Camp Lee Canyon, and grappling!

So last week, I was supposed to visit Camp Lee Canyon to talk to a group of youth campers, but I hurt my eye on Tuesday and couldn’t drive. I’m glad that I did get a chance to go on Friday! 😀

The drive up there was beautiful! It was the first time I’ve seen a speed limit sign for over 65. It was 70. Since there was nobody else on the road at the time, I took a few pics while driving. ^^;

drive to mt charleston

camp lee cayon 1
I love nature! I’m a treehugger! 😀 😀 😀

roxy and kids at camp lee1
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Friday morning, I went on the MMAjunkie radio show. I was invited a long time ago, and I never actually went, so I’m happy I got to go :D. Thank you for having me, guys!

Since I was occupied in the morning, I went to the jiu-jitsu class at night! I’ve never gone to class at night before, haha! ever! I’m either teaching kids, or too tired from morning pro training, or too sore or injured. lol and the one time I get to go, Vinny wasn’t there, so it was just open mat. x_x I still had fun rolling in both gi and no-gi!

Saturday morning there was open mat again, and I rolled with a BJJ blue belt lady visiting from Washington DC! 😀 I rolled with some of our teen students, and a few wrestlers who’ve been visiting. It was a good morning.

Lots of grappling! But my eye has healed, so I can get hit in the face again. 😀

I forget what else I did on Saturday…. I watched a lot of Avatar the Last Airbender anime. I wanted to go eat Chinese food with mom, but she doesn’t want to go because Bones is on TV. x_x; #annoying

On Sunday, I went to the fitness center in the morning and got some cardio in. Watched “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” in the afternoon, and did yoga in the evening.

Today is MONDAY! Let’s get it on! XD…