Christmas vacation part 3: New Years

I was sitting on the bus on the way to Boston. Before it got onto the Mass Turnpike, it went through my old hometown where I went to high school. I was gazing out the window at some people boarding the bus, and saw this girl who reminded me of Abbey, a high school classmate. As she got on and passed me, I tried to make eye contact to see if there was any recognition in her eyes, but she didn’t notice me. Hmm okay.

Fifteen minutes later, I got up and headed to the bathroom in the back. I started to pass the woman.

“Hi Roxanne!”

IT WAS ABBEY!! It had been ten years, and actually, I missed my ten-year high school reunion, but this made up for it! There happened to be an empty seat next to her, so we chatted for the three-hour long bus ride. I always liked Abbey- we may have shared some classes and were on the JV soccer team, but we were in a diffferent circle of friends, so we hadn’t kept up over the years. Well we caught up and shared news. She said, “So you’re ….fighting? I see Facebook updates like ‘Yay I won!'”
haha It’s crazy how people’s lives turn out. She was like, “Yeah so and so got married and had 3 kids.” Like WHOA! 😀 Of course, we’re both 29 so it makes sense.

So I got into Boston EARLY cuz it was an express bus. (woot) and walked from South Station to Dad’s office. He got off early, at 3 PM, and we drove straight to New Jersey to my Aunt’s and Uncle’s house. It was SO good to see them and my cousins.

I’d actually seen them in June for my cousin’s wedding. Over the next few days, I got to chat a lot with my aunt, take walks with her, see my cousins and their significant others, and celebrate New Years! YUMMY FOOD. XD Italian appetizers and desserts FTW!!

For dinner, we had filet mignon, green beans, asparagus, cooked mashed potatoes and cheese, bread, my aunt’s baked mushrooms w/ bread crumbs and more.

I leeched off my Uncle’s wi-fi, so I was able to update Facebook and check my cities. XD New Years Dad, we drove back to Boston, and on January second, I caught a taxi to the airport. My flight back home to Japan left at 8:30 AM.

….to be continued …