I was naughty….

So…as many of you agree, it’s a fighter’s responsibility to, after the fight, eat crappy food. 🙂 And it’s a friend’s responsibility to help the fighter partake in such measures.


On Monday, I forced Brittany to play hooky from MMA practice to have lunch with me. 😀

brittany m and loco

I had a Tostada thingie!

tostada salad

And I did lots of other stuff. I GOT AN iPHONE!! 😀 omg SO HAPPY!! I hate my LG with a passion. Now I have an iPhone 4S. It wasn’t too expensive. 😀 😀 😀 😀 I LOVE IT!!

Yesterday, Bootsy and I had crazy chicken at El Pollo Loco. If I finish eating before my partner, I tend to play with the remains of my food. *laugh*


guac 1
Guacamole face 😀

guac 2

teehee. XD

And don’t forget the finale volcano mountain!

volcanic islanbd

Then we took a walk. When we passed Carlos Jr. he mentioned something about a poptart ice cream sandwich.

Wait, what? WHAT?! That sounds OUTRAGEOUS! Who would think of such a thing?! I had to see it. So we went inside. It was only a buck 75. I had to try it.
ice cream poptart1


poptart ice cream

._. naughty Roxy. So much white sugar and empty calories.


I really wanna get back to training. ;_; *sigh*

btw you like my Tussle shirt? You can get it here 😀