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Neo Judo class :D

Posted in training on April 10th, 2013 by roxyfighter

Former UFC fighter Michihiro Omigawa has created a new style of martial art: Neo Judo!

Many people come from a gi martial art background, such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu or Judo or even sambo. You grip the gi and use it to pull and push your opponent, right? But then when you take the gi off for MMA, you don’t have the same grips anymore.

Omigawa-san is adapting Judo to fit MMA. Even in MMA sparring, he’s foot-sweeping people, flipping people, etc! It’s great! He’s been doing this for about two months now, and I’ve missed every one due to work, and health and other things, but last night, I finally went! 😀 A lot of people showed up! A writer from the MMA magazine “Fight and Life” was also there, and shot some photos for the magazine. Cool!
Omigawa-san is in the red shirt.
(click to enlarge)
Neo Judo group pic 1
A bunch of my teammates from Groundslam went!

neo judo ground slam

Training hard x 2! And Celine came!

Posted in friends, training on April 8th, 2013 by roxyfighter

On Monday, I went to morning training at Groundslam, and Celine came to train with me! She always trains at night, so in the morning she says she’s sleepy. So I really appreciate it that she gets up. 😀 It’s only once in a while, though, so I fully enjoyed sparring MMA with her. 😀

I love posing for silly pictures, so here they are! 😀 hahah

celine and roxy goofy1

celine and roxy goofy2

celine and roxy goofy3

I was pretty sore already from last week’s training….but had recovered enough to train hard! 😀 It felt good to spar hard. I sparred just with Celine and Tokoro-san MMA and a few other times grappling.

Then I had an English lesson, followed by going to Shibuya for Mihara-san’s osteopathic treatment. I was SO unbalanaced everywhere cuz I’d skipped three weeks! gah! Look, my left foot is obviously taller than my fight foot! XO But thanks to Magic Man Mihara (or should I call him Superman?) I’m fixed. 😀 FIXEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! yay <3 long foot mihara

Go ahead and say it! I have long, narrow feet. Aren’t they cute? Hah I can’t buy shoes in Japan because my feet are too big. Size 10, and Japanese sizes go up to 6. Not even close!

THEN I went straight back to the dojo and did night class. I got Tanuma-san to hold mitts for me, and he made me work so hard I almost peed. lol That’s what I needed…. I have NO clue about tryouts. I know we’ll be doing “grappling, hitting mitts and an interview.” Grappling with who? For how long? Hitting mitts held by who? For how long? Testing my technique or stamina or both?

I heard a rumor that some people have already been selected to be in the house. But that makes no sense because we have to fight to get into the house. Unless they’ve changed the format. OH well, I can’t stress about it. I can’t WAIT to go!! 😀

Long day of work today! 😀

I saw the DRAGON BALL Z MOVIE in theaters!!!! My inspiration

Posted in fun on April 6th, 2013 by roxyfighter

The 13-year old girl changed channels after her favorite cartoon ended, and another one was starting. “Hey,” she thought. “It looks like one of those Japanese anime shows, like Ronin Warriors. I wonder if it’s any good.”

She watched. This alien flew down from the sky, kidnapped the main character’s kid, the main character tried to fight him, but the alien guy flew away. The main character teamed up with this other strong looking alien guy and they flew after him. “Cool!” she thought.

What are the chances to turn on the TV at the first moment of the first episode of a long TV series?
The girl had been inspired to start Karate because she admired the do-gooders “The Power Rangers,” but found a new inspiration: the desire to become stronger.

A few weeks later…

“Mom, can you buy me dumbbells?”
“What? Why?”
“I want to lift weights.”
“I want to get stronger!”
So a few times a week, the girl, having no idea what to do, did bicep curls and shoulder raises over and over. “Some day,” she thought, “I want muscular arms like Piccolo. He looks really strong.”

That girl was me. Dragon Ball Z continued to be an inspiration for me for years and years to come. The grit and determination of the characters, not only in the fights, but also in training. Always getting back up. Training, training, training. Obsession with becoming stronger. I shared it. I reveled in it. Just wanting to fight strong people. Luckily I don’t have to protect the earth.
Roxy Shayna kamehameha

(Shayna and I posing at weight-ins before our Bodog fight in 2006).

How funny would it be for me to go back now, to that 13 year old girl listening to music in her living room, doing countless bicep curls? Say, “Hey, honey, you keep working hard and never look back. You’re not only going to live in Japan, but you’re going to be fluent in Japanese! Some day, you’re going to watch Dragon Ball Z in it’s original language! WITHOUT SUBTITLES! And you’re going to be a professional fighter. You’re really going to battle people! You just can’t shoot Ki. You have to train so hard. Never stop training.”

How excited would that little girl be? Could she even comprehend her potential? I remember it so clearly. That little girl is still me. That feeling of excitement for training and getting stronger, learning new moves, has not changed one little bit. Katsumura-san showed us this new way to hold the mount and IT WASS SO FREAKING COOL OMG I CAN’T WAIT TO TRY IT OUT IN SPARINGGGGGGGGGGG someone spar with me right now! XD

roxy and brittany fusion1

Hahah Goku freaking provoked the god of destruction, in that movie!
Toriyama did a magical job of giving the protagonist a personality, and made me LIKE HIM, in such a short time! I love that god of destruction. He’s so funny. XD

I want to write a fan letter to Akira Torimaya telling him how much he inspired me. He really did a fantastic job on that movie. You might not understand, but he hasn’t done Dragon Ball in like 17 years. He didn’t do GT and quit on the series, but they brought him back for this movie!
It wasn’t all fighting, but it had plenty of fan service. We want to see characters interacting, and he knew that. He didn’t just make continual battles. That would have been cliché. I loved seeing Vegeta get pissed off when the god hit Bulma, and then he denied it later. HAH So many fabulous things happened I can’t begin to describe. AND I could UNDERSTAND IT IN JAPANESE. I studied so hard for that ability! Maybe 95% I understood. 😀

AND I got a free gift ! A Dragon Radar, for when I lose track of the Dragon Balls. ANDDDDDD My favorite thing ever! A PEN! It’s a dragon ball pen! But I can’t write with it at all! LOL WTF Least functional pen EVER. But IT IS A PEN and it is MINE and I’m going to show it off to EVERYONE TOMORROWWWWWWWWWW! XD

dragon radar

My broken stove is a FSKING ADVENTURE!!! :D

Posted in amusing, cultural on April 4th, 2013 by roxyfighter

My baka electric stove is broken. If I try to turn it on, it blows my circuit breaker. What do I do? I dunno. HAHAHAHAH THE ADVENTURE BEGINS HERE!!! *play Zelda music*

I went downstairs and talked to the guardsman/caretaker dude. I asked him if he could contact the owner to get it fixed.
Caretaker: “Oh, I dunno. Let’s ask the Ri-blah blah-cho.”
I blinked. “The who?”
Caretaker: “The Ri- blah blah cho. Here! *dial*
Roxy: Wait! *splutter* Ri…ri…who what why what do I say? Who? The owner? STOP!”
Caretaker: “No, not the owner. More important. Here, he’s on the phone.”
Guy on the phone: Hello? Hello?
Roxy: UM. HI. My name is Roxanne and my stove is brokennnnnnnnnnnnnnn…..”
Guy: blah blah blahjapanesestuffIcouldn’tunderstandatall??????
Roxy: ……. Um. ;_: um. I have no idea what you just said. TAKE THE PHONE BACK, MR. CARETAKER!”
Caretaker: hahahah yes, uh huh *listen* Okay. *hang up* He’s coming down.
Caretaker: The Ri-cho blah.
Roxy: ;__________; The owner?
Caretaker: He’s not the owner. He’s the boss of the owners.
*guys comes down the elevator* aaaaand it’s a guy I had a little run in with when I tried to convince him I paid my bike fee but he claimed I didn’t and I got all upsettttttttttttttttttttttttttt HE’S THE BOSS OF THE BOSS?!? LET’S PRETEND THAT NEVER HAPPENED.
Roxy: HELLO! Oh 😀 😀 😀 It’s you!
Boss dude: Ah 😀 Hello.
Roxy: My stove is broken, what do I do?
Boss dude: you have to contact the real estate agency. They’ll contact the owner. Call them.”
Fine. I hate talking on the phone because I can’t understand their Japanese, and can’t make myself understood like I can face to face. But fine. Called them.
“Oh, we can’t call them,” the real estate agent dude said. “You have to call your management company.”
Roxy: “Um, you guys called them last time for me when my toilet was broken. Can you please call them again for me?”
Agent: “Sorry, we can’t. I’ll give you the number. It’s Skycourt…”
“No, it’s not,” I said, upset. “It got changed! We had this problem last time.”
agent: “Our records say it’s Skycourt. Who did it get changed to?”
Roxy: “I forget, but you guys found it for me last time. Could you find it for me again, please? Sorry.”
agent: “Sorry, we can’t. Call Skycourt and ask them…”
Roxy: “Last time I did that the number didn’t go through,” I said impatiently. “OH I KNOW, it’s EM…Japan. EMK Japan…MKE Japan or something. Do you know?”
“Sorry, I don’t know. Then ask your caretaker,” the agent said.
Roxy: “He said to call you!”
Agent: “We can’t help you.”
Inner Roxy: You can eat my stinky sweaty BO rashguard, you jerky piece of crap!”
Outer Roxy: “I see. Thanks. GOODBYE!”
*pant pant* I’m gonna go over there and sit in their office until they help meeeeeeeeeeeeee! Oh wait….they gave me a number for just in case something else was wrong. Where did I put it. ….oh my fridge! I found it! 😀 Found it found it! 😀

Here is my stove burner. My panda tea pot is posing, for effect.
panda teapot

*called* “Hi, my electric stove is broken, and you helped me fix my toilet etc etc etc.”
“Oh,” the apartment management company lady said. “The real estate agency usually calls us and then we contact the owner…”
Outer Roxy: Oh really? Well I talked to them and they said to call you directly. 
Apt mgt lady: “Well, okay, we’ll call blah blah and they’ll call you.”
Roxy: Thank you!
*puts a load of stinky laundry in the machine*
*ring ring*
guy: “This is EMK Japan calling for……”
Roxy: OH HELLO THERE, Thank you for fixing my TOILET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guy: o_O;;; You’re welcome…. Um….so your stove is broken, so blah blah yackity fix it.”
Roxy: …… fix it? Yes please?”
Guy: So I will contact the owner who will set up a time to check out your stove.”
Roxy: (the owner STILL has not been contacted?!) So do you know the situation?
Guy: The stove isn’t working well?
Roxy: No. Whenever I tried to turn it on, it blew the circuit breaker, so I called the electric company and the guy came and checked it out, and said that it’s not an electric problem, it’s that the stove UNIT is broken, so I need to replace the unit itself.
guy: OH REALLY. So…is it a blah blah blah unit?
Roxy: What?
guy: An H blah blah unit.
Roxy: ……eh? Sorry….
Guy: smooth or coil?
Roxy: Oh coil, it’s super old. ^^;;
Guy: okay 😀 So they should call you soon to set up a time to replace it.


Hopefully the end. I finally got through to the right people. 😀 Now I’m just waiting for that call!

Amateur shooto, naruto, food poisoning!

Posted in every day on April 2nd, 2013 by roxyfighter

Sooooo on the 31st in the afternoon, I went to Amateur Shooto at P’s Lab, Pancrase’s place.
dale harley taneishi
Dale, Taneichi, Harley in the background.

I thought I’d be helping more as staff, but I ended up just watching. I wanted to help support Harley, and our other team members, but I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. In hindsight, I wish I’d done more. But anyway, they all fought very hard. Some won, some lost. I’m proud of my little Australian brother Harley. He lost by decision. I know he had a lot going on, but he dug down deep, went out there, fought hard, did his best, and put up a hard fight. I respect that a lot.

harley fight

Dale clobbered his oppoent and then got him with the ninja choke, Katsumura-san’s special move! We Groundslam members were all going nuts. When they took their headgear off, his opponent looked so freaked out. lol

Mihara-san, the osteopathic therapist I go to, also won by a well-deserved decision. He is built like greek god, and people were cheering when he flexed, and taking pictures of him with his shirt off. haha (me, too ^^;)

mihara at shooto

We went out to eat after that, and I ate a delicious meal of Okonomiyaki etc at our favorite place.

Unfortunately, I think some ingredient was bad. The next morning, I felt kind of crappy and stomachache-y. I had to go to a work-related meeting in Tokyo, so I couldn’t do the full morning practice, so I went early to do ladder cardio and hit the bag. And clear my stomach. But it didn’t go away. In fact, it got worse. Mitsui-san showed up later and was starting to show me more stuff, but I ended up having to sit out.

Dragged myself to the meeting feeling queesy, made it through, but afterwards booked it home just as the fever and chills hit. X_x; Called in sick to work for the next day, and spend the rest of the day unable to leave my futon. Actually, I forced myself to go to the clinic next door (thank GOODNESS there’s a good one next door) where the doc confirmed that it was food poisoning, and he gave me medicine.

I woke up this morning without chills and a fever, but still feeling crappy.

I googled the ingredients to my medicine. Dude, the doctor gave me like 5 different kinds of pills to take. They do that in Japan. It’s also not strong enough for my American body, so I took one extra one of everything (i.e. take one after ever meal, but I took an extra forth one). NOW I’m starting to feel better. And sometimes if I google something I found out that it’s not really what I want to be taking. What this guy gave me seemed good.

I spent all morning literally watching an episode of Naruto, then crawling back into my futon and sleeping for an hour, then waking up and watching another ep, then sleeping again. @_@;; Hah I’ve watched literally over 7 hours of Naruto today…. I don’t think I can watch any more. I can stand up now, so I think I’ll be back to normal by Thursday. Tomorrow, I’m still not sure about. I called in sick to work again, because my office co-workers have to make the lesson schedules.

a few Naruto notes:
-It’s interesting how the Kyubi (Nine Tails Fox) uses “Washi” as “I.” It’s the old style, and emphasises how he’s an ancient power.
-I like how Tsuchikage uses “wai” at the end of his sentences. It’s cool ^^;; and really dumb, but I think old guys who use it are cool, hahaha. maybe cuz Jinbei from One Piece uses it, and I think he’s the bomb.
-It’s really cool how Naruto is maturing as a person. He’s 16 now. It’s good they didn’t keep his character a kid forever.
-It’s so cool Naruto got to talk to his mom! I like her a lot. I loved that backstory.
-I’m so happy Kakashi-sensei is in the series more. He hadn’t been in for a while. He used to be my favorite character. Now Naruto is, but Kakashi is still cool.
-I’m on ep 248 now, but I skipped a bunch of fillers.
naruto chakara2