“mind the drips!” Living with Mom again, and training

I have the net in my home now! 😀 I’m so excited I no longer have to sit on the floor of my apartment’s fitness center to use the free wifi!! 😀 😀 😀

in the gym
I haven’t really had a lot of time to do much online lately, since my mom got here. This week has been kind of hard for a number of reasons. But I love my mom so much and I’m glad she’s here. I haven’t lived with her since I was a high school student. I’ve “visited” for Christmas, but it’s like I have to bow down to her rules since it’s her house. Now, we’re sharing.

We are SO much a like, but also so different. For example, she wants to save electricity so she often doesn’t turn on the lights sometimes, but I would and do. u_U lol When I made an ice bath in my tub, I used a bucket to use the water to flush the toilet to save water. She does that, too.
She freaks out when I drip water on the floor, like moving from washing my hands in the sink to the stove, if I don’t dry them enough. Apparently, drips are EVIL. lol I’m like, “It evaporates, I don’t care.” But she hates dripping. What can you do?

We both agreed that we have to respect each other’s individuality.

My mom knows SO much about nutrition. She’s always telling me what nutrients are in each food I’m eating. She can list off vitamins and minerals off the top of her head, and if she doesn’t know, she whips out a massive book. hahaha She’s so awesome.

And today, I was putting peanut butter on this carrot (my fav snack). She looked at the ingredients, suddenly exclaiming, “Hey! LOok at this! It’s one of these new things, they’re putting fully hydrogenated fats in here, which is even worse than trans fats!” and I got a huge long lecture. Which was actually fantastic. I never would have realized that this brand does that…. I promised to buy natural peanut butter after that.

But then I drank soy milk and she said there was sugar in it and sugar is evil. Dude…I like sugar. ;_; I mean, I don’t eat Frootloops! But it’s good for me to be open-minded. I never really paid attention to sugar in healthy food. But I don’t think it’s that much. But I guess it’s good to be aware…?

I’m super inspired, and I’ve decided to write another book, when I have time ! It’s going to be called “How to be positive and successful.” My mom has been saying quotes lately like gems, and I’ve been writing them all down! I realized that so much of what she says has helped shape my way of thinking that helped me be positive. And my dad has said a lot of encouraging things, about how to be successful, as have coaches. So I want to use all this inspiration from my parents and mentors and give something back to the world.

So when people say, “How can you be so positive?” I’ll say, “Read my book.” 🙂

Thus, my nick name, “The Happy Warrior.” You can’t just say “oh just think positively,” you have to TEACH someone HOW to do it. That’s like in MMA. Once I heard a coach scream from the corner, “Just get up!” because his guy was getting GnP-ed. That’s no good. You have to give detailed instruction on where to place your hands and how to move in order TO follow the directions.

But I want my current book-in-progress to get printed. ~_~

I’ve been training my butt off. Yes, and I mean it, it’s so sore it feels like it’s going to break. hahahaha

Gosh I love Syndicate. I love my head coach and the other trainers. Man, today after sparring I was beat, so I didn’t go in to the evening class, but instead I went to see my chiropractor Jake Steckel. I saw everyone warming up in Vinny’s class, and thought, “MAN, I learn so much every time! There’s not enough time in the day, not enough days in the week! I’m sitting here on the couch cursing my body for not being able to train moremoremore! We’re only human, I know. But I want to train every second! ;_; …