Last week was another awesome week. Training was hard! I love it. I struggled more than average because of nagging pains, but that’s often the case. I’m really pleased that I made it through full force! 😀 I’m in such good shape right now. I’m ready to fight next week (if I were 5 lbs lighter and there was actually a fight next week). hah

I made this little illustration to show how I feel: (click to enlarge)
the struggle is real

I’m learning some cool stuff with private pad-work with coach John – the master of making us mean MMA winning machines! XD Sparring with the team, especially the most recent female additions to the team, has been great and fullfilling.

On Wednesday we did live hard padwork with shark tank. So for three 5-minute rounds, John called out directions and had me alternate between hitting his mitts, grappling with Hannah against the case with get-ups and take-downs, and being charged by Marcus with the huge blue shield. Thanks, guys, for helping out. Serena took the pictures.
live mitts shark tank
That’s how we do it at Syndicate! whoop whoop! Come train with us and you’ll get in fight-shape.

Thursday I felt fried mentally from just go-go-going constantly, so I skipped MMA class and did Vinny’s grappling class. Sometimes….man, I just don’t wanna hit people! I can’t do it!
I just wanna be peaceful and do grappling instead!
roxy waterfall at mesquite tuffnuff
I dislike violence. 😛

Vinny Magalhaes taught on Thursday…I’m so happy to take his class. I seem to have a hard time learning new stuff, but he’s so patient and explains things over and over for me, and then when I get it, it’s like….WHOHOOOOOO! I pulled off THREE of his moves in sparring on Friday. when I drilled the moves,I couldn’t get them well, even when my partner was NOT resisting. I drilled and drilled and drilled and grrrrrr could not…do…it. grr. Then in sparring, BAM! Did it! SO excited. Thanks, Vinny! haha after I did it, I scampered over to him like a little kid while he was teaching, still in my MMA sparring gear, and was like “Vinny Vinny I did itttttt!”
roxy thrilled with vinny
I look tiny next to him!

Friday we went full force…….on many levels. Sparring with the fightergirls, and then class, and then Serena, Hannah and I , along with the help of teammate Shawn Dodaro as cameraman and the “Voice,” made a Mortal Kombat parody! Princess Leia vs Goku, with a surprising ending. XD

and a still pic from the above video….
mortal kombat small pic
Somebody on Facebook called Shawn “a bearded Krillin” and it cracked me the hell up. hahahah XD I think Krillin DOES pose that way, though Shawn did a really good job.

My Teens class went great this past Saturday! Nick came for the first time, one of my students from the older kid’s class. He did really well mixing up striking and takedowns. He and Michael split before I could get a group picture, but I snagged Daunte and Ethan before they left. XD
They’re such good sports to pose for pics with me….. lol
roxy teens class 3

I’m trying a new Herbal Papaya Product!
herbal papaya seed powder
Seed powder! It’s really tasty and you put it on your food, like where you might put seasoning on like pepper. Eggs, salad, anything. Or in drinks like shakes. It’s good for the digestive track and detoxing the body.

Check it out if you have a chance 😀

On Saturday I went to Mesquite with my team to cheer on Marc, Caleb and Jordan! They all did great! Jordan arm-barred his guy….I thought the arm was going to break. good call, ref, for stopping it. x_x Marc’s was a battle I wanna watch again. omg the jiu-jitsu!
sparklie eyes fangirl
Marc went for an omoplata and hooked the leg so the guy couldn’t roll, but he tried to roll anyway and the momentum put them in a weird, upsidedown sideways position. Scramble. Marc threw on the armbar, guy pulled up, marc switched to triangle, guy stacked, Marc switched to armbar….I was jumping up and down screaming! “Armbar! triangle! armbar! triangle! oh oh ooooh! get it getitgetit!” CRAZY. I wanna see that again. He won, I forget how now. Caleb did really well…I was impressed with his movement but lost a split decision. -_-;
at mesquite syndicate after pic tuffnuff

serena and roxy selling t shirts
Serena and I sold my walk-out T shirt, my book (none sold! 🙁 ) and MVRK shirts.
I really love the red one.
You can get them online. Mine:
Red shirt:

Serena and I stayed overnight in the Casablanca and then I drove us home. long ride. I exercised too much, swimming, calisthenics, and yoga, and now it’s Monday and I’m sore and tired. fml x_x