didn’t get Celia to take a pic with my camera. LIKE AN IDIOT BECAUSE SHE WAS RIGHT THERE HOLDING IT. ;____;

roxy and arlovski
Our only picture togetherrrrrrrrrrrrr!
celia and arlovski
I thought to get one of him and Celia!!! Thanks for helping me out, my friend!

Then met up with Katie who helped me out.
I met up with Ota-san, who traveled all the way from Japan to go to the Expo and watch the UFC! 😀 I visited his gym when I needed a place to train when I was going to fight Akano, who trained at the same gym as me- AACC. He was the leader there. So cool to see him again!
roxy and ota san

Then I split. I went home for an hour and then went over coach John’s with a few teammates and watched the UFC. Freaking amazing show! Robbie Lawler vs McDonald was amazing. And Conor and Chad? I was very entertained by that fight. Not the safest way to fight, but I fully enjoyed the showmanship. 😀 He’s got guts to do that. I loved it. Too bad Chad gassed a bit, but I REALLY respect him for stepping up for such a huge fight on two weeks notice, risking his record and career! I’m a new huge fan of both. 😀

Sunday I did yoga and then went to Joanna Jedrzejczyk’s seminar at Syndicate! (I guessed Jedrzejdyck for spelling and then had to look it up. I’m trying to memorize the spelling and am getting closer lol) She showed some GOOD stuff! I’m sad more people didn’t come, but it kind of got organized at the last minute and there weren’t posters around the gym. Well, sucks for you guys who didn’t come! 😀 I love her. I hope she comes back and trains for a bit after she heals up 😀 :D.
roxy and joanna groupse minar2

Then I had a girl’s night out and hung out at the Alehouse in Town Square with my fighterbuddy Hannah! We had girl talk and watched the UFC. 😀 perfect evening. haha
roxy hannah alehouse

I am really sore and tired from the seminar…we did take-down stuff which is really bad for my back. u_U But hopefully I’ll make it through today! I love Mondays!

Fun Friday – grappling lesson, UFC Expo, Chris Weidman

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Yesterday started out with me giving another private lesson to Amelia! We did grappling. It was really cool for me to be able to give little pointers on the technique she already knows to make it better.
amelia and roxy day 2 2 2
And when she said her favorite submission move was rear-naked-choke, I admit I got a little excited. It’s my favorite, too. I told her to try and choke me, and I wondered what it’d be like! So she locked it on, snapped a BODY TRIANGLE triangle on me and squeezed!!

I was like………….
vegeta choked

It was awesome! I started trying my hardest to get out! Big challenge…it took me two minutes but I finally got out. Nice job. XD And I taught her some tricks to finish it. Now she shall return to the gym and choke everybody out more than she did before. XD XD teehee I seriously love choking. I used to like triangles the best, but only because I tended to get them a lot. I love chokes because they gurgle and tap out, and then when you let them go, they are perfectly fine and uninjured. XD
amelia and roxy day 2
Fun stuff.

Then I headed over to the UFC Fan expo in the Sands center. It was nice! Different then last year but okay. The Reebok clothes were ridiculously overpriced, as expected. No way I would buy any of them. :/ But the UFC design T shirts were nice, if I wanted a souvenir. But when your money comes from being punched in the face, it’s easy to resist buying stuff. “Hmm I got my face F*cked up to buy this T-shirt…I don’t think so.”


I didn’t have an interest in participating in the fitness challenges but some people did, and there were kickboxing matches going on.
random shot of expo

There was a Muscle Pharm booth, some muscle pain patch products, and Defense soap!! I love defense soap! I shower with it after every practice and it’s supposed to have ingredients that kills bacteria on the skin.
defense soap roxy

and if you like my T-shirt, check out my coach’s clothing line MVRK!
I made a lot of contacts last time, but not as many this time. :/ There was like an action figure collectible booth last time that I was hoping would be here this time, but wasn’t.

I met a lot of nice fans who stopped me for pictures and to sign stuff. Seriously, it’s an honor! I love meeting people! I want people to not be afraid to say hi! Unless I’m heading for the bathroom….then I might be cranky if you stop me. XD other than that….! haha Feel free to hang around outside the bathroom like a stalker waiting for me to come out and then we can talk.

I wanted to get signatures myself, but I was so sore and tired from training that I gave up and went home at like 2 PM. Overall, it was a nice Expo. Good job, organizers.

Later, I met up with Katie to go to the Las Vegas Fight shop in Planet Hollywood to meet Randy Couture…. but decided last minute to wait in the long line and meet Chris Weidman. He looks like Captain America! I realized later that his logo is like Superman, but he could pull off ANY SUPERHERO. EASILY. Somebody get that man a superhero movie role.

Soooooo we waited for an hour, and talked to this nice couple the whole time.
nice guys at chris w signing

And then he rolled in with his wife and two kids. XD SO CUTE.

roxy and chris weidman

I said, “Hi, my name is Roxanne. And I’m a fan…and you look like Captain America.” He smiled tolerantly and said, “Really?”
roxy chris weidman posters

We left without meeting Randy Couture. 😀
I’m thinking about buying that T-shirt…..hmm “I got my face f*cked up to buy a Chris Weidman superman t shirt…” Maybe it’s worth it? haha

Then Katie and I ate and went home and I watched an episode of The Arrow Season 2 and went to bed. 😀 😀 😀

busy Thursday! lesson, Invicta, fighter to fangirl

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Thursday morning (yesterday) I had a private lesson with an amazing teenage female martial artist! I was impressed with Amelia’s skillset she already developed and the speed at which she picked up what I taught her. It was fun!

roxy amelia training pic

Dig that tatami/Meerkatsu designed rashguard!

I lifted weights a bit after that and then grabbed lunch with my friends from mmaroundup videos Kristin and Veronica! (and Katie) Check out their youtube channel for fighter interviews and hilarious comedy videos.
roxy veronica katie kristin skinnyfats

We then all went to the Cosmopolitan to watch Invicta! We had to wait online for 45 minutes to get our tickets and met a ton of nice fans. I continued my job of handing out fliers. A guy kept talking to me who knew who I was and I think he was really important, but he’s gotta understand, my memory sucks already and I met hundreds of people…. 🙁

Here are some Irish fans who were supporting Catherine Costigan!
irish group and katie
Whoops I’m not even in this one. I took it and sent it to Catherine. lol Katie and Irish fans.

Shannon sat me right between my good friends Jessamyn and Shayna! HAH she did it on purpose! YAY THANK YOU!! 😀 <3 at invicta with friends
After I posted it on Instagram, I noticed the photobomber behind us! 😀 😀 HAHAHA! (btw I totally photobombed somebody taking a pic with Jess and Shayna another time. XD)

There were SO many big famous fighters from the UFC and otherwise here! Frankie Edgir and Renzo Gracie were RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, and fans kept standing in my way blocking my view to get pics. lol And then someone tapped me on the shoulder to get MY picture. I was freaking out, going from fangirl to fighter in miliseconds. OVERLOAD!!!!!

Then Shayna looked up from text messaging and was like “CM Punk invited us to go sit with him.” I’m like, what?! The world famous pro wrestler who said he wanted to do MMA…Is HERE AND IS INVITING US?!! So between rounds we tried to dash over to him but got caught by fans. XD In the middle of all that, one of the fans shakes my hand and says, “It’s so nice to finally meet you!” I’m like, “Yeah, thanks!” and am trying to move on, and then Shayna starts talking to the fan……
(click to enlarge)

……………..and then I realize, holy sh*t that’s not a fan, that’s CM Punk! Wait! “Are you…you!” I stammered and he was like “I’m here” or something, not that, but I forget. I think he didn’t want me to be a fangirl because he was a fan of ME on the Ultimate Fighter.

After I won my fight to get into the house, he tweeted “That was the best post promo ever.” and like 400 people retweeted it. I got the notifications on my twitter feed and was like “who is this guy?” Shayna was like “WHAT DO YOU MEAN ‘Who is this guy?!”
cm punk and roxy
So yeah. So we sat down and was just staring at everything, trying to pay attention to Tonya Evinger battling for the belt, and then Fabricio Werdum sat down next to me. with somebody else, I think Tyron Woodley.

fangirl anime

I said hi, he said hi, and then he and Tyron dashed off and found another seat. whaaaat whyyyyyyy

The fights were outstanding. My teammate Jamie won! Good job, girl! Catherine lost…just got overpowered physically. Amber is a beast and awesome. Catherine couldn’t really pull the trigger. :/ My former training partner from the AACC Ayaka Hamasaki won the title! YAY so thrilled for her! she looks soooo skinny having dropped a weight class…I’m glad she can still be strong! 😀

I felt bad for Irene who got an a$$whopping put on her the whole time by Tonya, but I’m glad Tonya won. I didn’t even want to watch Faith fight Cyborg. 🙁 Early stoppage but ….

Overall, really really awesome event! packed house! great energy!
tonya vs irene
good job, Invicta! Now let me fight on the next card. 😀

I got home at 12:30 AM and slept in until 5:45!! 😀

Got another busy day ahead of me!