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Phew, I finally finished writing about my Japan trip. Now I can write about the three weeks since I got back. LOL

My right foot was swollen from my fight, and it took two weeks to heal, so when I got back to Syndicate, I jumped right back into training. I didn’t know when my next fight was, but I have so much to learn and not enough time to do it. So every day, training! 😀

Let’s see. On the 4th I went over Coach’s house with the team for a BBQ and to watch the UFC, which is literally my favorite thing to do now that I’m back in the States. I had house parties with my team when I was a college student, and then moved to Japan and nobody does that. 🙁 I love hanging out with my team in the non-gym setting. Although I feel like a dork since I am decidedly ‘not cool’ and I don’t understand half their dirty jokes. I sometimes feel bad for being the only girl to mess up their ‘guy talk,’ but too bad, they’ll just have to put up with me. XD

adam cella
Adam Cella from TUF 17 was there! John had been an assistant coach on that season with Jones, and Adam sometimes visits Syndicate to train with him again. Who wouldn’t want to be coached by John Wood again? XD Super nice guy.

Jamie Moyle and Liz McCarthy are fighting in Invicta 9, which will be November 1st – coming up!

So they’ve been on the war path, and I’m trying to post pics on social media.

And thanks to Mei-Li fighting for sponsoring us with shorts!
roxy and liz sparring and john

Jamie, me and the new girl Kalecia! She’s tough! I like her a ton.
roxy kalecia jamie
And me trying to be intimidating…but first I have to get past my T-shirt.

OH, and I got a grappling match set in Fightblok, on Saturday Nov 8th in the Westgate Casinos! I’m fighting this lady Leilani Esteban. 😀 If anyone is in Vegas, come see me grapple! And buy tickets from me. I’m supposed to sell tickets. 😡

And I got a sponsor, Wartape! Their tape is awesome. It’s sticky enough to not peel off all the time, but not so sticky it tears the skin off my body. I love them. 😀

I’ve been watching Couple’s Therapy, that reality TV show Wednesday nights, because my coach John is on it with Jenna Jameson. It’s ….. well, let’s just say I feel really BAD for all of those people there. They are struggling. And the show is really making me think about my own life and relationships. I am super non-judgmental because I believe that *I’m* not in that person’s skin with those person’s past experiences having shaped my beliefs and actions. If I had lived through what they did, I might act similarly, right? Who knows.

One day after watching it, I got insanely depressed. Then I got angry, and the next day I wanted to smash everyone in training. I thought, “Geez, is this show really affecting me?!?” Then I got my period. LOL which means it was just PMS, which is weird since I usually don’t have super mood swings. I just get unusually exhausted for a day and a half.

Oh well. It’s a weird world.

(click to enlarge pic)
google suggestions
Really? Is ‘boyfriend’ really the second most searched for option?! No, I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m not looking, either. When I was in Japan, I didn’t even have enough time to sleep, let alone date anyone. Seriously, I was working and training full-time, and I was getting insomnia. I was lucky if I slept 4 hours. I started feeling like I was dying.

So it wouldn’t be fair to the guy, especially as a fighter where I need to prioritize my training and stuff. I got used to thinking like that. Now I realize that I’m sleeping more and I have more time to hang out with people. I’m very happy single, though. It’s easier. Emotional pain sucks. As long as I don’t get an impossible crush on someone, I’m all set. It’s just my luck that every time I get a crush on someone, it’s impossible – either they’re too old, or too far away, or taken, or personality-wise would be a horrible match, or the situation is such that it’d be a bad idea. I’m a logical girl, I analyze and decide. And then tell my heart to shut up.

Seems like the majority of relationships I see are unhappy. You know, I’ve started thinking that people need to be “taught” how to have relationships. They should have classes in high school or something, about the psychology of relationships. When you go to marriage counseling (my mom told me about it), they talk a lot of psychology. Why wait until you’re married and unhappy? I feel like I know a lot just vicariously.

Humans are really stupid sometimes. It’s like…before you have a baby, read baby books.

Anyway enough of that. 😛

Last weekend was fun. I hung out with Heather and her friends in Gameworks. haha I was riding one of those bike-racing video game things, and I felt someone tugging at my purse…trying to steal my bag! I whacked at the hand and turned around with a “hey!” and it was Bryan Caraway, who burst out laughing! Haha! :}
roxy heather pinball

purikura with heather

Then Saturday my friend Victoria offered me tickets to go see the play Wicked with her and her BJJ friend. YAY! I have ALWAYS wanted to see that play! So exciting! We went and it was AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE!
wicked group pic
This week of training has been good. Monday was hard but awesome. But I limped away feeling broken. I skipped kickboxing yesterday and did jiu-jitsu, which was also awesome. But I still felt broken. x_x; Jake fixed me yesterday evening! #bestchiropractorever

I’m like two episodes away from ending the TV show HEREOES 3. (I think there are 4 seasons). I fell asleep watching it and had a SUPER NIGHTMARE. Where mutant humanized dogs were chasing me trying to eat me, and the world was like post-zombie apocalypse. I woke up NEEDING all the lights on. x_x

I returned to watching One Piece for my anime! 😀 I left off right after the Fishman Island. So I’m on ep 579 now! 😀

I just used “super” like three times in this entry. XD I think Frankie is rubbing off on me.

one piece pic

Japan trip part 4: UFC Fight week – fight night!

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It’s UFC Japan fight day! (September 20th)
brittany ufc toast

Breakfast with Brittany!

Actually, we were getting on the elevator to GO to breakfast. The doors opened and Shogun Rua was there! 😀 We chatted a bit. Mainly, he chatted to Brittany. “oh, are you a fighter?” etc etc. Haha! I’m the veteran fighter, but of course he’d want to chat with the beautiful Brittany. (who is also a fighter, though) 😛 I was standing there trying not to chuckle as he totally ignored me.

But I got a pic after breakfast. XD

rua and roxy

The Fighter Relations Team met at 8:30 AM to put wrist bands on the undercard fighters. It was that early because the event started at 1 PM, and it took an hour to get to the Saitama Super Arena by bus. If their names were on the list, they got one. If not, they didn’t get one. There was only one problem with Shu being listed twice under Noripi’s name- once as a cornerman, once as a translator, and another cornerman wasn’t registered. So my colleague Ricky had to make a few phone calls to straighten it out. Ricky has been like a big brother to me this whole time.

Mark Hunt and son.
mark hunt and roxy

Noripi (Michinori Tanaka) signing posters! This pic is actually from a few days before. He’s my former training partners! I hope it made him feel more at ease me being there…..

noripi signing posters

So after we loaded the first bunch onto the bus, I was free for like two hours. Half of us Fighter Relations Team staff went, a few of us stayed behind. I went back to the room, chatted with Brittany, and then ate lunch. Then at 12:15 I went back and did the main card. Then Burt told me, “Get on that bus!”

When we arrived, the undercard fighter’s hands were all wrapped up and the first fight (Maximo Blanco and somebody) was walking out.

I never saw the audience ONCE. But yeah. I didn’t care too much. I’ve been to tons of shows. I was just curious how filled up it was.

kanehara walk out1

This is backstage in the locker rooms just before Masanori Kanehara (yellow sandals) walked out.

Everyone were giving me instructions on how I would be assigned a room to watch, and I had to make sure everyone has water and towels and ice, and nobody is eating in the room. They eat outside. And then when I walk out with a fighter, I lead them and don’t get in the way of the camera guy. I was like, WHOA, there is NO WAY in Hell I’m walking a fighter out. I don’t know where to go! What if I lead them to the wrong place!? When I walk out myself, I never know where to go myself, I just follow some guy. So I am not ready to be ‘that guy,’ with no dry-run or explanation? Forget it! But it was Burt to lead them out, for the most part. And I didn’t get a room. I was told to float around and just be useful. Thank goodness.

I was mostly useful, except when it came time to translate Horiguchi’s interview, I tried to get someone else. :/ I didn’t have confidence in myself to do a good job.

Talking to Dad this morning and telling him that I was embarrased at not not knowing some words, he said, “You have limitations.” That’s true. :/ People kept asking me how I was and if I was having fun. Well, I was stressed and it wasn’t really ‘fun.’ But it was super interesting. I enjoyed the experience, but I wouldn’t say “fun.” In reply, I just said, “I’m okay” and “yes.”

I ran into the awesome translator with the fluffy pens! I forget her real name, but her twitter is “The Mizutama” haha. She actually recognized ME first!
roxy the mizutama translator

It was so good to unload everything that happened on Brittany after getting home. Like a good sister.

I got to watch some of the fights on the TVs set up in the lockerrooms. I wasn’t supposed to because I was working, but when like Noripi, Kanehara and Miesha/Rin were on, I snuck in someone’s locker room and inconspicuously watched. lol Or walking by in the hall, I would pause and take a long look.

After Mark Hunt knocked out Roy, we got the fighters on two buses at 7 PM. Another bus would come at 8 PM….the last one….! So we all RUSHED AROUND LIKE MAD PEOPLE cleaning and stuff, to be able to get on that bus. We scurried around packing up the mats and buckets and all our stuff. Someone else would clean the locker rooms and get trash. We didn’t keep the towels. Kind of a waste?

We thought all the fighters had left, but they hadn’t! Suddenly, there were not enough seats on the buss for all the staff! I was just about to leave to take the train, when people started pulling down all the aisle seats, which I didn’t know existed, which was hilarious. And a few people sat on people’s laps.

bus pic 1

bus pic 2

Once we got back, I hung out with Julianna and Rick. It was fun. 😉 I took them to the restaurant Tofuro!
julianna rick tofuro

Japan trip part 3: Thursday and Friday UFC Fight week

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Thursday Sep. 18th, we met at 9 AM to take a bus to the Saitama Super Arena. Burt wanted to visually check out and plan locker roms and stuff. He was really making a big effort to explain things to me, like how things are done and why. I feel like I’m getting training to get some skill.

He had me take notes for him. The guys are being super nice to me. I’m trying soooo hard to do well, though. I guess they can see that.

guys at arena
I was useful because I talked to fighters and security guards and the driver. 😀 😀 I’m so glad I was useful.

When we got back, I was chatting with Rin and her trainer before my lunch break, and Fumi-san walked in to translate, but then LEFT, saying I would be better since I was a woman and spoke English better. I was kind of upset because I had stuttered a little bit in Japanese so I was embarrassed because I didn’t want Rin to feel like I was doing a bad job. 🙁 I did half the interview and then the dude asked about ‘being creative.’ She was very creative with her self-marketing. I didn’t know how to say that! I was just going ” uh uhhhhhh ” when Fumi-san came back, so I said, “How do you say creative in Japanese?! Help me!” and left him to do the rest. *facepalm* ug I was doing fine until then, too. So embarrassing.

I went swimming for 15 minutes (I used a timer). A constant battle to burn off all the yummy Japanese food I was chowing down, stay in shape, and gain muscle via weight training. LOL Then help the Fighter Relations Team set up the weight check and sponsor check area. After that, I was free for the evening!

So I ate an onigiri rice ball, oden, and veggies, and went to HEARTS. Got lost in Shinjuku station so Brittany came and met me at the station. LOL I watched the ‘conditioning class” and participated in the beginners class, sparring after that.
osawa and brittany at hearts
Osawa-san, who used to be my striking coach like 6+ years ago, taught us this stepping technique which I liked a lot. Then a technique confused me and I got frustrated. x_x

I got to spar with Brittany, and also Osawa-san! It’s been like 6 years. How awesome! I did much better than in the past, obviously. It was so great to spar with him after so long. But he still dominated. He also put me against some other pros in the class, and this one guy toyed with me by putting his glove on my forehead and just following me. (rather than hitting me) PISSED ME THE HELL OFF. FIGHT ME, don’t just humor the girl. @#)($@#$#@ Like a big bully putting his hand on the little kid’s forehead to keep him away. How rude! I hit him a few times well, though. And I get it – the first time sparring with a girl, you never know how hard to go. etc etc all that bullcrap.

Overall, it was fun. Until I nailed one guy with my bad foot (swollen from my fight) so I had to stop. But we had gone from 8:30 to like 10:40ish. But thank you for the training and hospitality, Osawa-san!

osawa class kickboxing

So we were just going to take the picture when this guy comes out of the shower, and Osawa-san is like “Hey, get in!” He was in his underwear which was….very…tight. I was like, “Hang on a second.” I made them wait while I ran to the shelf to get a glove, which I placed…strategically. Now the picture is kid-friendly. 🙂

Hearts is conveniently located ten minutes from Shinjuku station and Osawa-san can speak English, so if you are ever in Tokyo, stop by!

Brittany and I took a taxi back to our hotel.

Friday the 19th, Fight Night Japan weigh-in day!

It was weigh-in day! We were scheduled to meet at 10:30, so I had breakfast with Brittany and we did coin laundry. By the time we got back, I had to go.

It went okay. The first day, we gave wrist bands to everyone. On Fight day, though, only people on the list get wrist bands and Burt has stressed this over and over and over.

So we loaded everyone into the dressing room, and Burt gave his speech. Shu actually translated that….he did a much better job than I could have. 🙁

But Burt seems to have a lot of confidence in me. Anyway, I had to make sure the blue corner got out first, and then the red corner. Either he forgot to call Rin and John’s name, or they didn’t hear him. 😡 And I was scrambling to make sure they got seats on the bus. But that’s our job, because nobody is perfect. But Burt is awesome.

Then I thought I was staying behind because he had said so, but then he yelled, “ROX! Get on the bus! GET ON THAT BUS!” So I literally leapt to obey. I hadn’t peed or packed a drink or snack or anything. LOL #unprepared. It was cool to be behind stage.

bhackstage at weighins

Never once did I ever get to see the main arena with fans, at weigh-ins or during fight day. LOL oh well, I’ve seen plenty arenas. 🙂 This was when they were lined up at weigh-ins and the announcer said, “And now next up on the scale is…… KANEHARA!!” or somebody, and we got to say, “Okay, you’re up! Go!”

It was funny being the person standing there ordering people around.

So everybody weigh-ed in successfully. Funny to see Usami-san put armour on Rin.
samurai armor rin
Just a side note, I tried to find a pic of her in armor and couldn’t find anything until I searched in the Japanese language. wth? Don’t Americans think it’s interesting? XD

Then we went back and it took 40 mins by bus.

After we got back, we had to wait an hour to have a meeting with Ricky, who is awesome and super nice to met (well, everybody is), and then I went to Kawasaki to hang out with Goto-san! 😀 Yay, my Japanese uncle! Thanks to talking to him on Skype every week, my Japanese language skills haven’t deteriorated too much.

Working for the UFC: behind the scenes

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When I first met Burt Watson, I was getting set to fight in the UFC TUF Finale. He was all in my face, checking my weight three days in a row before actual weigh ins, telling me not to take pain killers or supplements, making me wear a padded sports bra, and then screaming “We’re rolling!!!!!!!!!!” at the top of his lungs walking me out. It stressed me out so bad.

I was a little apprehensive finding out I had to work with him this trip as a translator, but as I met him in different circumstances then before, I found out that Burt is actually a GENIUS MASTERMIND. Oh my goodness! I think no one in the entire world can do a better job than he. He is so amazing. I basically became his apprentice, which is such a huge honor, and came to appreciate his extreme attention to detail to stuff I never knew was an ISSUE because he clipped it in the bud before a problem developed. This has come from over 25 years of doing this job. I dunno what the UFC would do without him.
画像 004
Amber, me, Yoko Takahashi, Donna, and Burt.

For example, everything was set up in the Hilton Tokyo hotel. We had a conference room as an office, and there were workout rooms on either side of us. He set up tables with water and towls against the walls that we shared. He said he put the tables there because if fighters want to work wall-techniques, they pick up mats and lean them against the walls. If the wall is shared by the office, the staff will be hearing *Thud! Thud! BAM!* all day long. But the table forces the fighters to lean the mats aginst a different wall.

I was like, wow. Good thinking.

Also with dressing room choices. There were a certain number of rooms, different sizes. Some had bathrooms, some didn’t. The Japanese fighters managed by the same manager were all together. We had to make sure the girls had easy access to a lady:s bathroom, and we had to make sure opponents weren’t going through each other’s rooms to get to the bathroom. Burt’s system for figuring all that out was MASTERFUL. I can’t even describe it well. We walked through taking notes, and then looking at the fight card.

I had no idea so much thought went into that. I’m thinking back and realizing that in my Invicta fight, I was together with Tamada and Megumi, and we were both managed by Shu, plus we were all former training partners, so I felt comfortable. I’m sure that’s not a coincidence. And I was with Stephanie Eggink, and her corner was Shayna Baszler, and we’re good friends. Was that a cooincidence, too?

Burt is so amazing. It was truly an honor to work with him and the team. I loved the guys. I wasn’t just his pesonal translator, but I was adopted into the Asian Fighter Relations Team.

I arrived on Sunday but my job started Monday. Our first task, me and five or six others, was to find 300 white towels, three boxes of latex gloves, and 300 or more small bottles of water. Um…okay. So we rented a van and drove to the Don Quixote superstore where I got to talk to the staff in Japanese and aquire the stuff. It was so funny seeing the look on the short skinny staff guy’s face when I told him to go into his storage room and bring up every single box of water bottles from EVER BRAND that they had. Hahahaha!
画像 002

It wasn’t enough so we emptied the shelves, too! We completely wiped them out of water!! We could only find 35 towels, so we ended up buying some online.
画像 001
I helped organize gloves, and put wrist bands on people and watch Burt size people for gloves, etc.

Some of the bad parts were that I had to follow up on fighters when I didn’t really want to. For example, if a fighter was late to some scheduled thing, I had to call their room and politely ask them to get their butts down here. I frequently had to go to their personal cell phone or manager because nobody answered the room phone. A few times, there was plenty of time left before the schedule thing ended, but our team wanted them done with early, so we could do a lot of other tasks. As a fighter, I didn’t want to bother them, but I was ordred to, so I had to call them and beg them to come early.

Another time I had to ask a fighter to take a pee drug test, but they had just lost and were crying. I didn’t want to bother them, but my bosses were like, “No, you have to go ask the person NOW.” I got snapped at by the fighter’s camp. OF COURSE. If I was upset after having JUST lost in the UFC, I would be like, go screw yourself, too! -.-

I got to be one of the people that stood behind the scenes and weighins and when their name was called, I said, Okay go out there! One of my teammates was teaching me about what to do on fight day. My teammates were so nice and patient!! <3 If I was assigned to a room, I'd have to make sure everyone had enough water and towels and ice, and nobody was eating in the lockerroom. He was telling me about how to walk someone to the cage, but I was thinking, "There's no way in hell I'm walking anyone to the cage! I don't know where to go! when I fight, I always follow someone. I'm not ready to be 'that guy.'" lol I didnt have to, though. I got to be there to support my former teammates and that was super cool. (Michinori Tanaka and Masanori Kanehara) Kanehara-san won! Poor Noripi lost a tough match but I think he got performance bonus? 画像 006

All in all, I learned SO much about how the UFC works. The Fighter Relations team had to be the sticky glue that holds other departments together (media, production, etc) but also lubricant that lets the gears turn smoothly and gets fighters to where they need to be. There’s SO many details and SO much stuff to manage.

My experience at Invicta 8

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What a fantastic experience.
I won my fight against Tara LaRosa, which is the third time I fought her. A trilogy – on second thought, “Return of the Jedi.” I’m a huge Star Wars fan, and it’s funny because I was SO close to doing some anime theme for my weigh-in, but decided on Star Wars at the last minute. It’s fitting, because my coach is a Star Wars maniac, and teammate Amanda, who is George Lucas’ daughter, is part-owner of my gym. 😀 So I bought a Jedi robe and light saber from a costume store for $70, thinking, “For this price I better use this A LOT.” LOL Totally worth it.
julie and tara and roxy faceoff
Coach John Wood and I left on Wednesday. Thank you, John, for taking time out of your ridiculously busy schedule and training other teammates to come with me. We arrived and I did this “face-off” interview with Tara. I wore my Jedi robe. XD

Thursday John and I went for walks around malls, played video games at a giant arcade, and tried to be careful of my weight.
gaming with john

Also did photo shoots and video interviews!
I didn’t even mean for this Jedi thing to blow up, but it really has. lol
return of the roxy jedi

At the risk of sounding vain, how freaking awesome do we look here? XD
roxy jedi and john

roxy in kansas city

I got to hang out with my former teammates from the AACC! Tama-chan (Yasuko Tamada, who fought for the title) and Megumi Fuji, and Abe-sensei!
Invicta needed a female voice to speak for Tamada-san, so I did the translation (my manager Shu supplied me with a few words) and did the voice! 😀 so exciting and an honor!

In the evening, John and I watched The Empire Strikes Back on his laptop after working out with pads. XD #jedi

Friday I tried not to eat and drink and cut weight in the bathtub via hot salt bath. That went super smoothly. Go me. For the weigh-ins, I pulled out my light saber on Tara. XD I’m glad I didn’t fall off the stage, because my plan was to square off, and then when she held her fist to my chin, I’d step back and SWOOSH! Extend the light saber. But Shannon had us start with me already near the edge of the stage. But I managed! I love the look on Shannon’s face, and John is cracking up in the background. hahaha lots of our friends think John forced me to do it, but nope, the Jedi thing was my idea. Shayna helped me decide the pose. XD

weigh ins pull light saber
roxy and steve before fight

My good friend/ big brother Steve, my teammate from Japan, lives in Kansas and made the long drive to come visit me TWICE – once after weigh ins, and once for my fight! Thank you!! <3 So amazing to see you again! and thanks for the T-shirt and socks! 😀 😀 😀 😀 On Fight Day, we ate breakfast, missed my hair appointment because the breakfast place nearby was closed so we had to go searching for one, and then I didn't realize it would take so long! ;_; Thank GOODNESS the nice lady came back and did my hair, but I spent literally all morning and afternoon trying to calm the panic inside me. John was saying, "From here until the fight, no matter what thoughts pop into your head, only positive ones go out. Only positive outcomes happen." Despite me being naturally positive, even the happy warrior needs to be reminded to be positive, and John is a very calming presence. We watched "Return of the Jedi" on his computer. lol Then Tara and I fought and it was glorious. 33roxy and tara invicta 4

33roxy game face invicta

33roxy jab tara 2

33tara punching roxy2
Funny, when I got into the cage, it seemed so natural…all my nervousness vanished. My mind went strangely silent. It was just me, John, and Tara in there. and in my head was the long list of techniques ready to fire off.

She kept smiling, which actually backfired against her because it relaxed me. I heard she got a lot of flac from dancing. well hey, at the end of the day, why the hell are we doing this? To enjoy our lives. So give her a break already! Just enjoy the show and don’t judge. 🙂 and I liked her music and it relaxed me to dance, too! hah

roxy dancing at invicta
John was like, “Okay stop dancing! get serious!” lol

I couldn’t be more proud of my performance. It means a lot for me to be praised by my coach, too. That’s all I really wanted from this fight, almost as much as a win. Just.Do.The.Techniques. Prove that I can do it. And I did. Thanks for giving me a chance, Invicta, on the main card no less, despite my less than stellar losing streak.

shu roxy john after win
My manager Shu at suckerpunch entertainment management has always stood by me! ( left) Thanks for helping in my corner. and of course, Coach John. #coachoftheyearawardcandidate

33roxy hugging john invicta2
Also a big thank you to my friends who came out, and my sponsors. It was cool to see my TUF 18 buddies again! Sharkbait, Raquel, Shayna, Jessamyn, Peggy!
This picture also has Tynan, a new friend who visited Syndicate for a lesson once.
roxy jessamyn tynan shayna

friends group after invicta