bad diet, work, training?

Yesterday I woke up at 59.5 kilos which is 131 lbs. I don’t have a fight set yet, and that’s pretty good, so I decided to break my diet because I wasn’t doing a normal training class, and if I got a stomach ache, it wouldn’t matter.

In the morning, I resisted the bread shop because I didn’t wanna get a sugar crash in my 7:30-1:00 lessons work time. For lunch, I had my usual boiled vegetables I brought in tupperwear plus a seafood mix (shrimp, squid, shellfish). For the carb, I tried this new Banana-caramel-cream hot crepe 😀

I felt really energetic in the afternoon (energy! :D) and had a good time at work. I really love teaching and I want to teach people who REALLY need to use English, or have the chance to use it often. Like, I would love to teach Abe-san English but he always tells me he’s too busy.

I was prepping for this business email lesson with this man I’ve never met before, and the counselor hustled in in the 5 mins between lessons. “He’s on point 2,” she said, “but he said he already ‘knows’ it and maybe he wants to go on to chapter three. I’m not sure, he said he’ll tell you in the lesson.”

Sometimes we have students who just follow the usual pacing, but sometimes, especially for students with higher English abilities, they want to pick and choose, which is reasonable, right? Unless they think they know something but they don’t, which is hard for us teachers to handle….plus we don’t know what to prepare for the lesson. But anyway, so I went in and the fellow said, “I’m a business man blah blah I need to write emails, and I’m not sure what in this book I should study, but my boss said I need to improve my English.”

That’s the most challenging for me because I have to choose what to teach him but I have no idea what he does or what phrases will be useful to him, and I only have a few minutes to figure it out, so I can make proper use of the 40 minutes he’s paying me for….and be professional.

I pulled it off quite well. I had him write an example email, during which I embellished, and expanded, etc. That student was very pleased! 😀 I wish my boss had been monitoring me during lessons like THOSE where I pull a super great lesson out of my hat instead of the ones where a student is exhausted at the end of the day and I get one-word answers…

(This is not my pic, I didn’t take one)
So after work I had an okonomiyaki taiyaki- yes, the grilled fish pancake but not with sweat bean jam in the middle, but cabbage, egg, and ham!

Then, I’ve always wanted to try a famed cake from “Ducky Duck” but never was enthusiastic about the flavor choices. Today in the basement of L-Mylord, I found sakura-flavored cake! I bought a slice for 4 dollars (350 yen) and I wasn’t disappointed. “Shifon” cake was REALLY good! Soft, moist, cool! ( I told the woman I was going to sit over there by a table and eat it, but she looked all confused and flustered and had to wrap it up in a box with a bag and plastic anyway…so wasteful! I was going like 10 steps away, but knew it’d be useless to interrupt her.)

Then in the station, there’s this ‘rusk’ store I’ve always wanted to try but had been resisting. Rusk is some bread product fried? in sugar and butter to be really crispy and sweet. First, it was bread, then bagels, then I saw castella appear, and now shu-cream! It was so good! Banana coconut flavor cream! 😀

I also had this baum kuhen caramel flavored- a new type! And I found this fat-free Kettle corn imported from the USA! YAY I will have this again because it doesn’t count as bad food. 😀

And that was it. I went to the arcade in Kawasaki to begin my substitute workout, but I had to wait in line. Just when it was my turn, Sakura called me on the phone and It would have been rude to hang up on her for the sake of doing DDR since she had something important to tell me, so I lost my place in line, got pissed off, and left. lol I went to another arcade (The Warehouse) but the line was too long on a Saturday, so I got more pissed off and left there, too, and just went to the gym. 🙁 It was 8 PM

I jumped rope for a few rounds, including power/speed jumping, and then went to kick a bag, but all the spaces were being used except the boxing area. As I started, the boxing coach sprinted over, and said, “I’m so very sorry, but these bags are only for punching!” He gave me a waist-low bow. Damn, sorry. 🙁 Work out #2 foiled. I felt kind of aimless after that because my knees hurt and I couldn’t jump rope anymore…

Nakanishi-san was hanging around off to the side while everyone else was doing mat warmups so I practice some technique on him. And he helped me perfect it! 😀 And we kind of taught ourselves a new variation. He’s kind of a sadist, so maybe it’s not good I taught him this kind of pain-inducing technique. LOL I’ll pay for it later…

And I taught Tama-chan and she loved it! 😀 I was gonna show Hitomi (Akano) san but Tama-chan was like, “NO don’t show her! I wanna try it on her!” lol My shoulder feels better, so hopefully I’ll be able to train tomorrow!! At least I’d done stairs in the morning and afternoon, so I got that in, too.…