kick ass training, kick ass weekend, etc

Giving critisism, or bad news well is an art.

Yesterday, I went into work excited that I’d be getting off from work early- at 4:45 instead of 9:15 PM! Thanks bossss! After I taught a morning student, the secretary/counselor came to me and told me that the student complimented my lessons, and said I was very easy to understand! And he asked for my name! XD YAY! Whoo hoo I made somebody happy.

Then I was asked to cover 2 lessons for a sick teacher in the evening.

I had SUCH good training on Thursday, but I was dragging all day Friday and struggling to stay awake. When work ended at 5:30, I was so out of it that I didn’t know what day of the week it was. ^_^;;

But I went to the gym anyway, and sparred grappling. I like open mat better than anything! We spar, and then I ask my partner, “Hey how did you do that?” and they show me. I learned like 3 key points to things I did, and it’s better because it’s specific to what I actually DID, as opposed to something that doesn’t suit me if I take a class.

Well…I have more thoughts but I’m not going to write them. Let’s just say I’m still trying to tweek my training schedule.

Damn the fact that everybody trains so freaking late at night….it just does NOT work for my body. _< aaaaarg Anyway, one thing I MUST DO MORE OF is take notes. This morning I wrote down what I'd learned. I MUST MUST do this more. I used to do it. Seriously, Rox. I have the song "Frozen Chinchilla" by Honey Claws stuck in my head. I can't find it on youtube, but if you can listen to an itunes sample, I recommend it! It's so cool. OH here's a link: link to sample

So now I have a full day of work. AACC is totally closed, so I’m gonna go to ZST and see how long I can last. I bought this energy gell produced by Powerbar. At Oshaman’s sports shop, I spotted a buff guy with cauliflower ears and said, “You are a fighter, right?” He grinned and said, “It’s my ears, right?” Turns out he trains at Grabaka. I grilled him about supplements and what he takes. Naturally he did a double-take when I told him I was a fighter. Anyway, maybe I’ll try that before training.

I dare anyone to try and lecture me about proper nutrition and researching and educating myself about supplements. _< I am trying, okay? Sigh.

Okay, time to be positive:
I am going to have KICK ASS DAY and teach KICK ASS LESSONS and then on Sunday, I’m going to work in the morning and have a KICK ASS day at the beach with the ZST crowd, and then on Monday, I’m going to have a KICK ASS TIME at FUJI FSKING Q HIGHLAND super duper roller coaster theme park! WEEEEEEEEE! …