weight-lifting and heart rates

I do what I call “weight lifting session” and “semi-sessions.” (I made this up just now).

I try to have ‘weight lifting sessions’ at the gym, where I use the machines and gym equipment twice a week, but it usually turns out to be once, if I have my usual load of sparring and participating in class. Semi-sessions are when I train at home using my own body weight, like sit ups, push-ups, stairs, other calisthenics with 12 lb dumbells I have. I do these like every other day, so I might not be making huge gains, but I’d like to think I upkeep my body that way.

When I’m hurt, I go to the actual gym like every other day. So I hurt my foot so I’ve been going a lot, and I keep running into this really nice Gold’s Gym trainer. He can speak a little English and I’ve been making him practice. 😀 He’s been really helpful lately in giving me advice. Actually, the other day I was complaining to him about the fact that the Heart Rate meters on the machines don’t seem to register my heartrate, and he recommended this iphone Ap called “heart fitness.” It’s really good! You hold your index finger over the camera light and it reads your pulse! I’ve never really paid attention to my heart-rate before. When I’m laying down relaxing, my heart rate is like 35, and when I’m standing on the train, it’s like 60. I’m told that’s good…even too low, but it’s normal for me. I feel fine.

I’m sitting here munching on sea weed and chukuwa. Slade’s package of Tussle Stuff should be coming between 9 and 12, so I made a point to go to the gym from 7 to 8.

Today, the kids program head manager is coming down from HeadQuarters to monitor my kids lesson. Woooo! I hope the little 5 year old doesn’t bend the flash cards in half this time!

My foot feels better, so maybe I’ll go to sparring tonight at the AACC! (no maybe)…