Christmas/New Years trip: part 1! (wedding&Mom)

Dec 19th

My flight from Japan left 40 minutes late. I worried about my connecting flight, because it went through O’Hare, in Chicago, which is horrible and notorious for losing luggage, causing people to miss flights, etc.
Turns out my fears were realized. First, there were no TVs on the seats, so I read my book “Flashforward” by Robert J. Sawyer. I love that sci fi author. Talked to a 15 year old high school student on the plane and realized, hmm she is exactly half my age. lol

Once in O’Hare, I cut people in line for Immigration and Security. Then, BOOKED IT SO hard from my terminal through the B concourse to the C concourse all the way to C1, and SAW MY PLANE at the gate, but they shut the doors! I was just about to attack calmly discuss this issue with the airline employee, when this British lady holding a baby started screaming at her, “What do you mean you can’t let us on the plane?! We PAID for a ticket! It’s right there! Just open the doors!” The staff lady said, “I’m sorry, they already shut the doors, I can’t open them!” The poor woman started crying and shouting about not being able to get back to London because flights were all sold out. The husband looked like he was just barely holding it together.

So….I figured me adding my two cents was not going to help, so I left and rebooked for a flight two hours later.

I shouldn’t run because it aggrivates my back injury. 🙁 Bad news: my back kind of hurt from running. Good news: in case there’s a zombie apocolypse, I still got my speed from high school soccer, and will still be able to outrun them, if they’re the fast type. lol

I met my mom at 9:30 PM in Philadelphia! We rented a car and drove to a nearby hotel.

Dec 20th
On Thursday, we drove though my hometown of Kennett Square and Chester County, PA, to my friend Arrie’s home! It was so nostalgic! I’m not from Massachusetts, guys, I only moved there for high school and stayed through college. 🙂 I grew up where we passed corn fields on the way to school, and had to drive over 30 minutes to get to any remotely large shopping mall.

I spent most of the day with Arrie, and my mom hung out with her mom. You know, kids make friends, the moms makes friends. 🙂
Arrie and roxy ice cream
I had first met Arrie in kindergarten or first grade! She was my first, and one of my only, friends! 😀 I was pretty escentric, even as a kid. It was sooo awesome to see her and her family again!! She took me to Amish stores and I ate this prezel cheese steak sandwich. oooh man!

Dec 21st
Friday I spent the day with my mom. She had refused to rent a GPS, claiming she knew the roads, but come on, it’s been over ten years. We got lost a lot, and at one point, went 30 minutes out of our way before I could convince her to pull over and look at a map. -_-; Honestly, I didn’t care, because I was still spending time with her! 😀 We ate good, American Pizza, Chinese food, and ice cream ;D We watched Jim Carry’s “Scrooge” on TV in the hotel. weeee. We drove through the spectacular Christmas light display at the Herrs factory!
Christmas herrs lights1

Dec 22nd,
On Saturday, we kind of just killed time in the morning. (I was amused walking through Acme…I don’t go to American grocery stores much these days) Then went to the wedding!

Seriously, that was the most emotional wedding I’ve ever seen. The mother and the bride and the groom’s lips were all quivering, trying to hold back tears, on her walk down the asile. They read their own vows, and Arrie could barely get hers out, she was crying so much. I was like…choking and half suffocating, trying not to cry. It was so beautiful.
arries wedding group1

Dec 23rd
On Sunday, my mom and I just caught our respective flights. Now, I’m here in Boston with Dad and Marion, and Mom’s back in New York. I just heard that my grandfather (on my mother’s side) just got admitted to the hospital and it doesn’t look good. Uh oh. 🙁 He’s 101….

Well…my grandfather on my father’s side passed away on Christmas. Wouldn’t that be ironic… :/ I hope he’s okay….

Now, it’s 4 AM Christmas morning!…