I’m resting more

SO on Tuesday, I woke up at my usual time: 4:00 AM. However, I got a break from work between 11:30 to 4. I went home and passed out for two hours.
Wow! Nap 😀 I woke up with no idea what day of the week it was. lol Like, “Where am I? I need to be somewhere!” kind of panic.

I made a video blog!

On Wednesday, I had blocked my work schedule again! 😀 So I did light cardio in the morning at the gym, came home, took a nap in the afternoon !!!!! 😀 Woke up, taught my kids class! The little girl bent three of the flash cards and ripped one. _< I made it quite clear that she was bad. But in general, they are cooperative. Man, three are a piece of CAKE compared to the groups of SIX I used to teach. But you can't appreciate it unless you actually go through the six kids. Hey, these three might scream too loudly and rip the cards, but they do what you say, they respond, and they repeat in English. 😀 And they don't throw stuff TOO much. XD After work, I raced to the AACC and... Shawn was there!! 😀 Visiting from the US!! <3 I miss her!! It was so good to see her! So I suited up and got ready to spar MMA. Abe-san wasn't there, and some other guy was running class. ....he didn't let me in. He didn't rotate partners much, and when they finally did, he didn't even look at me to see if I wanted to join. -_-;; I was very irritated. I have about 25-30 minutes to spar before everybody quits, and I was standing around for ten before I realized that it wasn't going to work out.... Hitomi was sparring with Tama-chan, and she said, "Let's spar."

So we put cones around our “girls” area and I sparred like 3 rounds with her, and one with Tama-chan. Hitomi is such a good sparring partner for me! 😀 Unlike a guy, she doesn’t have to worry about going light. She is a little heavier than me, though….and physically stronger. I really feel it when we spar. u_U Makes me realize just why I’m dropping weight classes to 125. It’s better for me. Well, I’m trying to forget about our fight and just enjoy training together. It’s awesome. We’re BASICALLY the same size…more than Tama-chan who’s 50 kilos.

Off to Ground Slam 😀

This is the view from my window at 5:00 AM.