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My Otakon anime convention experience!!!

Posted in friends, fun on August 13th, 2018 by roxyfighter

I had SUCH A FANTASTIC TIME at Otakon! It’s one of the top five largest anime conventions in America! I thought it was the largest, but upon Googling, I found that it’s beaten by Anime Expo and a few other…UNIMPORTANT ONES.

You see, I went to Otakon in high school with my group of friends! Special thing 1: It was my first time in my life having more than one friend at a time, so doing group activities was the best thing ever. Special thing 2: Flying from Massachusetts to Baltimore Maryland was my first time flying by myself. Special thing 3: I made and wore a Chichiri necklace. 4: I felt like I belonged, when anime wasn’t popular. I was shy to admit liking Dragon Ball Z. I was shy to wear my one Dragon Ball Z T shirt. The only place to get posters was in China Town.

This pic is from 2000. I was 17 years old!

The second year we went, I took a road trip with my friends, driven by Mrs. Bailey, which was my first road trip without my parents.

I never went again because I just didn’t have the time nor money.
Then, one lady who followed me as a fan invited me to be a guest and do a demo at Otakon Las Vegas! It’s a smaller convention, and I asked if Serena could help me. It happened and was great, on a small scale. Then I got invited to THE BIG ONE in Washington DC, which was pretty much what I had gone to, except it outgrew the Baltimore Convention Center it was at years ago!

SO this means 18 years later, I got to be a guest! They flew me and Serena out, and we put on a demo, accepted volunteers to try the moves we taught, and then we sparred hard, all while wearing Vegeta and Goku clothes. WHICH IS THE COOLEST THING. Most people in my gym don’t understand how COOL it is! But everybody at the convention did!

THEY ARE OUR PEOPLE! hahaha Before I was a fighter, I was an Otaku, which means “obsessed with anime.” “Cosplay” means “costume play” and is a Japanese made-up word which has entered our vocabulary.

The demos were a great success!
People gave us great feedback. Everybody was really into it. We had tons of volunteers, tons of questions, and fight fans with really intelligent questions, comments and heckling when we sparred. lol

Before and after our demos and panels, I walked around in my Naruto Kyubi Nine-tails mode costume.

I had people asking to take my picture, just because of my costume, not because I was a fighter. Hah! That was new. A few people did a double take and were like, “Wait…. are you Roxanne Modafferi? IN COSPLAY?!? OMG” hah that was great!

I saw this guy dressed up as Naruto Berserker mode. HE HAD TAILS. And hair. I went up to him and said, “Hi! Can I get a picture with you?”. He looked at me, his eyes opened wide, and he said, “AWWW SH*T!” He was just as happy to get a pic with me! (because of my costume) We just geeked out together and it was fantastic. He was telling me about making his costume and all.

I decided ahead of time that I would go and get as many fangirly pics as I could. This meant running after people. They literally passed me, I looked at Serena, and we literally sprinted up behind them. Haha I chased Obito and Madara, Kuzco, Alex Armstrong, Vash the Stampeed, and the Dino.

We spotted two guys in dino suits randomly battling, and people made room and took pictures. Normal.
Some guy dressed up in a SPiderman suit started attacking a guy in a Vemon suit. Everyone made room and took pictures. Hey, cool! Normal stuff. 😀 I LOVED IT!!!

The guy who cosplayed Vash had a really nice smile. *_*

Nikki and Lydia made sure we got where we needed to go on time, and even treated us to sushi! You guys treated us so well. Thank you! I’m so glad to have made friends with you along the way! 😀

I didn’t really see any other panels, shows, or things. I was very interested in the anime music videos, but they were all at inconvenient times. :/ Bummer. That was the only thing I really wanted to see. I didn’t know any of the other guests. Oh, we saw a Distant Worlds concert! They play the music for Final Fantasy. THAT WAS SPECTACULAR! I have a bunch of Final Fantasy songs on my computer and iPod and I never even played the game. They are just so beautiful!

The actual trip there was long and tiring, but the event was great. 🙂 We got home Sunday night! Thank you, Otakon, for having us!

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My seminar at College Park MMA in Maryland!

Posted in fight, friends, fun, training on August 2nd, 2018 by roxyfighter

College Park MMA owner and all-around awesome fellow Josh Peters brought me out to do a seminar!
Great gym with a great atmosphere, great schedule, great people! I can’t say enough about them. If you’re within driving distance, check it out!

Only one student came to my kid’s class, so she got special treatment.

She kept getting distracted by Josh’s dog barking by the door. lol Oh well. Kids! It was adorable.

Before that, I got to drill and roll with Josh. He’s a super-skilled black belt. He taught me worm guard. 😀

I’ve been avoiding delving into that realm, but I guess I’m good enough to learn it. haha I still get smashed every time I try to use it live, though. Maybe I should try it out on my teenage students first. That’s what they’re there for, right?

I had a slightly irrational fear that, being a brown belt, I wouldn’t be able to teach the class something he wouldn’t already have taught them, but that didn’t seem to be an issue in my MMA seminar. 😀 Thanks for supporting me by helping everybody, and being my uke demonstrator, Josh!

The adult’s class was great. I even had a fan and long-time acquaintance on twitter come and participate, who had never done martial arts before! I was super impressed. It was a four-hour class! It was cool to finally meet him in person! He gave me socks! 😀

Everybody gave 100% effort, learned a lot, and had a good time. We chatted and I answered questions. I got to roll with some people. Everybody from pros to practitioners of different styles of martial arts to hobbyists came! It was so great to meet good people. I was so happy to see people picking up on the technique. I hope everybody acquired at least one thing they really like and can use from now on. :

Some people wore Dragon Ball Z and Attack on Titan clothes because they knew I was also a fan! SO COOL! 😀



Lots of people got “the frame” down! Best thing Coach John Wood ever taught me. One of the best.

After the seminar, CPMMA member and my new friend Cat became my chaperone and took me to Fight 2 Win, a grappling show. Thanks for getting me tickets, Josh! Before that, we stopped at WAWA and I got a burrito. OMG WAWA!!!! XD So amazing.
Ya’ll don’t appreciate Wawa until you can no longer go to a Wawa. 😀

I really enjoyed watching jiu-jitsu with other people who loved jiujitsu. I nearly fell asleep in my chair, though. #roxalepsy

Sunday morning I was so tired…. a good tired, but yeah. I was considering visiting Ryan Hall’s school, but it was far, I was exhausted, and promised the CPMMA ladies I’d go to their open mat. Before that, Josh took me to Brookside Gardens! It was so beautiful, and nice to see vegetation I am familiar with. I live in Vegas but I’m from the east coast. I grew up in Pennsylvania. It felt kind of like home….Thanks, Josh!

I had time to stop by open mat for a bit before heading to the airport to go home. Short and sweet trip!
Thanks to everybody who bought my book on Positivity! (available here: )

Thank you, everybody, for showing me such love and hospitality!
I’ve had several other gym owners express interest in having me out for seminars. Email me at basilisk875 at!

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