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I had a fantastic week last week. I feel so healthy it’s odd. Well, my back hurts a little. u_u But my shoulders feel okay. It’s usually one or the other that hurt. Magic Masseuse Teri helps SO much with that. (Yes, I made up her new title).

I only gained 3 pounds of fat (as opposed to 5 or 6) since my fight, probably because I tried to get back to training immediately and cut down on sweets. But every time I rejoice, I go back up fast. LOL But I feel so energetic from eating carbs. Yay. I’m appreciating my health now because usually something hurts, and when I get older, I’m sure it won’t get any better!

I was joking around with Clayton, or was it Tom, that fighting adds an extra year to a fighter’s life. If that’s the case, since I’ve had 33 fights and I’m 33, my life years are 66? O_O hmm

It’s been so great training with Serena and Hannah again! Serena came back to Syndicate right after my fight, after an odyssey around the country. Serena’s wrestling game has really improved a lot, Hannah’s stand up and everything, really, has also, and I also see SO much improvement in the new girl Jenny.
serena and roxy after sparring
And I see improvement in myself. I feel more confident about certain techniques that I was able to pull off in my fight.

I’m back in training full force. I’ve been enjoying gi jiu-jitsu classes a lot. I used to have trouble comprehending Vinny because he talks so fast and my brain works slowly when learning a new technique, but I think I’ve gotten used to it now. I’ve been pulling off and working stuff he has taught me. He spent extra time with me before my fight and helped me out a lot. He’s fighting April 2nd in WSOF!! So excited to watch him WIN. 😀
jamie and roxy in gi
I trained with Jamie this Saturday!
team pic in march after practice
I’m also back working mitts, some switch stance stuff I want to get better at but didn’t want to try in the fight yet because I wasn’t super confident.
pyramid of fighter girls

So many fightergirls now at Syndicate! 😀
This new lady (but not new to the fight game) Jackie joined the team!

In my kids class, I have a small core group and then other kids come every day for like two weeks and then disappear for like two weeks. WHY?! ;_; Then when we have a trial student, I have to tell the parents, “We have more kids than this, I swear!” -_-;;

I’m moving! Down the street again! Dang, I don’t really like moving and I swore to myself that I wouldn’t let my mom drag me all over Vegas. I tend to move once every 4 years and she tends to move once a year. But what do you know, she was so bothered by our neighbors that she twisted my arm into moving last year (after only 1.5 years in our place), and now she’s moving back to New England, which will force me to move again. -_- mendokusai kedo shouganai. So yeah, big news! A new chapter in my life! Mom hates Vegas, although I think it’s more like “The grass is greener on the other side.” She always complained about the cold and snow in Massachusetts, and then in Vegas, complained about the heat.

I’ll miss her a lot, but I have friends so I won’t be lonely. I think she’ll be lonely, but I hope not! If she moves to New York, she’ll be able to see her aunt, cousin, and sister. That’ll be nice. Her hometown is kind of run down and declining, though, so not the ideal place. But anyway. I was hoping to stay in this current apartment and just have a house-mate move in, but for some reason that the office wouldn’t let us, they are forcing us to relocate, or transfer. huh? I was told it was nothing we did, and other people have to, too. How rude. 🙁

So I’m packing my own stuff, and my mom is being super annoying, trying to basically guide me and tell me how I should pack and prepare and move and stuff. Dude, I’ve moved before, leave me alone. I know how to pack, nothing of mine ever broke and I MOVED OVERSEAS. She’s just projecting her own nervousness on me. I’m already 60% packed and she barely started. Poor mom is getting really stressed out, though. 🙁

I owe her a lot, though. She literally picked up on three months notice and moved to Las Vegas to be with me and support me as I tackled a full-time fighting career. She pays more than half the rent and comes home with groceries for me. She’s so thoughtful and loving and the best mother in the world! 🙂 And my best friend. I usually ask for her counsel on problems. She’s the most creative person ever and has taught me so many life lessons.

I’m going to take a quick trip to New England to see my maternal Aunt and Uncle, then my dad, then my paternal Aunt and Uncle and cousins! I’m so excited! I’ll be on a really really tight schedule so won’t have time to see all my friends, though. 🙁

I’ve been letting Serena practice driving around parking lots with my car! 😀 But don’t tell my mom. LOL Funny enough, HER mom seems cool with it. I never really considered “teaching” anyone how to drive, but I find myself thinking of lessons to teach various points of driving, like how to back out of a parking space, using angles, smoothness of accelerating and breaking, etc. I’m getting into it now. LOL

We did archery together last Sunday!
roxy archery
My first time! How cool! However, I’m NOT ready to go protect Star City yet.
roxy and serena archery
I started and finished the anime Death Parade and loved it. It’s about judging the human souls after death by putting them through a trial in the form of a bar game, to get them to reveal their characters. Here’s the opening theme. Really great song!

My week after Invicta 16 – partially failing at relaxing, random pics

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I’ve had a good week! I’ve been enjoying food again. My days have been running together since I get a sense of the day of the week depending on what type of practice I have. I’ve been teaching my kids as usual, and doing various chores and stuff during the morning. I didn’t think I was injured and wanted to hurry up and train, but I knew I had to rest or I’d get sick. Then on Tuesday I tried to do jiu-jitsu and realized that I have some kind of bruised rib. It hurts to laugh and do a sit-up and stuff, so it was kind of torture. I found huge bruises on my left knee I hadn’t noticed before, and my neck hurt. x_x But not big deals. I’m lucky. In my last 4 fights, I limped for weeks. Anyway, I did technique – this cool rolling move to recover guard – rolled lightly with another beginner lady, and then stopped.

I kind of freaked out stepping on the scale, so I’ve been trying to tone down my eating. I’m enjoying the waffle cookies my friend Bonny sent me, and Jamie gave me some green tea KitKats. 😀

I really want to visit my dad, and my uncle and aunt, but I’m not sure what’s up with my uncle’s schedule. He’s really really sick and I want to visit him before……. but my mom says I shouldn’t visit him while he’s getting certain treatments because he’ll be in pain. But isn’t that WHY I should visit?? show support? My mom is so smart and taught me so well, but it surprises me how silly she can be sometimes. Like when she opened the door to some strange man at 7:30 PM in the dark who claimed to be selling candy…. ahem don’t get me started on that. 🙁 *sigh* I definitely take after the Modafferi’s when it comes to taking the initiative and getting things done.

I’ve been watching a lot of shows – World Trigger, up to ep 30! The Neighbor invasion is so exciting! Also Lucifer, up to ep 7. I found two eps of Prison Break that got released after I finished the season 4, so I watched those today. I’ve watched Legends of Tomorrow, up to 7. I can’t wait for Arrow and Flash to resume.

I saw Zootopia in the theaters on Wednesday after Yoga. Good job, Disney! Loved it. Watching Epic now, on my computer. Watching D. Gray Man, ep 13, but it’s kinda…the plot is not moving a long. But it’s a super long one, so I guess I’ll stick it out a little longer. I read the next Norigami manga chapter out. hmmm

Serena has a fight coming up and I decided that my rib was hurting less than before, so I’d train super hard with her. I put my headgear on and went full-blown sparring. I’m glad because I pushed her hard, but I pulled like two muscles. But it’s what I signed up for! She did awesome and is looking sharp.
girls at syndicate
I love my teammmmmmmm!
syndicate sparring march group2

Today my mom agreed to go out to dinner with me!
hibachi mom and roxanne
That’s so unusual! Victory dinner! My first Hibachi experience!

hibachi 2
I didn’t know this, but it’s kind of an Americanized Japanese style of cooking. It’s not really done like this in Japan. That’s why I’d never heard of it! BUt I loved it! I wanna go back soon!

And the chef has a Naruto Konoha gakuren headband!!! YAY anime fan! and he recognized me from TUF so we had fun conversations as he cooked our food.
hibachi chef hitai ate
I got a bamboo plant! I’ve been wanting one for years! 😀
roxy and bamboo

Here are a few random pics from my fight week.
Advice from Coach John during our last mitt session. (photo cred: Candy)
coach john giving the pre fight speach

Coach John wrapping my hands. (photo Cred: Tom)
john wrapping hands 1
john wrapping hands 2
caramel waffles
Yummy! thanks, Bonny! <3 the UFC Fight pass camera crew said "Be serious!" and I managed it for 1.5 seconds before the grin popped up. I'm surprised they got a serious pic! serious face after fight

Me sitting in the crowd with my friends, watching the fights.
ice and coach john
My head didn’t really hurt, but when you’re in a fight, you get hit, so it can’t hurt to ice it. I got flashed once or twice.

Chris texted me at like 1 PM saying he couldn’t cover my kid’s class after all. I was like, “YOU Find someone. I’m kind of passing out from cutting weight right now. LOL” roxy cutting weight

My Invicta 16 fight experience blog!

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This fight week was such an adventure! First, trying to eat barely enough to stay healthy while making sure I had a caloric deficiency so I could make weight. Cutting out ALL sodium. I usually try not to eat at ALL weigh-in day, but then I remembered one time running into Andrea Lee at a diner and she said that she was having a little bit to eat before starting her weight cut. So I had a tad bit of water and microwaved two tea spoons of oatmeal with Abundant Greens supplement that my sponsor Total Nutrition LV gave me. And two bites of watermelon and like 5 walnuts. I felt decently energetic all day during my weight cut, meaning I didn’t feel like I was dying.

Photo shoots went GREAT. I dressed up as Mileena, and John, as Raiden. Esther took the pics and photoshopped in the eyes and lightening! I think we look so cool! 😀 😀 😀
roxy as mileena 1

mileena roxy and raiden john2

Rob and Katie hung out with me until John came to help me cut weight. He was an hour late because of traffic, and I ended up drawing my own salt bath, and it was too hot by accident.
I’m not sure whether to blame myself or him for that. lol I got really dizzy. When I got out the first time, I lay down and fell asleep/passed out and had a dream, that Konohamaru from Naruto burst into the room trying to get me to weigh myself on the scale and drink water. Then I woke up to John watching TV in our borrowed hotel room. LOL I did four 20-minute baths and lost the 4 pounds, which completed my 10 pounds of water.

Heather came over and did my make up! 😀 I hadn’t planned on that but she asked me to, and I agreed! It was so nice to spend time with her, regardless of the make up. I’m so lucky to have loving, supportive friends, fans, and coaches!

heather and roxy make up
John came with me to all my interviews, even though he really didn’t have to.

The weigh-ins went exactly as I had hoped. Except my bottom teeth kept falling out so I had no choice but to keep them out, and my boot leg kept falling down. I did my routine with the sai, struck a different pose on the scale, and then my hissing at DeAnna went over well. hah!

Then my friends came and posed with me after my face-off, which was totally over-do-ing it, but I figured DeAnna’s camp wouldn’t complain. I’m pretty friendly with them, despite me trying super hard to smack talk before the fight. Hahah she was just not scared of me.
roxy hissing 2

sherdog mortal kombat

I was disappointed John couldn’t come on the stage behind me, but everybody else kind of made up for it. A few of my teammates came to watch in the crowd. I’m grateful and touched!
John is such a good sport.
john in raiden grimaces
He grimaces, but I know secretly he loves it. 😀

I recovered very well. I drank lots of water, coconut water, pedialyte, and munched on granola, watermelon, carbs, etc! Then went to Hooters with a group of 15 friends and had chicken cheese quesadillas and grilled chicken salad.
post weigh in pic with friends

Then ice cream at the grocery store on the way home. I rebounded to 135.5 before I went to bed! 😀

Fight morning, I ate pancakes…and a lot of stuff. After weigh-ins, it’s my job to eat as many calories as I can without getting sick. Then I get loose stool and indigestion all day because my body gets nervous. I popped into the gym just to pass time and not stress out thinking about the fight. I watched a bunch of World Trigger (anime) eps.

Before I knew it, it was time to go! Meet at the Tropicana at 3:30. I got to chat with Shayna Baszler and Jessamyn Duke in line with Tom and John for a while.
shayna and jessamyn and rxy
Then we went to the lockerrooms. So to speak. They were like meeting rooms of hotels, kind of. Just had four small mats and chairs, which is fine. There wasn’t much space to warm up, but we could move around in the big hallway, so that was nice. However, the bathrooms were SO far and the public ones, so I had to go through fans! Thank goodness everyone wasn’t stopping me for a picture every five seconds, because fighters are always going to the bathroom a billion times before fights. One time I ran into my opponent DeAnna on the way and we chatted a bit, and then a fan spotted us washing our hands and was like “can I get a picture? OF BOTH OF YOU?” so, with the bathroom stalls in the background, we hovered on either side of her selfie and made funny faces. LOL What a unique picture for her.
roxy in front of invicta 16 banner
(click to see an enlarged pic.) Thanks so much to all my sponsors for this fight:
Dragon Do, Remove it Restoration, Aardvark Painting, Top Notch Fighter, MMA Signatures, Unique Kennels , Alienware, Total Nutrition Las Vegas,, War Tape, Herbal Papaya, Fight the Good Fight/ Face Slick, Dominate your Game, The Void (Facebook group), Celia Lemon, Passive Jay, Patrick, and more!

I’m soooooo glad I didn’t have to wait so long to fight. I was only the 5th fight so I didn’t have to wait until late at night to fight, which is perfect, because I start getting sleepy around 9 PM. ^^;; At least in Kansas City, the time is two hours ahead, so my body is okay. I was worried about Vegas, especially with Daylight savings time being A FEW DAYS AFTER THE FIGHT. Why couldn’t it have been before? Anyway, it was fine. Good warm-up, and good entrance. I didn’t forget to take my t shirt off this time. Tom and John walked me out. I feel really comfortable having those two by my side. Just hearing them talk to each other makes me feel more relaxed. Also I listened to Rob Zombie’s “Go To california” on repeat while John was wrapping my hands. Such a comfortable wrap, as usual. And the gloves were comfy and not stiff, too! I’ve had gloves where it hurts to make contact and hit something.
roxy deanna 4-2
So …when I was watching tape on DeAnna, I just thought, “Okay she’s well-rounded. I’ll just have to do everything.” But John was like, “she does this and this and this, so you should do this and this and this.” holy crap, I wouldn’t have thought of those specific things myself. Well, that’s why he’s the master coach and I’m the fighter. I want to be a coach myself someday but :/ haha it’s not looking good, at this point. He’s so good at analyzing! Literally everything he said would happen happened, and I just did everything he said to do, and most of it worked.
roxy and deanna 888
I’m really proud of myself for being able to think straight and strike the way I wanted to.

roxy winning invicta 16-2
I hoped to get off a few more flurries and combinations. I had planned to do more kicks but she kept catching them. Her physical strength impressed me a lot. I didn’t expect to be taken down off the cage. I learned a lot from this fight.
roxy and coaches after invicta 16-2

Lots of people came out to support! My students, friends, training partners!

girl friends coming to support
nick and roxy

patrick and roxy at fight
I went out to dinner at Denny’s with my group of friends. There was one waiter and one cook but we got to chat a lot and it was nice. Thanks for bearing with me, guys! 🙂
roxy and katie milk shake after

Yesterday (Saturday) I took Katie to BJJ at Syndicate and then we went out for lunch at SkinnyFats before meeting up with everyone else. I was planning on going to Mesquite to watch my teammate Jordan fight for the title, but I started feeling like I was gonna crash hard, and the post-fight soreness started to set in. I barely slept the previous night and I usually get sick after fights. so I didn’t go. sorry Jordan! But he was awesome and subbed his opponent for the belt!

I enjoyed walking around the mall with everyone yesterday. 🙂 I’ll miss you all!
I went to bed at 8:30 which was turned into 9:30 because of daylight savings time, and woke up at 4:30 (which used to be 3:30) HAHAH YES my body is finally on tune to normal time! yay daylight savings time!! 😀

My eye is hurting way less. I got scratched in the fight but I had medicine from the previous week when I got poked in the eye in training.

I am soooooooo sore now. x_x I can barely move. Why does this special full-body soreness take a full 24 hours to set in?

Great training, Hannah’s back, Mortal Kombat, dresses

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Having a grand ole time with Hannah Fitzpatrick now that she’s back after five months of being away and leaving me lonelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! 😀 😀 😀 She’s looking to do her pro debut soon, after having 9 amateur fights.

Last Sunday we went window shopping!
roxy and hannah shopping
Didn’t find what she was looking for, but she made me try on dresses, none of which I bought. And posted them all over the internet. I don’t have the occasion or desire to wear them….

roxy dresses
I mean, what if I get attacked and have to karate myself out of the situation, and kick and people see my underwear? Or try and run away from a bad guy and can’t in high heels? Total disaster. (That’s exactly what I thought when I was ten years old, which is about the time I purposely stopped wearing dresses.) LOL Now I have other excuses for not wearing them….

Hannah has re-joined Syndicate and along with Jessica, helped me train physically and also in Mortal Kombat.
She helped me with an MMA cardio circuit last Wednesday.
hannah and roxy circuit
Hit mitts! Pick up the bag! Slam it! ground and pound! Take me down! Get up from bad positions! wall walk! mitts! take me down! get off the cage! We did rounds.
mortal kombat reserach 1
I have great friends.
Hannah slaughters me with every character she chooses. x_x especially Mileena.
mortal kombat research 2
I have to study Mileena and also how to use sai. THEY ARE HARD. x_X;;

group pic. See Shawn on the ground underneeth everyone? hahahaha his Instagram hashtags are hilarious.
group pic syndicate feb
People are laughing…I wonder if this was when someone said, “Roxy’s teabagging Shawn!” and I said, “I don’t even know what that means!” which is true. I remember googling it sometime a year ago when I first heard the term but I forget. ^^;; hah… maybe I don’t need to know.

Here’s a pretty cool shot of John giving me a hug after winning my last fight! I’ve said it before, but I’ve had a lot of “teachers,” but have never had a coach who has given me so much time and attention to make me into a better fighter. I just hope I can perform impressively in my next fight!

I’ve been watching various TV shows. I’m into World Trigger
world trigger

but kind of put that on hold and watched Blade of the Immortal. I’ve always wanted to read the manga because I thought the art was pretty and the main guy was bad-ass *_*.
blade of the immortal
I read the first novel at Serena’s house. It was so bloody I decided to stop, but then saw that there was an anime and got suckered in. x_x At least it’s only 13 eps…I like it but it’s to graphic for my sensitive sensibilities. Kind of like Attack on Titan. So good I wanna marathon-watch it but I’m looking forward to it being over so I can stop exposing my psyche to violence…

Also I figured out that cannon eps got released in between all the fillers for Naruto so I’m trying to finish the series. I’m on ep like 415 now. I’ve also been watching that new series Lucifer.