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My week: weights, Tom interview, Arrow/Once, DBZ super, Minions, Stitch

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Two weeks ago some nagging injuries had me down (literally). I feel much better now, but that was rough. -_-

Smile and carry on!

I binge-watched Arrow (finished season 2) and Once Upon a Time TV (middle of season 2) TV shows. I’ve been watching Dragon Ball Z super, the NEW DBZ! So EXCITED I can watch it at the same time as the Japanese fans! 😀 I love being in the loop.
dbz super family vaca
I’m not going to post a link because it’s kind of copyrighted and I don’t wanna get the websites in trouble. ^_^;
I wrote my Japanese blog a lot to practice my language skills. I lifted a lot of weights. My nagging shoulder pain is gone and I surpassed my max repetitions on my max weight for various lifts! 😀 YAY!

Again, coach John was right. He promised me I could have gains and get rid of my shoulder pain, despite me never ever having success lifting before. I’m glad I blindly trust him. And I LOVE LUKE ROONEY, my new physical trainer. XD
luke and roxy

He shaved his head and facial hair for work…. I literally did not recognize him without my glasses until I got closer.
shocked anime girl

Last Friday I saw the movie “Minions” with my mom. That is REALLY significant because I can never get my mom to do ANYTHING with me, and I’m really frustrated. She never wants to go out to eat or go out in the evening because she has specific TV shows refuses to miss. No, we don’t have DVR because she doesn’t want to pay and I don’t watch the TV. She won’t go out during the day because she has a routine of shopping at every store in Las Vegas because each store has specific sales and she spends hours researching them. *sigh* The last time we saw a movie was two years ago, and we used to go all the time. So this is significant.

She laughed SO much, as did I! It was fantastic! Now we have a slew of new inside jokes, like

I do watch Star Trek with my mom almost every day. That’s one thing we do together. So weird that most of the cast is probably my age now that they were back then. And my mom thinks that Riker is cute, and I’m like, omg he’s in my age range now. *_* I mean then. LOL anyway. THEN we saw an add for a Star Trek convention that I AM TOTALLY GOING TO GO TO!!!! 😀 😀 Last year I was fighting and couldn’t go. I wanna get my mom to go with me!! But she said “no!” OF COURSE she would say no. I’m hoping that if I rant about it for the next three weeks she’ll start wanting to go, too! ;_; August 8th. that’s what happened with Minions. I introduced the idea two weeks in advance and kept acting excited about it until she broke down. XD

This week I’m feeling better physically! I’m training and it’s awesome!! XD Teammate and Syndicate’s assistant coach “Filthy” Tom Lawlor is in Chicago and will fight this Saturday! Man, I’m getting nervous. *_* I wrote a kick -butt interview with him! check it out!

So…. there’s this Reebok deal. I liked what Tom said in his interview. He gave his honest opinion without dissing it and being offensive. I hope nobody in Reebok or the UFC get upset because he’s giving pros and cons logically. As for me….
i will not give my opinion of the reebok deal
I’m afraid to say anything!

And then poor Stitch, famous cutman, got fired by the UFC!
feels so many feels
So……. you don’t publicly bash your boss on social media and expect no repercussions. It’ll either be very good (fans apply pressure and you get what you want) or very bad (you get fired). But he didn’t really diss Reebok or the UFC. He just spoke how it wasn’t fair he lost his sponsors … check it out here:
I actually started retweeting his stuff and sympathizing but now I’m afraid to say anything. 🙁
I hope Stitch works my Invicta fight!
roxy and stitch
He’s always nice to me, gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and speaks Japanese to me.

And I might have an announcement! 😀

goku yes happy

Quest nutrition, Fightblok, Lost, UFC Party, my books, Pete Rose

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Man, another “once a week” blog post.

One of my nagging injuries is really impacting my normal training routine. I did mostly jiu-jitsu last week because I couldn’t go really hard striking. But on the other hand, I could go hard grappling. I am totally fine for the competition. It should go away soon anyway. I learned SO much from Vinny. And I’m really looking forward to my grappling competition! Mike Pyle also taught me a bunch of things. I’ve been doing mitts with Coach John, learning and practicing new stuff. 😀 😀 😀 #syndicatecoachesrock

So I decided that the Fightblok poster needed to be Syndicate-ized to hang in our gym. 😀 So I used the “paint” program on the gym computer and photoshopped the pic. XD Hahaha
fightblok poster photoshopped
I can do a way better job at home, but this isn’t bad for “paint” and 10 minutes.
I want more people to buy tickets from me, and I feel like nobody understands that I’m fighting, so if my picture is there….maybe they’ll notice?

I got some Quest Nutrition Protein Chips, a new-ish product! I love them! I heard my friend Brittany in Japan talk about them, then I got them ordered, and then Serena said she got some, and then my friend Patrick heard us ranting about them on Twitter and got some. Then I gave one to my mom and she likes them, and I brought them to my coach’s house party and they ate them. Then I gave a quest bar to my teammate for helping me film my video. He likes them, and so did my coach. So yay. Spreading the Quest Nutrition love. I am a good lesion.

protein chips small

I’ve been watching the TV show #Lost Season 1 like a lunatic. Well, one or two a day. I just finished episode 14. My Japanese is suffering because I’m not watching anime or writing many blogs so I’m forgetting words. Damnit. But I love Lost.

….omg did I really just unconciously hashtag “Lost” in the above paragraph….? /me falls over

Moving on. I went to the movies (by my happy self) on Sunday and saw Maze Runner. I LOVED IT. No, I didn’t read the books but I want to now. And actually, it stimulated my creativity. I have this fantasy book about dragons called “Daughter of Fire” that I’m writing, well, I was writing during my teenage years, that I always meant to finish and publish. Now I’m re-reading what I have and gosh, the plot sucks. I couldn’t figure out how to make it more original. But I had a flash of creativity after Maze Runner, so I really wanna write it now.

But I have to self-publish my already written book to reprint it, since my publisher went out of business and I have no more hard copies left. And I’m finished writing and now editing another self-help book called “How to be Positive: Mental training by the Happy Warrior.” So I feel like I’m doing too many things. And if I sit home, I want to watch Lost, not write. lol

Maybe I should take my laptop to a coffee shop again….

This past Saturday, Coach John had us over his house and we watched the UFC. I really enjoyed it. My family! 🙂 <3 johns house for ufc and you know what party

My mom wants to move to a new apartment. I don’t want to move. She says it’s noisy. I don’t think it’s noisy at all. 🙁 I’m having this struggle because I want to live by myself. I can’t really have my friends stay over if they’re in town because we don’t have space and she’s a private person. But if I move out, number one, she is paying the rent since we live together. And number two, we’re never free at the same time, so we never DO anything. We just speak in passing. Therefore, we’d never see each other much if I move out. Gah. 🙁

I wrote a bunch of articles for . One about my training partner Jamie Moyle, one about my former training parter/rival/ Hashi who is fighting Barb Honchak (someone else I wanna fight lol) for the title.

Oh, I called my dad and we were chatting, and he said, “Oh by the way, Pete Rose is at the Mandalay Bay signing autographs.” I was like, who’s Pete Rose? and he very calmly explained it to me. lol (super duper famous baseball player). So I went and got his autograph for my dad. 😀

pic of pete rose 1

okay that’s all for now

What a pro fighter needs to be successful

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I was having a simple English lesson with Katsumura-san and he said something very interesting. We were talking about the grammar “need to/ have to / must.” I asked him, “What does a person need to do to become a successful professional fighter?” I was expecting to hear “He needs to train almost every day. He must lift weights. He has to drill technique.” Instead, I got some of those answers, but also he said this (I’m paraphrasing):

A pro fighter needs to be loved and supported by many people. That’s why I want my pros to teach class sometimes. They can meet many gym members, share their knowledge, learn through teaching, and also make many fans out of the members. Then, the fans will come and support him at their fights, cheer for them, and be there to help them train. A fighter needs the support of people in order to really be successful.

That’s true, very thoughtful, and insightful.

I had a blast on National Foundation day

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February 11th is the day the government designated as a national holiday to celebrate the day Emperor Jimmu founded the country, in 1873ish. (Wiki: Publicly linking his rule with the mythical first emperor, Jimmu, and thus Amaterasu, the Meiji Emperor declared himself the one, true ruler of Japan….read more:[5] link to wikipedia )

SO the lucky ones had the day off from work, and people with service jobs, or unlucky business people with mean bosses, still had to work. Mondays are always my day off, and I don’t get a replacement day (called “Happy Monday” in Japan, where I can choose another day). However, my friend and former co-worker GRACE got the day off!

So we got together to play.

Well, first, I went to my gym at 9 AM, watched training, and wrote my book. Then, I met Grace at 11 in Kawasaki.
First, we went to Cinecitta, a kind of “Little Italy,” to fend off the Alien Invasion.
alien invasion with grace

Then, we had lunch at this wonderful Chinese/Italian food buffet combo. (which is prompting me to start my diet together with Brittany, for moral support. lol) That was kind of fantastic. XD

I witnesses something amazing.
The Shumai Chinese dumplings were SO popular it was ridiculous. They were served in a tiny, fist-sized brown Chinese steamer thingie, like this:
But the spot I thought they might be was always empty. Okay. So once, I was getting food and I saw a chef coming with a huge platter, of maybe like 50. They stacked up on top of each other in like 4 columns.

THE SECOND he put them down, even before his hand left the tray, people SWARMED. One guy reached down and took like TEN. I was like, “HEY!!” People took not just one, but multiple ones! I was standing RIGHT THERE and I got the LAST ONE. Like, literally, I had to try and reach my hand in because I could see there would be a fight!

I got one! It was good! But the tray lasted literally five seconds. I couldn’t even get one for Grace! She never ended up trying one because you had to be right there at that exact moment. LOL

Then, we went to Village Vanguard and BATTLED FOR THE SAFETY OF HUMAN KINDdddddddd!
battle with grace in village vanguard

And got this nice-looking random customer dude to take our picture. Three times. XD I charmed him into it with my keigo and excessive dorkiness. Silly foreigners. Look, my club has a skull on it. 😀
shark socks
LOOK, I got shark socks! I love love love sharks! They were expensive (like 6 bucks) but I HAD TO HAVE THEM. ;__;

Then we wandered around the Lazona shopping mall, and went to the pet section. I wants hamster! But i can’t has it! ;_; Wants! My preccccious!!! I know I don’t have the time to play with it and take care of it. ;_;
me wants a hamster

THen I changed my hair style!
fake hair wige

Not! It’s a wig! Hah I took a pic and tweeted it and fooled a few people. Then I sent it to my mom, and she wrote back from work, “It’s a wig, right?” Hahaha I had the same hair style for 10 years, and then when I finally changed it, I parted it down the center instead of the side, and braided the sides a bit. Then I didn’t deviate from THAT for another 5 years. 😀

We sadly parted ways at like 4, after which I went to Gold’s Gym to PUMP IT UP and try and turn some of those Chinese dumplings into muscles. ;_; lol

Then, came home, dumped my stuff, grabbed my book stuff, and went back to Kawasaki and studied/ wrote in a cafe for a few hours until it closed.

That was my day. It was splendid. 😀 Except that I couldn’t train. ~_~
But my time will come. Now, I gotta write my book faster.

“Struggling” – Megumi Fujii (blog translation)

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Struggling, by Megumi Fujii.

I think that as a fighter, I’ve been declining ever since I reached my peak when I fought in Bellator. That was in 2010.

Since then, I’ve been struggling with myself. My reaction time, between my brain and body, is one beat off. It’s less than 1%, but I feel it, and because of that, it messes up my flow.

I’ve been doing everything I can in training to get rid of that and get my perfect flow back.

But it’s difficult.

If I keep going this way, with this slightly “off” balance, my struggles will never disappear.

megumi and rumina
(Megumi at Japan Vale Tudo Dec. 2012 )

A fighter must practice hard, almost with desperation, every day. If they can’t or won’t train like that, nothing will become of them. They can’t even stand at the start-line. I don’t want to make the excuses of age and injuries. However, there are some things I can’t cover up and forget no matter how much I try.

I wonder if it’s okay like this.

I always answer my own question.

My body won’t move…rather, it can’t move as much as I think. I wonder if it’s a problem of heart. But I believe it’s not that, because I’ve over come that already.

megumi at vjt

I have the feeling that I’ve reached the limit of how much I can use my heart to spur my body into action.
But some fighters I respect have said that if I’m still worrying about this, it means it’s not the end of the line yet.

However, I can’t help but worry about my reaction time slowing down.
In the past, sometimes it seemed like my opponents’ movements were slow. Lately, that hasn’t been the case.

I worried about writing this, but I want everyone to know the real me, so I decided to write.

I want to be an explosive fighter.

There are times I think I want to go back. I want to freeze time in one moment.

Well, even today I still love what it means to be human, in our imperfection, sometimes unrefined.

Even against weaknesses, I face it without averting my eyes.
It’s just that the struggles never disappear.

megumi at vjt 2
As a fighter, can I fight properly? As a pro, can I shine? Right now, “Megumi Fuii” is at this borderline point, I think.

I’ll write more later.

Read the original blog at: Megumi Fujii’s blog