training and party

Training at Ground Slam wiped me out. It always does. I used to train at the AACC in the morning, and then again in the evening. But if I go to Ground Slam from 9 -10, I go home and collapse. Well, the sparring is like 5 times more intense than what I’d do at the AACC. I usually go about 5 rounds or so of hard sparring with the pros at Ground Slam. These last two weeks, I’ve been getting in weight-lifting at night rather than do the technique class.
Yesterday, Michihiro Omigawa said, “Roxanne, let’s spar!” I was like “Okay!!” *thinking*(omg will I die?)
link to Omigawa’s sherdog page
He’s kind of scary, but it went well. The moment his punch beaned me on the temple, I liked him immediately. That’s all I ask, is people actually try and hit me… sometimes men STILL don’t strike at me seriously, and it’s SO ANNOYING. ~_~; But he’s cool.


But I have time to do cardio on Wednesday morning and Sunday evening.
And I learn good techniques through sparring at Ground Slam.

I think I can see a good balance developing here….

Trying to reduce my food intake when not exterting myself. It’s hard. ;_;

Anyway, last night after lifting weights, I went to a welcome/farewell party at work after classes ended. My new-old boss was there, and my new-new boss (who, from now on, I will refer to as “my boss.”) He’s Irish. 😀 He likes martial arts, mainly Aikido.

I had a great time at the party. I love it that so many of my male co-workers like MMA. ^^
I swore I wouldn’t eat anything, but there was pizza and Popeye’s fried chicken and Taco Bell and other American goodies someone got from on the military base….I had ONE small soft chicken taco because YO QUIERO TACO BELL DAMNIT and I wasn’t able to have anything when I went back for my cousin’s wedding. >_< It was small! :< and I had skipped my post-lifting protein, so it’s all good.

Today, I have early lessons, and I’m able to get off early to go to Deep! Amanda Lucas is fighting! I shall cheer loudly.…