so much work x_x;

I love love love working A) at my company B) at my new place.


I am teaching like 10ish hours overtime per week, compared to at my previous office. My paycheck is going to be larger this month, that’s for sure. (not ‘large’ since we get paid crapola, but larger than usual.)

I feel like my days are endless cycles of work, and I’m getting burned out. _< I haven't trained with Kunioku-san in like a month because our schedules clash now. Thank GOODNESS I blocked off my open schedules starting next week...thanks, new boss. Thanks to utter bone-headedness, I totally overdid my workout on Thursday and my body is still killing me. ;_; I don't think I'll be able to go to my new favorite sparring Monday. >_< Damnit all. Yesterday after work ended at 5:30, I went straight home and just lay down with my ice packs. x_X; And played "Words with Friends" (aka scrabble) on my iPhone. I'm 130lbs in the morning, and 134 lbs during the day, so I have a little over a month to make 125 safely. I should be able to do it, but I don't want to lose muscle. Damnit.... I burned my elbow on the steam from my boiling vegetables. :< CURSE YOU EGGPLANT OF DOOOOM! DOooommmmm~! It's time to sing the doom song now! 😀

I finished the second Evangelion movie last night! Mari is so cool, even though psychotic. 😀

I wanna see the next movieeeee!
I wanna go to the gym.
Why do I get sick and injured so much? What a pain in the neck. -_-; And why did my father have to FREAK OUT when I told him I was fighting at 125 lbs? “You’ll be like a SKELLETON! You were 125 in high school, not as a 28 year old!” he shouted at me the other day. He never shouts at me. ;_; I’m afraid to call him now… even though I explained about water weight and showed him a pic of me at Cage Warriors where I’d made it before. Poor Dad. Mom said not to worry about it, and that I looked healthy… *sigh* Parents. I feel bad for all parents of fighters. lol I better call him…. and how does he know what I weighed in high school? I don’t even remember. Hmm maybe I’ll ask Mom. I know I had more leg muscles since I did soccer, and more back muscles since I did Judo, I think……