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last entry before I fight….

Posted in amusing, every day, fight, friends, fun, work on September 28th, 2011 by roxyfighter

SO…. I went back to Village Vanguard to take a closer look at the poop products, possibly to pick something up for a friend.

The boxes with the weird characters were actually 1) soap that “definately” eliminated bad smells, and 2) something you add to your bath water.

Hmmm okay.
I took a closer look at the book and realized that in the beginning of the story, some dog poops and nobody picks it up, so when it (the poop) walks (plops itself) through town, it causes a nuisance and everyone is like “Ew gross.”

Hmmm okay, so the message is “pick up your dog’s poop. I guess….
SO in the end….! *spoiler*
It is happily returned to the soil from whence it came!!

Okay, done with that topic.
Yesterday, I hung out with Sakura in the afternoon! I looooove my Sakura~Chan 😀

She gave me two birthday presents!

A tissue pouch and an eye-glasses stand called “Anjolina.” LOL nice.

We had tea in Shibuya. That evening I worked, but not so many lessons, so it was very relaxing. Thanks, boss. My boss rocks. He’s so supportive of me. And the staff, too. They keep saying that we’ll talk about stuff after I get back.

Yesterday, I reached kind of a new level at “Words with Friends.” I’ve been playing a LOT lately. One of my fan/friends from Facebook first invited me and after beating me by a difference of like 400 points, really made an effort to teach me the ins and outs and give me strategy advice. I lost against Perry Sensei by 47 points yesterday! The closest game ever! and at ONE time during the game, we were almost tied. I’m just really proud of myself. lol My defense was pretty good.

Now. I’m about to leave to go to Narita. I have a pretty tight schedule, and the weight-cut will be hard, but I’ll do my best! I’m so excited. I’m going to fight my fight and win the way I want to win. I’m going to meet a bunch of people, see old friends, and have a great time.

YEAH!! shuppatsu!! I’m off!

oh, it’s poop!

Posted in amusing, every day on September 25th, 2011 by roxyfighter

I had a decent day. One of my students canceled, so I used the time to walk around. I went into Village Vanguard, a variety store that sells weird stuff, and….saw….

The poop section.
Now, I’ve seen some very odd and disturbing things, but I think this section takes the cake.

Japanese love poop. Beats the hell out of me why. They think it’s cute? Or funny? Especially if the top is curly? They make characters out of it, draw happy faces on it, sell merchandise!?!?!?! @_@;; It’s totally beyond me, and I’ve been living in Japan for 7 years.

Just look at this!

no, I DON’T want a toy action figure of poop. omg why does it have LIPS? Why is it sweating? Why is it sticking fingers up its nose? WHY DOES IT HAVE A NOSE, for goodness sakes!? XO

Now I know what I’m wearing on my next date.

Now I know why I CAN’T get a date…

You can call me Turd head, but DON’T call me “Potty head!”

Enough of that, you KNOW you wanna know what’s in that book called ‘Unko!’ (poop)

They’re saying, “Oh, no…it’s poop! It’s so stinky! Run away!”

Actually, it is. hahaha I made a funny. XD

but in all seriousness, I say, FLUSH IT, baby!!

my 28th year of life

Posted in every day, fun on September 24th, 2011 by roxyfighter

I had a wonderful birthday! 😀 I worked and got to say to everyone, “It’s my birthday!!” So naturally everyone said “Happy Birthday!” and smiled. And that made me happy. ^_^!

I brought in little chocolate and almond cake thingies shaped like bears for my co-workers and that made them happy, which made me happy. I enjoyed them vicariously through them.

People wished me happy birthday on Twitter and Facebook and e-mail. THANK YOU! 😀 It made me…..well, HAPPY!!!!!!!!!! XD

Looking back, my 28th year was certainly eventful.

Let’s see…I trained a lot with Sean Frew a lot, and learned various stand-up techniques.
I went to my cousin’s wedding.
I took on a lot of responsibility at work in regards to kids classes…and everything else at the office.
I got a kind of promotion in that I became a mentor for my fellow teachers and started mentoring 5 people.
The Keishukai Honbu closed. 🙁
I started training at Zest Fight Club to prepare for my Sengoku fight with Akano.
I got cut from Strikeforce. x_x;
I spent my first year away from my family on Christmas. ;_;
Had the worst day of my ENTIRE LIFE when I got very ill on New Years and had to pull out of my fight with Akano.
I got to go to London, where I’ve always wanted to go! I cut down to 125 lbs to fight Rosi Sexton…but I lost. Made a lot of friends and fans, though.
The Great Tohoku Earthquake happened and it rocked our world. I visited Nagoya and Osaka with Daniel and met a bunch of people at Alive Academy.
I made lots of friends, at work, and online! My chatroom became popular~! ^_^
I started sleeping really really badly….I struggled with sleeping pills.
I went to my second cousin’s wedding.
I fought Akano in Jewels! And lost -_-;
I TRANSFERED TO the new school that I’ve been wanting to go to for two and a half years!!!! XD
Made new friends!
Started going to Ground Slam Dojo and met a ton of new fighters!
Became Kids Coordinator (KC) at my new school and am taking on new responsibilities.

So what’s my goal for this year? To win all my fights! and be very successful as KC. And I really don’t care that I’m one year away from 30! I was raised to happy on my birthday and appreciate each passing year, to look back and reflect on what I’ve learned. 🙂

movies movies and my birthday shopping!

Posted in every day, fun on September 23rd, 2011 by roxyfighter

Many people say exercise in the morning energizes them. Not me. It exhausts me. Because that’s because I don’t really ‘exercise,’ I ‘train.’ And also…I just had a ‘duh’ moment talking to Rosi Sexton on twitter. I don’t eat at night, so it depleats my energy for the next day. I’m going to have to re-think my eating habits. It’s so hard for me though…

But those are two reasons I think I’m constantly tired.
So yesterday I decided to NOT exercise in the morning. Instead, I went to Harajuku to Kiddyland.

I bought STUFF with birthday money from Mom! 😀 Check out the video blog to see!

Then I went to work and taught 4 bonus lessons. Went to the gym and worked out.

I have my movie phases.
I had my “zombie movie” phase earlier this year, where all I watched were consecutive zombie movies. Rewatched the Resident Evils in preparation for the new one (that sparked it), and others. (For 1 month). Then I had my vampire movie phase, sparked by wanting to finally see what the big deal of “Twilight” was (loved it) and it left me thirsty for MORE BLOOD! (not blood, actually). Watched the Underworld series and Daybreak, etc.

Then I had my Naruto phase (1 month) where I finished the battle with “Pain.” I was so obsessed…watching like 2 hours every day, and if you know me, you know I don’t HAVE two hours laying around every day. I think I had a cold, and stayed home a day and just watched like 5 hours. Then One Piece phase (about a month), until I ran out of subtitled ones.

Then I got into watching “movies that I’ve always meant to see but never got around to.” I googled movies that I missed in the theater, and classics: Revenge of the Nerds, Wayne’s World, Miyasaki’s Pom Poko, and newer ones like Thor, Hanna, How to Train your Dragon, Rio, Suckerpunch, Knowing (N. Cage), Moon, and Source Code.

Now I’m watching “Ponyo.” It’s a little kids’ movie, but it’s Miyazaki Hayao, and it’s super famous, so I’m kind of out of the cultural loop not having watched it. During that movie, the magicked water kind of follows and attacks the main character driving along. It’s a tsunami.

….it really freaked me out. I started washing away the town. I was holding my breath. -_-; I bet if that movie was supposed to be released before March 11th, they would delay the release. 🙁 It’s a cute kids movie, but I’m not too bored yet, like I was with Totoro (sorry, Totoro fans). I’m not done it yet.

ooooh *makes a note to see Collateral Damage.* I remember that got delayed cuz of terrorists and the 9/11 bombing.

I’ve been listening to UNICORN lately! 😀 A teenage student of mine recommended them! COOL!

Oh, PLEASE GIVE ME movie recommendations!!! 😀

Tired, city Museum

Posted in amusing on September 22nd, 2011 by roxyfighter

Not feeling so good. 🙁 This whole week. arg. So tired. Fighting a cold? Weight-cutting? Over-training? My time of the month?

Anyway. Went to the gym in the morning…ended up doing machines and then doing mitts with Billy and not really participating when everybody else came. So tired. u_U *sigh*

ANWYAY ate a small lunch, got home. I felt pathetic just wasting my day, so I ate more, felt a little better, and decided to go to the Kawasaki City museum. I always pass signs for it but never went, so I took a bus.

It was cool! It was free. It had ancient pottery! I love Jomon, Yayoi and Kofun era stuff.

I have a lot of Words With Friends games going. I ADORE that game. XD Sometimes my program errors, though, so I’ve been declining some people if I don’t know them. 🙁 Sorry, nothing personal. Except…this one fellow. Look what he sent me:

Dude. Is this a way to invite a stranger to play? By sending a girl this? come on. *DECLINE*