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This Sunday I was just exhausted from training, so laid around watching Heroes season 2 all morning. I went shopping for cell phones with mom in the afternoon! I did yoga in the evening.

Years ago when the TV series Heroes first came out, I watched the first season and a half, and then stopped. I rewatched Season 2, finishing two days ago, and now I’m on Season 3. Yay. Also watching Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors). It’s an anime I saw when I was a middle school student before I even know what anime was! It was my very first one! 😀 I loved it! Now, I’m rewatching it but for the first time, I’m hearing the Japanese voices. I found it with no English subs, but Chinese subs. Kind of annoying because sometimes I don’t understand, but I get 90% of it. 😀 Man, the style is so 80s! The music, the action scenes. The characters repeat themselves sometimes. It’s …I don’t want to say boring, but the pace isn’t what I’m used to. I found myself texting Serena throughout ep 27. ^^;;
Ronin Warriors
But it’s so nostalgic. 😀

Yesterday at training, we did stuff in jiu-jitsu with Casey that I had been working in my private lesson. Except Casey showed one extra detail that will help even more. 😀

I’ve been applying what I’ve been learning in sparring, which is so satisfying! 😀

I’ve been looking for new music, but for some reason, my iTunes genius (that makes suggestions) only works if I buy a song first. So FINALLY I found a song I wanted to buy, and THEN went on a song-shopping spree because each song lead to another similar song I liked. 😀 Somehow through that, I found Judas Priest’s new album, and I downloaded Dragonaut, March of the Damned, Battlecry, Snakebite, Bring it on (which might become my next entrance theme).

Fire in the skyyyyyyyyy….

From their new album!

Then, found “The Pretty Recklass” Going to Hell, “Feel so Numb” by Rob Zombie, and then a bunch of Powerman 5000 songs. Now this is what it’s like when world’s colliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide! 😀 I remember seeing an AMV (anime music video) of that at Otakon. I’ll always think of mecha robots blowing stuff up when I hear that song…..

Holy crap, I just youtubed “Powerman 5000 amv” to look for it, and I found a different one! Now I love this song! 😀 Thanks, blog! I just found a new song! sweet! and this is also helping me because now I know I’ll never watch “Black Lagoon.” Too bloody. lol but this amv kick s@$$.

Yesterday I covered for another kids jiu-jitsu teacher, and another one couldn’t make it. Super busy evening. soooo tiring. Good thing they are cute.

Random Roxy updates -training and my book on Kindle

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It’s been a week since my past blog.

My fight with Tara LaRosa in Invicta got announced! Yay! Very excited.
I text messaged her immediately after that and we joked around a bit. Yeah, we are friends. Yeah, we are going to try and beat the @#$*U#@)$* out of each other. XD And I’m going to win. Don’t worry, Tara, I’ll bring you a souvenir from Las Vegas.
(I’m the blue side)
text message with tara

People say “good luck with your camp,” but I train hard as if I’m going to fight all the time anyway. I just run more stairs to increase cardio, and game plan. John and my team’s got my back. ^_^

Last week wasn’t as awesome as I would have liked, but I still got in good sessions.

And this Saturday I did the grappling open mat, and Justin (who is so fun to roll with because he’s so smooth and talented) taught us the reverse delariva guard and stuff. I was like, Dude, SWEET!

I LOVE JIUJITSU!!!! 😀 <3 <3 Then Liz came in and I sparred with her a lot. I skipped the sparring class on Tuesday, and then Thursday I used my headgear (which is great, but I feel so uncomfortable, I feel I can't get off my normal moves with it). I didn't use it Saturday, and really felt on my game. She is really skilled and fun to spar with. And Big Maurice Jackson took the liberty of giving me some advice about the clinch, which I immediately applied, and it was great. 😀 AND I also used successfully what Adam and John taught me about single legs and sprawls in my last private. Thanks for sticking around after your lesson, Adam! That was super helpful! john heath liz roxy big mo

Shoutout to Otomix for giving me the headgear at the UFC expo. Even though I don’t prefer it, it’s way better than my Windy or UFC brand. I can barely see at all with those, but I have decent viability, and I took a hard kick and didn’t get rocked at all.
link to website

In the world of anime, I stopped watching Samurai Champloo. *ducks flying objects thrown by Champloo fans* And I’m putting off watching the animated series Avatar, but I watched the movie. I liked the movie a lot…. *hides from Jake as his he earth-bends and flings a boulder at me* I started “Jo-jo’s bizarre adventure 2012” and I HATED it. Dio was just so randomly violent and hateful, and the scenes of them beating each other up were just unnecessary…. I just got a nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach. So I quit after two episodes. No, I will not give it another chance. *uses Serena as a doppelganger to withstand wrath of JoJo fans, and runs away*

So I decided to watch The Ronin Warriors, which I hadn’t watches since childhood, and also Heroes. I think I got to the middle of season 2, so I’m rewatching it. I think there are more seasons, so I wanna finish that series. 😀

AAAAAAAND my book is finally out on Kindle! 😀
You can still buy the physical copy from me! email me, because I have the remaining copies. I can autograph them for you. Flat $15. basilisk875 at

Here’s the link to the Kindle version on amazon!
linkie pinkie

Camp Lee Canyon, and grappling!

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So last week, I was supposed to visit Camp Lee Canyon to talk to a group of youth campers, but I hurt my eye on Tuesday and couldn’t drive. I’m glad that I did get a chance to go on Friday! 😀

The drive up there was beautiful! It was the first time I’ve seen a speed limit sign for over 65. It was 70. Since there was nobody else on the road at the time, I took a few pics while driving. ^^;

drive to mt charleston

camp lee cayon 1
I love nature! I’m a treehugger! 😀 😀 😀

roxy and kids at camp lee1
(click to enlarge)

Friday morning, I went on the MMAjunkie radio show. I was invited a long time ago, and I never actually went, so I’m happy I got to go :D. Thank you for having me, guys!

Since I was occupied in the morning, I went to the jiu-jitsu class at night! I’ve never gone to class at night before, haha! ever! I’m either teaching kids, or too tired from morning pro training, or too sore or injured. lol and the one time I get to go, Vinny wasn’t there, so it was just open mat. x_x I still had fun rolling in both gi and no-gi!

Saturday morning there was open mat again, and I rolled with a BJJ blue belt lady visiting from Washington DC! 😀 I rolled with some of our teen students, and a few wrestlers who’ve been visiting. It was a good morning.

Lots of grappling! But my eye has healed, so I can get hit in the face again. 😀

I forget what else I did on Saturday…. I watched a lot of Avatar the Last Airbender anime. I wanted to go eat Chinese food with mom, but she doesn’t want to go because Bones is on TV. x_x; #annoying

On Sunday, I went to the fitness center in the morning and got some cardio in. Watched “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” in the afternoon, and did yoga in the evening.

Today is MONDAY! Let’s get it on! XD

fantastical training, Pinball, Serena, MMA gloves

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Monday’s training was good. Great mitts, great team practice. I had lunch with Julie, who is the owner of who treated Serena and I to a sushi lunch. 😀 I gotta remember to avoid the baked ‘yum yum sauce’ because it’s full of mayonnaise, I’m sure. x_x I want healthier. But it was SO tasty!

I helped teach the kid’s jiu-jitsu class, and then went home and crashed.

Tuesday, Leslie “The Peacemaker” Smith joined us for team practice! I enjoyed sparring with her a lot! 😀 And of course Serena and the rest of the team.
roxy leslie serena

muscle pose syndicate big
(click to enlarge)

Over the course of sparring, I got a glove in the eye. omgggg it hurt sooo bad. Like needles in the eye. Thankfully, it heals fast. But I wanted to just go home and lay in a dark room. Yesterday I could barely function, but today I could drive and blink and stuff.

So when I was at the UFC expo, a fellow from the company “Trebla” came up to me and introduced his products: elbow pads that bend well, and this “glove sox” which covers glove velcro. I tried them out. I LOVE THE GLOVE SOX. Omg. I don’t have to tape my MMA gloves all the time! So it costs $20 on the site, but it saves lots of taping time (and then you don’t have to rip the tape on and off if you have to take the gloves off). You save on tape. Think about it – you can buy four rolls of tape at $5 each.

I totally recommend this product. It stays on. I’m not sure I can make it stretch over boxing gloves velcro, though, but for sure, for MMA gloves.
linkie to site
glove sox
(click to enlarge)
And the elbow pads are nice. (my black ones)
trebla elbow pads and stuff

Serena and I went in early before practice and worked elbows. 😀 Fighter friends ftw! 😀 <3 We didn't hit each other that hard. Just light, to work technique. And I will not allow anyone to get near me with elbows without elbow pads. I learned from TUF 18 that accidents can happen. Tuesday I was supposed to speak at a kid's camp, but my eye was swollen and ridiculous, so I spent the afternoon at the Urgent Care clinic instead. 🙁 I got drops so it should be better by the end of the week. *sigh* stupid things. Hah I don't have sunglasses, so I used clip-on 3D ones I got in Japan. XD I am so cool. 3d glasses
No, things weren’t 3D.

random picture Julie took when I wasn’t looking because I’m wearing her shorts.
roxy hitting the heavy bag

Today was Serena’s last full day in Vegas. She’s actually from Philadelphia and is here on her summer vacation. :/ She goes back tomorrow. I’m going to miss her! We met on Facebook – she was my fan – and found out that my gym rents out a rooms in a fighterhouse, and decided to come here for two months to train! 😀 I now know how to fight a southpaw. lol I’ve never had a regular southpaw sparring partner before, other than BJ-san in Japan, but I didn’t get much sparring coaching there…. and I improved my stand up game even more. And I had a buddy to do things with.

We went to the Pinball Hall of Fame, which is in a little run down building, but omfg! It’s amazing! I am totally going back sometime soon!!
metallica pinball
The Metallica one was fun! It played Metallica songs!

and we were KILLING IT on the Batman one! Man, our game was like 20 minutes! 😀 I think we both killed Scarecrow and moved on to someone else? Pinball is getting complex! 😀
roxy serena pinball batman

oh and finally, I signed two Strikeforce gloves in both English and Japanese and managed to list them on Ebay! This cash will go towards traveling to the east coast for my friend’s wedding. 🙂
link to eBay gloves

UFC Expo part 3! :D

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Sunday morning was a repeat of Saturday. Wake up early, pick up Serena, go to 24 Hr Fitness, exercise, go to Mandalay Bay, park in the exact same parking spot every time. This time, we met Julie Luey from! 😀 Who gave me the awesome oriental design wave shorts I post about all the time. 😀 weeee.
julie luey meili

Before I left the house, I took a poll: which socks should I wear? Skulls and hearts, or My Little Ponies? (Both of which, my die-hard fan Rob sent me as a gift. <3 <3 <3 lol #bestfansever ) 8 people said s&h, and 11 said ponies. So ponies won. Dude. Nineteen people replied in the span of an hour about Roxy's socks. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?! #bestfansever roxy socks ftf
(click the picture to enlarge, because you know you wanna see my socks and T shirt up close)
I did another Fear the Fighter signing. I loooooooove this Spiderman T-shirt design.
linkie poo to the website with T shirt 😀

And there’s this crazed fan (j/k) who always come into my chat room and says my name three times, and tries to convince me to have beer and stuff…….hahah. She said she was coming to the expo. I was like “oh okay, come say my name 3 times so I know it’s you.”

SHE DID! 😀 CANDY CANDY CANDY! #bestfansever She’s not as crazy in real life. Or so I think! 😀 <3 She came back after my signing finished, and so did Serena and Julie. I was starving, so I went with them up to the 'green room' that I mentioned in my previous entry and was like, “They are with me.” So they got in. Yaay #cuzImRoxy ;_; We had place to relax and chat.

(left to right above me, Serena, Julie, Candy)
gang in the green room

and and and I met John Dodson, one of my favs on TUF somenumber. And training partner to my buddy Tara and Celine! 😀 AND HIS T-SHIRT FREAKING ROCKSssss. #fangirl
john dodson

and we met Dan Severn! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 #fangirl
dan severn with group

Then I did signings and photo op at Outlaw Fight Gear again!
outlaw fight gear with dummy2
I got some gear. I can’t wait to try it out.

Then I went to the TUF 19 Finale with Jamie! 😀 And I met Jordan McDonald there, and the ladies Stacey and April and that other cool dude I forget his name ;_; *facepalm*.
(jamie and jordan and photobomber)
roxy  jamie jordan

Then “Uncle Creepy” Ian McCall sat down next to me. weee 😀 😀 😀 He’s such a super nice guy. XD Smaller in real life than the big screen. Someone else told me he thought I’d be taller. hah.
uncle creepy and us
And Chris Beal was a few feet away! #bestflyingknee #TUF19 Why am I hashtagging my blog? XD LMAO
chris at ufc 19 finale

It was amazing seeing BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar fight live. Also the other fights were great! Man, I wanna fight so bad. 🙁 Why do I not have a fight set yet? I had to tell line hundreds of people I didn’t know when I was fighting again. It was depressing.

But this weekend was fun. Thanks to Miesha for a lot of things. <3