I’m off to the States! :D

I’m leaving on a jet plaaane….in like a few hours I’ll be speeding on my way to the U-S-A! Cousin Adele is getting maaaaaaaaaarrieddddddddd! XD


No, I won’t be training over there. I’m going to party hardy with my beloved family, and see my Mom, who I haven’t seen in a year, and spend time with my Dad, and relatives and grandfather who just turned 100 and YAY YAY YAY. XD

I was thinking, what should I wear over there? It’ll be cooler than in Tokyo. Maybe I’ll take my Nike jacket, but it’s kind of plain colored and a little boring, even though I like the fit and feel.

Oh, wait! What’s this?!? It’s a super awesome Battlestar Galactica iron-on patch that some AWESOME dude from England sent me! 😀 THANKYOUANDREW. So that sucker went on last night. XD I can’t wait to sport it!


I can’t wait to see my family! omg omg omg