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shark-bait in an ice-bath with awesome shorts and tea

Posted in every day, fight, friends, training on August 21st, 2014 by roxyfighter

So the past couple of days have been stressful for various reasons. And my XYZ body part has been hurting, but nothing super serious, and manageable.

I had mitts with coach Gunz on Wednesday and I admit I was kind of nervous. He runs a hard practice and I really wanted to impress him. ^^;; I did okay, though! And MAN, he knew evil stuff that burn out the body and make you feel like you’re in a fight…which is what I need at this point. I felt way more confident in myself after that session.

Wednesday night after teaching the kid’s class, I went home and finished the anime Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.
fma lesson without pain is meaningless
Wow, what an AMAZING series. Seriously, it had all sorts of deep messages and powerful imagery. I first watched it when I was in college, but when I heard the manga continued, I didn’t really feel like it was finished. Brotherhood, the continuation, is ridiculously superior.

Anyway, today Miesha and Chel-C (twitter @chelcBailey) came to Syndicate to help me out with sparring for my training camp. Many thanks!! πŸ˜€ Along with Jamie, they shark-tanked me kickboxing and MMA-wrestling-grappling. That means I stay in the middle, but they alternate out every two minutes so a fresh guy (gal) came in. The shark-bait gets tired REALLY fast. But I was okay! πŸ˜€ rar! I love sparring with Chel-C. She is awesome and talented.

Here’s a pic of me and Jamie showing off our Mei-Li shorts. Dragons and kanji! I love this brand. That’s why I post about it so much. I want to get Julie, the maker, publicity. πŸ˜€
roxy jamie meili shorts
(click to enlarge)

miesha and chelsie helping
Chelsie and Miesha! πŸ˜€ <3 miesha chelsie and roxy doubleteam
HEY, no fair double-teaming the Roxy! Well, that’s what it felt like to be shark-tanked. And Miesha showed me this nifty new move. COACH Miesha. #GoTeamTate

And thanks to my coaches for looking out for me. πŸ˜€

Then I went home feeling battered (like a battered fish! shark-bait? HAHAaaaaa) and took an ice bath.

This is post-ice-bath Roxy.
roxy and ice stuff
Notice the ice-bath hair – buns tied up on the side so hair doesn’t get wet. Holding empty ice-bags. Not thrilled but stoic icy expression. and T-shirt from new sponsor

And then I was FREEZING so I drank some hot Herbal Papaya tea with healthy immune-supporting extract in it.
herbal papaya and roiboos
Another sponsor! I’m so blessed to have sponsors. This is why it’s easier for a pro fighter to live in the US than Japan. -_-

Now I am so sore and exhausted I can’t wait to be go to bed. lol

about Fullmetal Alchemist (no spoilers)

Posted in cultural on August 20th, 2014 by roxyfighter

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood has reached the near top of one of the most remarkable anime I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen probably a hundred or so titles.

I just finished ep 61 yesterday. I think that makes four hours in one day. It’s like a climax now so I wanted to know what happened! But I stopped before the end. I think I have three more eps to go, which I’ll watch tonight.

The plot and premise are creative and unique. (The basic story is that humans can do ‘alchemy’ which is like scientific magic to reshape matter. Two brothers Edward and Alfonse committed a sin to try and bring back their mother who died, and because of that, lost parts of their bodies. So they are on a quest to get their bodies back. Then they get tangled up in the military and find a deep, dark secret lurking under the grounds of their country…)

The characters are very human and have human character flaws. We can relate to them. Not only does it have action and cool scenes, but the author makes lots of comments about humanity and war that I can honestly say are astute and the truth.
fma group pic2

She (the author Hiromu Arakawa) manages to make stuff super creepy as hell, like eyeballs opening in the ground, mouths opening sideways on the head, zombies, monsters with heads oozing out of them and each other… It really leaves a lasting impression.

I want to throw up every time I see this guy.

And then the author has characters say stuff like, “Right now, the only thing in my mind is the fact that I’ll fight to the death with you. Social status, career, origin, race, gender, name, none of that matters.”

“We have to show the young ones, the ones who will carry this world from now on, the way we adults, the ones who currently carry this world, live our lives.”

Good guy said something about not wanting to watch someone suffer.
Bad guy replied, “You know how humans love to watch other people suffer while making fools of themselves. I mean, why else would you constantly be at war with each other?”

I was like, “……what?”

Really, how absurd is war, really? When our gods in all religious (ALL RELIGIONS) tell us to love each other? wtf are we doing?

I’ve felt so many emotions in this series, starting from Professor Tucker…I thought that scene was bad! Then plot twists, people dying, not dying, people not being who they appear, characters having change of hearts……that lady stopping that guy from doing that thing. Man, he had scary eyes. and she thought the same thing. And my own thoughts surprised me. Like, when a good guy was fighting this bad guy, I found myself thinking, “That’s right, blast the sht out of that m-fcker! Blow’em to ashes!” Then “omg did I just think that?” Usually I’m all about mercy.

I HATE IT when the show takes the audience for a fool. When I’m yelling at the screen, “YOU IDIOT, it’s SO OBVIOUS to JUST DO THAT.” Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood does NOT do that. I’m sitting there watching, thinking, “Omg what on earth are they going to do? What SHOULD they do? If it was me, I would have NO IDEA what I should do!” Especially when it comes to moral choices. like, damn!

And the social messages. So many social messages! I just wish the whole world could see this anime and understand the social messages. I think anime, and us liking characters and being interested in the plot, makes us open to receive and understand the truth about these social messages and think about our own lives.

I got so many End of Eva flashbacks. I didn’t think anyone could recreate the genius of Ano, but Hiromu Arakawa did.

I just googled her and found this:

“For the Equivalent Exchange concept, she was inspired by the work of her parents who had a farm in Hokkaidō and always had to give all their effort in order to earn the money to eat.

“Arakawa wanted to integrate social problems into the story. She gathered information watching news programs and talking to people, such as refugees, war veterans and former yakuza.”

(note: they made a 25 ep series called “Fullmetal Alchemist” in 2003? that veered off from the manga, and then in 2008? “Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood” which is 64 eps and follows the manga exactly. In Japanese it’s called “Hagaren no renkinjitsushi FULL METAL ALCHEMIST.” But in English they added “brotherhood” because it would sound goofy to say “fullmetal alchemist fullmetal alchemist” twice.)
Here’s the opening with theme song for anyone interested.

about Muscle Pharm stuff, Yorick the Allstrike head, boys

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One of my sponsors is the Strength and Conditioning company “Dominate Your Game,” based out of my gym’s building in Las Vegas. (linkie)They do physical training, nutrition counseling, and also give me supplements from Muscle Pharm. The later has been soooo invaluable! I’ve always always had to buy my own supplements, which are hella expensive, so I try not to buy too much.

roxy and musclepharm2

Now that I’m getting protein (the cinnamon bun flavor is fabulous), BCAA and recovery stuff, I feel an improvement in my performance. I think I’ve gained muscle (thanks to many things, but partly supplements.) Also glutamine helps me recover, and glucosamine helps keep my joints from hurting too much. I love Muscle Pharm’s stuff. Their protein is delicious and approved by the UFC, so I know that I won’t be putting any stuff into my body that can get me into trouble unknowingly. I always take their BCAA’s between mitt training (Link no longer available)Β and MMA team practice, and it keeps me from running out of gas before practice is over.

Muscle Pharm just came out with this new recovery powder, and holy crap. I REALLY noticed the difference in my energy level! I was ready to go to evening practice, after taking it after lunch! It’s pretty amazing.
link to site
I just wanted to say that.

Also, Questtraining gave me a training tool named “Allstrike.” It’s a head, so I named it “Yorick,” after the Shakespeare character in Hamlet. hah I asked coach John to hold it and he kind of joked around.
roxy and john and yorick

Best expressions ever. XD
I want to work with him more for accuracy, hand-eye coordination, and speed practice. πŸ™‚

Check out their website:
Coach joked that Yorick is my new boyfriend. haha and this is what I have to say to that:
boys aint nobody got time for that

training, #sockwars, Sportsfood contest, FullMetal Alchemist

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Since I got back from my trip to New York and Massachusetts , I threw myself into training. Some nagging hurts had gotten better over my little four-day break. I find I can’t do yoga like I thought because it makes my legs super tight and I can’t do stairs. x_x Weird, that a relaxing activity tightens me up. Good for my back, bad for my legs. *sigh* I can’t win.

But I will win my fight. September 6th, against Tara. I’ve been trying to taunt her and do some smack talk on Twitter. Keep your eyes out for it, folks. We’re brutal. XD #Taunt

I recently did this radio show on WMMAJamLive and the hosts Sabrina and Vanessa challenged me to SOCK WARS! So instead of just writing “Today’s socks” I’m hashtagging #sockwars. Feel free to join in, everyone! πŸ˜€ It’s very amusing to me to see everybody’s cool (or not cool) socks. If they are normal socks, you better have an interesting background.

My fan who is now my friend Candy stopped by the gym to give me a present!
roxy and candy at syndicate2
Thank you for the happy socks! XD “Bubba Gump” is also written on them. Thank you! (I was trying to look at the phone’s camera. I guess I was looking in the wrong place? lol)
happy socks from candy

She then watched Liz and I duke it out. πŸ˜€ She took a picture for us, I tagged it on Instagram, and then found out that Liz doesn’t have an Instagram, and I tagged some other random person ….. LOL
roxy and liz after sparring2

I got train with Liz a few times this week! πŸ˜€ Yay! She often works so it’s hard for our schedules to meet. Great fighter, awesome person. yay

So one of my sponsors is Sportsfood. They developed these strips that you put on your tongue and dissolve and give you electrolytes. They have zero calories and I tried them out for a while before deciding that they worked. After sweating a lot, I feel like when I take them, my body reabsorbs the water better.

There’s a contest between us sponsored athletes: whoever can get the most sales from their coupon code (mine is “roxy”) gets a bonus. πŸ™‚ So if you do athletic activity where you’re sweating, try them out! They’re only $4.95 before discount per cassette. πŸ˜€
sportsfood collage1
(click to enlarge)
I’ve been watching a lot of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood lately. It’s the remake of the original FMA series in 2004. I think it came out in 2009, but I’m behind. I LOVE IT. The animators follow the manga/comic closely this time! And I love Roy way more. Plus I have a crush on his voice actor Shinichiro Miki. XD He also does Urahara-san in Bleach. In fact, that’s all I hear when he talks. *_* Who is super cool. He’s a flame alchemist. roy shrunk
Okay, so the basic plot is that brothers Edward and Alfonse, along with lots of others, are Alchemists, who can use scientific magic? called alchemy (by drawing circles and using skill) to take an object and change it into another object. Al has lost his body due to an accident, so they’re trying to find a way to get a new body/his body back. They also work for the government, which is having it’s own problems with politics and rebellion, and monsters who are out to get them and do some mysterious bad thing that the plot hasn’t revealed yet.
ed and al fma
IT’S SUPER EMOTIONAL though. It’s a science fiction/adventure anime, but also drams. I didn’t expect to be clutching my heart with every episode. The writer did such a good job with that series. I’m on ep 24.

I was watching Roy get stabbed and then keep trying to fight. It occurred to me then…..We don’t admire people who succeed easily. We admire those who struggle, suffer, strive hard, sacrifice, and manage to pull off whatever they need to do despite the pain. It’s because we’re all in pain and we want to be like that… to believe that we too can have success at the end of the road.

roy struggling

I honestly forgot how the first series went, and it wasn’t following the manga anyway. I hope nobody tells me any spoilers. I never talk to that person ever again, because spoilers are such a big deal to me. A kid in my jiu-jitsu class gave me a huge spoiler and then laughed when I got SO upset. Now he’s sad that I always walk away from him when he tries to talk to me about anime. I’m still upset about it.

Anyway, I love FullMetal Alchemist (FMA)

I think this is fanart. But I want a poster of it. A very. large. poster. *_*
roy mustang fanart2

visiting relatives in NY & Erin’s wedding in MASS

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7/30/14 – 8/3/14
I had an amazingly awesome time this weekend! I left Las Vegas with my mother last Wednesday morning and arrived in New York in the evening. We rented a car and drove to my Aunt A’s house, where we visited with her and my cousin Ir… It was so nice. I haven’t seen them in a few years. We slept over at a hotel, and on Thursday morning, after a nice breakfast and mother-daughter power walk, we picked up my Uncle F. He is the one who isn’t well, who I have been wanting to visit for a long time now. We met my other Uncle and Aunt at a neat little family restaurant called CP’s, that has like old fashioned stuff like trains, license plates, mail boxes.
cp restaurant1

Fantastic food, even better company.

Shared a tiny tub of frozen yogurt at Stewarts.

We bought a watermellon at the grocery store, used Uncle F’s plates, and drove to Auriesville Shrine.
auriesville shrine 1
We ate, got eaten by mosquitoes, saw the scenery and attend part of the mass. It was very peaceful, beautiful place.
auriesville shrine two uncles
I really enjoyed talking to my Aunt and Uncles.

Uncle F wanted to walk into the ravine. Apparently he used to go with my grandfather or grandmother?
They liked it down there. I was worried about the health of everyone walking down there, but everybody seemed okay.
I took some nature pictures.

(click this one to enlarge)

We had dinner together at a diner. πŸ˜› I enjoyed every second with them! πŸ˜€ It was so nice to talk to them as an adult. See, we used to visit when I was a kid, and then when I became a fully independent adult, I went and moved to Japan and didn’t really visit them for 8 years.

My mom really loved being back in New York. She kept saying nostalgically how she loved it and wanted to move back. I think it was good for her to visit. After all, she up and moved at the drop of a dime to Las Vegas. It’s good to remind yourself that you came from somewhere. I think it makes you feel more grounded.

We slept over the hotel again. My body was still pretty sore from the week’s training, but getting better. That was a good thing about being forced to take time off from training.

Mom was really stressing me out. If things weren’t perfect, she’d get stressed and snappy. -_- I’m sure I’ll get like that when I’m her age, so I just accept it and bear it. lol

After breakfast, we drove to Lenox.

So when we got to Lenox, I was going to meet Kate. But we were early, so I wanted to have lunch at the Church Street Cafe. I used to work there in high school! Mom left to check into the hotel and I went alone. Sorry, but YAY. –;

I did indeed have lunch at the cafe and had a pricy but super delicious ham and Brie Cheese sandwich. By chance, I met Ginny and got to catch up! We had been on the same soccer team together! πŸ˜€

I then walked around town for like two and a half hours, going into all the stores. I walked by my old house and ran into a neighbor!

Met Kate at the library! πŸ˜€ Chatted with her. Ate frozen yogurt (which was actually the second time for me that day, haha). It was soooooooo nice to catch up with her. πŸ˜€ Yay Kate!

We then went to Erin’s “Jack and Jill” party where I got to see my old high school friends Kendra and Daniel, Jared and meet Christina, and see Liz and Corey again. And ERIN, the bride-to-be! πŸ˜€ And meet her fiance /now husband Alan. Who is a 6’7″ giant man from Scotland. lol Like, seriously. Her shoulders came up to his elbows.
at jack and jill party group

We ate junk food, played video games and board games. Apples to Apples is awesome! πŸ˜€ I really enjoyed it. And so good to see Caitlin and Chris again, and finally meet the new addition to their family – Karrigan! πŸ˜€ Such a cute, happy baby. wow.

Then I played “Rock Band” with Erin and another girlfriend of hers.
rock band game 1

Saturday morning, Mom drove me across the street to get my hair done with the Bailey’s (I can’t really call them that anymore?) Mrs. Bailey fish-tailed my hair. THANK YOU. It looked really good!! I talked to them and took lots of pictures. πŸ˜€ As usual.

We then went to the Bailey’s house and changed. I never wear a dress so I kind of wanted to take lots of pictures to show it off. haha

Kate and I. (click to enlarge)
roxy and kate at wedding
Dale’s house was really nice. Caitlin, Kate and I helped prepare the flowers.

cutting flowers at dale's
I got to see Jay and finally meet Emily! And Jared and Christina. They also seemed happy. πŸ˜€ YAY HAPPY FRIENDS.

Erin and I! (click to enlarge)
erin and roxy at wedding

The ceremony was really nice. The restaurant and the food was all really great. πŸ˜€ Thanks, Erin!

After the wedding, I was able to visit my old friend Lauren! I’ve been keeping in touch by email recently. I love her to pieces,and it was so good to see her. She forced me to watch half an ep of Sailor moon with her. lol I was sad to leave. πŸ™

Mom picked me up. That was my awesome Saturday and my awesome trip. Sunday morning we woke up at 4 AM and drove an hour and 15 mins to the Albany airport. Got on the plan, changed in North Carolina, and then returned to Las Vegas at 1:30 PM. I ran stairs, did yoga, and here I am.

I hope Mom feels more satisfied now. She has had trouble adjusting to Las Vegas, even though certain things have been improved in her life. I found that going back and forth visiting the US from time to time from Japan helped keep me grounded, reminding me that I loved where I was now and what I was doing, and that I did have somewhere I could return to if I so desired.

I feel happy I got to visit my family, especially my uncle since he’s sick. I also got to visit my grandparent’s and aunt’s graves. I even saw my great grandparent’s graves!

I can’t wait to get back to training for my fight. And other things.