Babyshower, WMMAroundup, Easter, UFC

Yesterday was great! Except that I couldn’t do MMA. 🙁 Stuff still hurts. So I did some cardio at 9 AM, and then went to meet Kristin and Veronica from “womensmmaroundup,” who do funny and informative videos on youtube.

Guys, I can’t say enough about how much I love their videos, and I can’t believe they don’t have like ten thousand followers by now. If you have five minutes, check out a few vids on youtube or follow them on twitter (@wmmaroundup). They have so many good vids, my personal favorites being but the one I just watched recently was this one:

and also “everything you need to know about TUF 20: (CLICK HERE to see vid

Okay, so that being said, we are friends and I drove them around! We went to the sock shop:
knee high socks with kristin
note: I usually prefer short socks to knee highs. Just wanted to show these off 🙂

They bought me lunch at the food court!
food courst wmmaroundup

We then went to Amanda’s baby shower! 😀 Duckies!
baby shower duckies
relaxing at babyshower

It was so charming and nice! I’m so excited for Amanda and Jason. 😀
We are relaxing here, watching the UFC on the big screen TV of the suite room they got! 😀 Yay Miesha!

Then for the aftershow, the FOX news casters interviewed my new teammate and TUF 19 contestant The Hillbilly Heartthrob “Josh Clark.” super nice guy, please support him by following him on Twitter and being nice! 😀 I’m trying to get him into social media more. @joshclarkmma

josh clark on tv

After that, it was still early enough, so I drove Veronica and Kristin to Town Square, and we hung out a bit. We’re such big nerds! XD
big nerds

This morning, I ran stairs at the Orleans and found I wasn’t out of shape. yay 😀
And then I did yoga and it wasn’t too painful. 😀
Then I colored EASTER EGGS! 😀 😀 😀 Because I haven’t celebrated Easter in 8 years, since I lived in Japan, so I wanted to do something. 🙂 It’s nice to be with my family (mom_
colored easter eggs