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(I didn’t feel super inspired to write about anything at the moment, but then I started and stuff appeared on the page.)

I had a super week. Training was painful due to shoulder muscle pain, and I think I sprained my left forearm/elbow overusing it with gi and mitts AND team practice on Monday. But I really get a lot out of training with Casey, and then John’s padwork is the best, and then team was fun.
johns mitt group

Over the course of the week I just bore with it and it feels somewhat better now. Then my hip flexor on my right side tightened up so much I was limping but I got a massage by Magical Masseuse Teri yesterday and it’s completely gone. Wow.

I feel really really motivated to work on my gi jiu-jitsu game, as I’ve been talking about lately, but actually, as an MMA fighter, it makes me develop bad habits. But I’m kind of allowing myself to get back into it at the moment. In addition to doing more gi classes, I’m getting Casey to teach me gi chokes little by little, increasing my repertoire.
casey and roxy in gi

And Vinny is making an effort to watch me roll and correct my technique. I’m so happy!
I'm so excited

On Wednesday, John and I were supposed to do padwork but he ended up answering a question about wrestling and various things off the cage, and that became a whole 30 minute lesson. However, it was just what I needed and eliminated a major problem I’ve been having. I succeeded in doing it some on Thursday and some on Saturday. 😀

I’ve been watching the anime World Trigger and am currently on ep 58. I’ve been in the mood for a darker anime, moreso than World Trigger, so I decided to rewatch Claymore. Half-human half-monster women work for an organization going around killing Yoma (monsters), by using their half-monster powers, but if they use too much of it, they turn into the monsters themselves, so they have to be careful.
I now know of a website that has translated manga, and I know the manga continues even after the anime stops, so I’m excited about continuing the Claymore series! I tried to do it in Japan by going to a manga cafe, but my Japanese wasn’t good enough to fully understand everything and it turned into a giant kanji study session, which I enjoyed, but I never progressed in the series because I wanted to look up and note down every word I didn’t know. lol Which is why I can’t read manga in Japanese.

I’m on Ushio and Tora ep 34 and just found out Tora’s back story which is kind of epic! To think, I knew nothing of this for 15 years, which is how long I’ve known about the series.
ushio and tora pic

I’m on Arrow season 4 ep 19 right now. I’m behind in the Flash. Maybe ep 15 season 2.

It was weird there was no UFC this weekend! haha so I ended up laying down and watching anime all evening Saturday and Sunday alone. I really need to that to mentally relax. If I’m running around everywhere, I get burned out easier. I was invited to a movie last night but I declined, feeling kind of unusually anti-social and needing to be alone. I watched Robocop instead. Don’t judge me. x_x And fell asleep at 9:30 on the sofa, moved to the bed at 10 PM. Up at 4:30 Am this morning thinking, WEEEE MONDAY! I love Mondays.

Saturday was fun! Hannah and Serena came to gi jiu-jitsu with me!
roxy serena hannah gi

People keep asking me when I’m fighting and I don’t know so I had a stress dream about it two days ago because I went to bed thinking about my weight. After training, which is lightest, 139lbs. Before bed (which is heaviest) 143. That’s fine, I can diet down to 135 in a month. (I cut 9-10 lbs of water) And it’s lower than when I started dieting for my last fight. But if I don’t have a fight set up, I always go up in weight because I think, “yeah I don’t have to resist that ice cream” or nachos or “time for recovery tostada!” etc x_x

I hated that I remembered this dream, but I figured it’d be interesting to other people, so I ended up writing it down. Hannah, my roommate, came and gave me a hug that morning so that was super nice. 🙂

It was a horrible Alice in Wonderland-style absurd nightmare. So I dreamed I got the title shot in Invicta and Julie K. texted me to say that and “Yes, and weigh-ins are today.” I was like WHAT?! I just had lunch. Hadn’t been cutting salt or anything. I was with Julie Luey, Serena , and Rob. “It’s in the Laox on the river.” what’s that?! There was a floating city/boat with buildings and clubs like Las Vegas, I was like, “We gotta get there!” but a boat to take us there would be hours, so we jumped in the water with our clothes on and sexy life-guards grabbed our legs and carried us to the other side. That was their job. (weird) I tried to call coach John and the signal didn’t go through. started running around asking everyone where a drug store was so I could buy Epsom salt, but nobody spoke normally! They were like “Hey! Party! yay! Dude!” It was like being in Vegas/a big shopping mall.NOBODY would tell me how to get anywhere. Serena was like “Hey lets split up and look for a drug store.” I got lost running around the stores, couldn’t find my friends, was screaming to everyone “WHERE CAN I GET EPSOM SALT! HOW DO I GET OFF THIS ISLAND?!” and then realized I didn’t even have my weigh-in costume and there was no way I was going to make weight.

I finally walked in on a college director board room meeting?!? but they were laughing and crazy like the Mad Hatter, and they had brown salt scattered all over their table. One guy was like “Here is Epsom salt, here you can have it!” (wtf?) When I gathered it into bags, he was like “$24!” I had a 20 in my pocket so I gave it to him and ran out as fast as I could. So stressed out I wanted to cry in my dream. I didn’t know where I was or where weigh ins were or where the hotel room was that I could cut weight. I would miss weight! I’ve never ever missed weight! They wouldn’t let me fight for a title! I finally got a text from John saying “Weigh ins are over already. The title shot is off. I’m worried about the state of the division. Maybe Invicta will drop it.” and I just knew I was cut. I FINALLY WOKE the hell up, wishing I had never tried to go back to sleep after I woke up with a stiff neck at 2 AM. I need a hug. ;_; I usually don’t have bad dreams, thank goodness for that… I had hoped I would forget this dream if I didn’t write it, but doesn’t look like it. So there ya go. A fighter’s nightmare.

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Last week I tried to get back on my normal schedule after the craziness of moving and fights.

But my body was wrecked- arms, lower back, legs, etc, so many places. It makes me so mad my cardio got worse due to lack of stairs and cardio training, despite doing MMA training every day and physical labor of lifting heavy boxes and carrying them up and down stairs. So I made sure I did stairs every other day, which made my legs cramp up and knees start hurting. I wish I had my 20 year old body back. LOL But yeah, there’s no backing down for a pro fighter, but one also can’t overdo it to the point of injury. I got back to doing yoga twice a week and I saw Teri twice a week again instead of once (my magical masseuse) so my lower back has been a little better the past few days.

Then my frustration at lack of jiu-jitsu training pushed me to take a private lesson with Casey (Milliken), an instructor besides Vinny. I really love the way he communicates techniques. So he taught me 4 chokes, and I’ve been trying to spar more to practice. ppl should hit him up for private lessons. 😛

So in the past, in an effort to level up, I did the technique part of the BJJ class and then sat out sparring so I’d have enough energy to do the MMA class immediately afterwards. But it’s not only energy. It’s the stress – my body has an HP (hit point) bar. The more I use it, the more the HP goes down. If I use up too much strength, various nagging injuries will act up and the body will refuse to work anymore. 🙁

Blah blah we all have aches and pains, so I know I’m not special. I’m not trying to complain, I’m trying to explain why I’m not attending every single class two in a row morning and night. 🙁

I wish I could do everything. Grr. I’m so frustrated. I want to get better and do tournaments. But I know, I have to prioritize MMA. I love BJJ so much, though. Whatever, the good news is I was able to pull off some stuff I learned and I’ll figure out a way to get in some jiu-jitsu. I hope I get news of an Invicta fight soon. Maybe after that I’ll focus more on BJJ. I said that last time. lol

My kids class is growing. It’s so exciting! Since last September I became the lead instructor for the class ages 4 to 7 (why can’t it be ages 5 to 7?) and basically started from 3 kids. Even though I ran a great class, maybe the visiting parents didn’t like the small size? But then recently we’ve been having between 8 and 12 kids each time. 😀 😀 They bring their friends and bam! Big class! I just gave out a few more stripes yesterday and am really proud. 😀 I think they’re having fun and getting better at jiu-jitsu.

bjj roxy teaching colin 2
colin and roxy
The other day I was talking to one of my teammates about a new guy on the mat in the adult’s class , and I said, “oh, I think that he’s the father of one of my kids.” And my teammate said, “I would HOPE you’d know the father of your kid!” LOL “My Kid” like my BJJ students! I call them my kids. hahahaha
kids group big may
I’m enjoying my new apartment and living with my training partner, Hannah. Our life styles don’t clash, I think! 🙂

I had a few issues this week, like my government assisted health insurance getting denied starting NEXT MONTH because I made one thousand dollars over the minimum limit last year. I freaked out when I got the letter in the mail. Um, it’s very confusing because, well, I don’t want to put it in writing, but I qualified last year and I made LESS money this year? I’m definitely not rolling in the dough. So I still qualify for some kind of Obamacare. yay.

So when people asked me, “Why didn’t you travel around Asia when you lived in Japan?” Now I can answer them, “So when I quit my full-time job to become a fighter full-time, I’d have money in the bank to pay my rent and buy a car and pay health insurance.” lol Everybody has different opinions and values for money, right? Live in the moment and enjoy life, or don’t spend anything and save for a rainy day… etc.

I want more Herbal Papaya products! I’ve been really enjoying my tea, seed powder, and green powder. I’m getting the liquid extract next. It’s healthy (supposed to be good for digestion among other things) and sweet.

Speaking of sweet, Hannah brought home half a cheese cake from work. omgdanger will robbinson
she ra and herbal papaya
If people buy something and use the code “roxy” at check out, they get 10% off and I get a commission! 🙂

Padwork is going well. This week, only once a week since Coach John was away cornering Julian Marquez to an awesome TKO victory in Combate Americas in California! Yay
But still, I learned good stuff. So there’s a certain combo with a low kick that John’s trying to have me do, and he says I don’t turn my shoulder over enough and cover my face with my shoulder. “You gotta protect yourself when you do your kicks. If you don’t use protection, you’ll get pregnant, Roxy.”


I ain’t forget’n that after THAT juicy bit of advice. XD Now I gotta remember to throw that kicks.

laughing luffy

I’ve been watching a lot of the anime World Trigger lately, and also started Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress just because I was inspired one day to click on a suggested link and had read a review. It’s amazing! Post-apocalyptic new-type zombie series. I LOVE the voice actor Tasuku Hatanaka…he does Ushio in Ushio and Tora.

kabane 1

kabaneri 1

Craziness! moving done, Serena & team’s fight, training!

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Craaaazy two weeks!

So on Wednesday morning I woke up earlier than usual to take my mom to the airport. ;_; Sad! I barely had time to feel any feelings since I had so much on my list of things to do.

I had my pad session with John and learned awesome stuff, then Teri massage, packed a bit, and taught kids. Then I guided Serena to cut weight. I told Serena to jump rope and hit the bag. I was worried she wasn’t wearing enough clothes to make her sweat. She didn’t weigh herself before she started and I forgot to tell her, so I’m not sure how much she sweat. Finally after an hour, she weighed herself and was 139 lbs. Okay. The goal was to go to bed no more than 5 pounds away from her target weight, which was 135.

I asked her if she wanted to go to the Scooters bar to watch TUF with the team, or my house and she chose Scooters. I got to order a dessert so I don’t mind. haha I dropped her off, got home, and after that and pretty much went to bed by 10. Thursday I was packing and doing last minute stuff, then went to training and did technique and two hard rounds of sparring with Hannah before I cut out at 12:30 to help Serena cut weight. I made the hot bath, put in the salt, adjusted the temperature to make sure she sweat, helped her in and out of the tub, etc. That went alright except her scale was a pound lighter than my scale, and she chose to trust her scale instead of mine. Mine is the same as the gym scale – just saying. -_-; so after a few hours she made weight. It wasn’t easy, but we she was a trooper and suffered through 3 hot salt baths and made 135….on her scale. Her mom, we nicknamed “Mamarena” (Serena’s Mama), was there for moral support.

I drove us to Hooters Casino where the weigh ins were and we hung out there she did her thing.
serena weigh in collage
serena tuffnuffface off
She weighed in at 135.2….which means that MY scale was correct and she had gotten out of the bath at 136 and floated 0.8 lbs in those 3 hours. :/ But the commission allows a pound leeway, so she can legally weigh in up to 135.9. I take the pound all the time when I fight – nothing wrong with it.

I drove them to a Pho place! It was good. I had already eaten something but I ate again. u_U
I dropped Serena and Mamarena off home and hung around a bit to hang out with Rob, Tonya, and Vanessa, who came over to visit.

Went home at 10 PM too full to sleep so I packed….moved all my boxes into the living room. Heavy Labor FTW! ;_; Just my last minute stuff odds and ends left.

Bed. Woke up Friday at 4 Am as usual. Pack pack pack pack. Met Hannah, my new apartment-mate, (aka close friend and training partner) and got the key to the new place! She helped me load up my car with boxes and stuff and we made two or three trips back and forth up and down the stairs. Up and down.
stairs i hate

Then we went to the gym and did the MMA class from 11:30 until 12:30-ish, when we had to leave and go get the U-Haul. I was really enjoying that class especially and sad I couldn’t finish it *sigh*

Hannah had offered to help me get the U-haul but at first last week I had turned her down….it didn’t occur to me that I NEEDED her to drive it back while I drove my car back. LOL yeah so we arrived at the U-Haul place. Two and a half weeks ago, I had called and reserved a 10-foot truck for 48 hours, Friday at 1 PM to Sunday at 1 PM. A week before my move, a staff lady called and said to me, “We’d like to offer you a van instead. It’s almost as big and the mileage is cheaper.” I replied, “No, thanks. I want the truck. I have a 7-foot couch.” She said, “The reason is that we have a waiting list for families.” Why should I care about any other families? If they wanted a truck, they should have planned ahead and made a reservation. “No, I want the truck, please,” I said. “Okay,” she had said.

So Hannah and I showed up at the U-Haul office and the staff behind the desk said, “Okay, Modafferi? So you have a van from 1 PM to 5 PM.”

“Um, no,” I said and explained everything I just wrote above.
“Sorry, we don’t have a truck available,” the lady said, and did not look sorry at all. She looked like she wanted me to take the van keys and get the hell out.
“But I made a reservation!” I protested. “What good is making a reservation if you don’t reserve the vehicle? LOOK, HERE IS THE EMAIL CONFIRMATION stating two days , 10 foot truck.”
She looked. “That is only your request. Someone calls later and actually schedules it. And I have no way to know what was said on the phone.”

HOW CONVENIENT. “I JUST TOLD YOU WAS WAS SAID.” I was so mad. I usually don’t say very aggressive things like that. Okay okay calm down. What chapter in my Positivity book is this? Look on the bright side and do the best you can do in your situation?
“Alright, so the bottom line is there’s no truck. I’ll take the van. And I would like a discount for my inconvenience.”
“Oh we can’t do that.”
I looked at her name tag. It said “Manager on it.”

wtf picard-wtf-meme-generator-wtf-who-the-hell-hired-these-incompetent-people-9b9eaf

Obviously she wasn’t going to back down, and obviously didn’t have the power to do anything. I could tell. So I decided to blast the company on social media and get it handled later.
van from uhal

We had a time crunch! Only a few hours to pack up what we could and then go to Tuff-N-Uff to support Serena and our teammates. meeting time was 4:45. It was 1:30.

“Okay, we’ll take the van,” I said. She had us sign the paperwork and gave us the keys.
“So go on outside and Doug will help you with a walk-around.”

Okay so Hannah and I got outside and saw……not much. Various vans. Nobody. Which was our van? Where was Doug? After waiting for a few minutes, I was seriously punchy from exhaustion and stifling my anger, so I started shouting, “Doug? EXCUSE ME, DOUG? Is there a DOUG? WHERE ARE YOU, DOUG?” and then I started giggling insanely. 😀 😀

madness insane

This nice young dark-skinned fellow comes out and says, “I’m not Doug but I’ll help you! I don’t know any Doug.”

OH GREAT, the lady assigned me to an employee who doesn’t work there?! So the nice guy WhoWasNotDoug helped us examine the van, and we drove it away. “Thanks, Doug!” I said to NotDoug. 😀 We were all laughing. He was super nice.

Drove back, moved boxes from old apt to new one. Up and down stairs. up and down and up and down and up and down.


Then met Serena and team at the Cox Pavillion and did the rules meeting and hung out! The whole hanging out for 5 hours was painful. Waiting is the worst part. John and Tom and Mike Pyle came up to coach and support. Serena listened to music a lot and tried to stay calm.

Enzo fought first and won quickly in the first round by rear naked choke. It was slick and beautiful! Then we were finally up at 10 PM (omg) and Serena put on a great performance!
serena won tuffnuff
Her striking was on point, cage control was BEAUTIFUL and just like we practiced! John taught us that well. And the girl tried to clinch and throw Serena, but she and I had drilled dropping weight and defending the Judo throws, so she got out. BEAUTIFULLY. Such great growth. I can’t say I’m proud of her enough. 😀
serena and roxy tuffnuff
Corey won his fight by guillotine. So impressed with Corey, too! So happy he’s winning and getting stronger and stronger! He’s one of my favorite people to chat with in the gym. 🙂

I wanted to sleep but went out to dinner with everybody else. After all, despite my inability to recover from lack of sleep for a few days, everybody stays up late with me when I fight, and I don’t often get to see my friends from out of town, so I tried to suck it up and be positive. It was so nice to see everybody and revel in Serena’s joy that was seeping out of her like sunlight. So proud of her.

Saturday I woke up (I slept in until 5!!) and it was raining!! ;_; I moved the other half of my things into the moving van and to the new place. up and down the stairs.

Then I went to the gym and sparred kickboxing for 45 minutes before I collapsed from exhaustion.
saturday sparring april 30-2
I landed some good stuff so I’m happy with my technique!
but I gassed out. WTF I haven’t missed a day of training, I’m doing hard labor, so it’s not fair my cardio went down!! I gain cardio by running stairs or doing burpies and I haven’t done those for two weeks because, well, it goes without saying. so I’m angry at the world about that.

After sparring, Cory and Khalil came over and helped me lift my heavy couch and book shelf and a few other pieces of furniture. THANKS! 😀 It had stopped raining by then! THANK GOODNESS. Serena and Mamarena came, too, so even after the guys left, they stayed and helped me back last minute things. Which is soooo nice of them. It have saved me so much time!I hadn’t realized how much I had left. Only now I can’t find stuff because I wasn’t the one who packed it, but I’ll find it eventually.

Saturday evening was King of the Cage and Bryce was fighting. I had fully intended to go, but ….just no. I had had it. I took the Reenas home and then went home. I think ice cream or a cookie made it’s way into my stomach before arrival.
Roxy moved in
I lay down. Then Hannah came home and was like “I’m going to Walmart now for a lamp….wanna come?” WHY NOT!? So we went shopping at Walmart for various household things like a lamp, rice cooker, etc. I was deliriously tired and giggling at everything. Might be the closest I get to being drunk. 😀

got home, slept.
Sunday, woke up unpacked, dropped off U-haul with Hannah.
OH YEAH, so after we picked it up, I wrote on twitter “Damn Uhaul messed up my order and won’t even give me a discount!” and ranted about it on facebook. Within 15 minutes, a Twitter account called “@Uhaul_care” tweeted at me, asking me to DM them the details. I explained and gave my phone number and a staff lady from the headquarters called me and gave me a $50 credit for my trouble. ;D The whole thing ended up costing $58, so yay!! Happy. And the couch had fit in the van, so we managed.

So after returning the Uhaul, I went to yoga for the first time in two weeks. My lower back is in such rough shape, it hurts to stand up. Usually that comes from either a hard wrestling practice or lack of yoga and tight lower body. So yeah, Helped a little. Then my anger towards me being gassed out made me run stairs at the Orleans although I never want to see another flight of stairs EVER AGAINNNNNNNNNNNNN

Then I …..I think I finished cleaning out the old apartment, did chores like buy a new book shelf and stuff, unpacked, and even got to watch some anime before bed! I went to bed at 8:50 PM. 😀

And now it’s Monday and my body hurts so much I can barely move.