the doctor with cauliflower ears

I’ve been to two doctors about my injury, and I dunno…I didn’t really feel good about both of their diagnosis. I believe they are good doctors, but….

So I went to a third guy who was recommended by another training partner who I trust.
I got an appointment!! <3 Which let me NOT WAIT for HOURS AND HOURSSSSS. (bless you, friend) So he examined me and looked at my x-rays and MRI's and gave me his opinion. The other guy said a ligament was ripped off and needed surgery, but this guy said that there was only minor damage, or else the limb would have been way more unstable and unusable. "But hang on," he said, "This other doctor is much more knowledgable with this body part. Let me get him." And he walked away. !!!!!!! WOW, I LOVE YOU!!! So this FOURTH guy came over and he was like 60 years old, and I could tell from the way he examined me that he's been a specialist in this field for...that long. lol Guy #4 reafirmed guy#3 and added more details to the diagnosis. I could only understand 50% of the conversation, so I was like trying to write everything down in my notepad. 😡 I think I understand, though. So a ligament is NOT torn off. It's stretched and slightly damaged, but only to a minor degree. So I must NOT do MMA for minimum one month, probably two. THen, it should heal fine. I can walk, but no hard sparring. He said "ronduri," and I thought, "ah, he's a Judo guy." 🙁 🙂 Actually, it's fantastic news. It's going to be soooo hard to 'sit still' and I'm going to have to halve my calorie intake. If I had only moved around less during my Christmas break like I'd intended to. -_-; It would have healed faster. OH well. A few months is nothing compared to surgery. And I also have a project I've decided to start. I want to write a book in Japanese. And for that, I need to research. And that involves me going to the dojo and watching and listening to class. NOT participating. If I participate, I can't write the book because I'll be training. lol So that is my new challenge. Go. And. Watch. Ug. x_x Shugyou! Mental training! It's gonna be hard. But the gates of hell have closed in front of me- I won't be laid up for a year with my injury, if I can trust what this doctor says. ganbarou. I'll do my best. Then the doctor started talking about Judo this, and Judo that, and he asked me if I could proof read this thing he wrote in English about Judo. Hah why? He said he's trained Judo with my gym- training partner! Really?! So that's why he "got it" when I talked about how I hurt myself. Then, I looked at his ears! He had cauliflower ears!! How could I not have noticed them?! very slight, that's why. But definitely cauliflower. ROCK. …