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Man, another “once a week” blog post.

One of my nagging injuries is really impacting my normal training routine. I did mostly jiu-jitsu last week because I couldn’t go really hard striking. But on the other hand, I could go hard grappling. I am totally fine for the competition. It should go away soon anyway. I learned SO much from Vinny. And I’m really looking forward to my grappling competition! Mike Pyle also taught me a bunch of things. I’ve been doing mitts with Coach John, learning and practicing new stuff. 😀 😀 😀 #syndicatecoachesrock

So I decided that the Fightblok poster needed to be Syndicate-ized to hang in our gym. 😀 So I used the “paint” program on the gym computer and photoshopped the pic. XD Hahaha
fightblok poster photoshopped
I can do a way better job at home, but this isn’t bad for “paint” and 10 minutes.
I want more people to buy tickets from me, and I feel like nobody understands that I’m fighting, so if my picture is there….maybe they’ll notice?

I got some Quest Nutrition Protein Chips, a new-ish product! I love them! I heard my friend Brittany in Japan talk about them, then I got them ordered, and then Serena said she got some, and then my friend Patrick heard us ranting about them on Twitter and got some. Then I gave one to my mom and she likes them, and I brought them to my coach’s house party and they ate them. Then I gave a quest bar to my teammate for helping me film my video. He likes them, and so did my coach. So yay. Spreading the Quest Nutrition love. I am a good lesion.

protein chips small

I’ve been watching the TV show #Lost Season 1 like a lunatic. Well, one or two a day. I just finished episode 14. My Japanese is suffering because I’m not watching anime or writing many blogs so I’m forgetting words. Damnit. But I love Lost.

….omg did I really just unconciously hashtag “Lost” in the above paragraph….? /me falls over

Moving on. I went to the movies (by my happy self) on Sunday and saw Maze Runner. I LOVED IT. No, I didn’t read the books but I want to now. And actually, it stimulated my creativity. I have this fantasy book about dragons called “Daughter of Fire” that I’m writing, well, I was writing during my teenage years, that I always meant to finish and publish. Now I’m re-reading what I have and gosh, the plot sucks. I couldn’t figure out how to make it more original. But I had a flash of creativity after Maze Runner, so I really wanna write it now.

But I have to self-publish my already written book to reprint it, since my publisher went out of business and I have no more hard copies left. And I’m finished writing and now editing another self-help book called “How to be Positive: Mental training by the Happy Warrior.” So I feel like I’m doing too many things. And if I sit home, I want to watch Lost, not write. lol

Maybe I should take my laptop to a coffee shop again….

This past Saturday, Coach John had us over his house and we watched the UFC. I really enjoyed it. My family! 🙂 <3 johns house for ufc and you know what party

My mom wants to move to a new apartment. I don’t want to move. She says it’s noisy. I don’t think it’s noisy at all. 🙁 I’m having this struggle because I want to live by myself. I can’t really have my friends stay over if they’re in town because we don’t have space and she’s a private person. But if I move out, number one, she is paying the rent since we live together. And number two, we’re never free at the same time, so we never DO anything. We just speak in passing. Therefore, we’d never see each other much if I move out. Gah. 🙁

I wrote a bunch of articles for . One about my training partner Jamie Moyle, one about my former training parter/rival/ Hashi who is fighting Barb Honchak (someone else I wanna fight lol) for the title.

Oh, I called my dad and we were chatting, and he said, “Oh by the way, Pete Rose is at the Mandalay Bay signing autographs.” I was like, who’s Pete Rose? and he very calmly explained it to me. lol (super duper famous baseball player). So I went and got his autograph for my dad. 😀

pic of pete rose 1

okay that’s all for now

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First, training.

Well, last week was not the best week in the world because my body’s been giving me trouble. Monday mitt-work was great. In MMA class following that, we did a lot of various wrestling stuff the whole class, and that messes me up. -_-; Not like serious bed-ridden stuff, but I couldn’t function so well the rest of the week. Monday’s technique was awesome and it was good practice….but yeah.

Tuesday I did the jiu-jitsu class!! 😀 Everybody else did MMA/kickboxing sparring and I felt like wuss, which makes NO sense since I have a grappling competition coming up, and I need to be doing more grappling anyway. I’ve been enjoying Vinny’s jiu-jitsu classes.

(come see me compete in Fightblok! Nov 8th at the Westgate Casino in vegas, starts at 5 PM)
fioghtblok poster
(click to enlarge)

I taught kids in the afternoon, though, assisting with a particularly large class. I got the super teeny tiny ones, which stresses me out because they don’t listen, and punch and kick each other sometimes. Good thing they are cute….

Wednesday I did mitts and then yoga, and did bunches of chores. Kids and client in the afternoon and evening and then COUPLE’S THERAPY was on TV. x_x;

Thursday I thought I could do hard kickboxing/mma sparring but my body was like “No.” I regretted not doing the grappling class. I got really upset on Thursday. 🙁 grrrr And my chiropractic treatment hurt so much I was crying. I had to quit class to go get it done, and then I hear from the other side of the gym, “ROXY!! GET OVER HERE! PICTURE!” John actually took the time to call me over for a group picture, even though I couldn’t finish class, which was really sweet and I hated myself a little bit less. lol

yndicate sparring group

Friday I took off. When I don’t train, I use my energy and clean the apartment. I washed all the floors on my hands and knees, vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom mirror, and picked up stuff and put stuff away.

Non-training stuff……

I went to Tuff-Nuff in the evening in the Orleans Casino! That was nice. Saw some fights, met some fighters and fans and sold some T-shirts. Great event!

I became sponsored by Wartape! They make tape and hand-wraps. I like their tape because it’s stickier than like Walmart brand and doesn’t roll off so much, but not SO sticky that it’s gonna peel my skin off when I remove it.
war tape sponsorship pic

Saturday I still felt crappy so training was a challenge, but I enjoyed jiu-jitsu and had a super fun sparring round with Casey. He’s probably my top favorite person to roll with at Syndicate. I did a few rounds of MMA with Jamie and Liz and then dragged myself to a birthday luncheon, which was really lovely. My headache/neck-ache partly went away by the time I got there.

Saturday evening I wanted to see Bellator but that didn’t work out. That’s all I’m gonna say. 🙁

So about my book, I don’t have any physical copies left right now. They are all sold out! But you can buy a digital version on Kindle on
linky to book on amazon

Sunday I did yoga, watched lots of the TV series LOST, which I really like so far. I’m on episode 6 now. Then, I went shopping with my new student Valerie at Wholefoods. I gave her a nutrition lesson and she bought me some stuff. 😀 <3 Thank you! I feel like sh*t today. I feel like should train with Jamie in the MMA practice because she has a fight coming up, but I dunno. Maybe I'll do jiu-jitsu. These choices are hard. Normal people don't understand. lol *sigh* I'm supposed to love Mondays and I'm already bummed out. I feel like writing something but. 🙁 I wish today weren't gi-day at jiu-jitsu. I want to do no-gi stuff.

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Phew, I finally finished writing about my Japan trip. Now I can write about the three weeks since I got back. LOL

My right foot was swollen from my fight, and it took two weeks to heal, so when I got back to Syndicate, I jumped right back into training. I didn’t know when my next fight was, but I have so much to learn and not enough time to do it. So every day, training! 😀

Let’s see. On the 4th I went over Coach’s house with the team for a BBQ and to watch the UFC, which is literally my favorite thing to do now that I’m back in the States. I had house parties with my team when I was a college student, and then moved to Japan and nobody does that. 🙁 I love hanging out with my team in the non-gym setting. Although I feel like a dork since I am decidedly ‘not cool’ and I don’t understand half their dirty jokes. I sometimes feel bad for being the only girl to mess up their ‘guy talk,’ but too bad, they’ll just have to put up with me. XD

adam cella
Adam Cella from TUF 17 was there! John had been an assistant coach on that season with Jones, and Adam sometimes visits Syndicate to train with him again. Who wouldn’t want to be coached by John Wood again? XD Super nice guy.

Jamie Moyle and Liz McCarthy are fighting in Invicta 9, which will be November 1st – coming up!

So they’ve been on the war path, and I’m trying to post pics on social media.

And thanks to Mei-Li fighting for sponsoring us with shorts!
roxy and liz sparring and john

Jamie, me and the new girl Kalecia! She’s tough! I like her a ton.
roxy kalecia jamie
And me trying to be intimidating…but first I have to get past my T-shirt.

OH, and I got a grappling match set in Fightblok, on Saturday Nov 8th in the Westgate Casinos! I’m fighting this lady Leilani Esteban. 😀 If anyone is in Vegas, come see me grapple! And buy tickets from me. I’m supposed to sell tickets. 😡

And I got a sponsor, Wartape! Their tape is awesome. It’s sticky enough to not peel off all the time, but not so sticky it tears the skin off my body. I love them. 😀

I’ve been watching Couple’s Therapy, that reality TV show Wednesday nights, because my coach John is on it with Jenna Jameson. It’s ….. well, let’s just say I feel really BAD for all of those people there. They are struggling. And the show is really making me think about my own life and relationships. I am super non-judgmental because I believe that *I’m* not in that person’s skin with those person’s past experiences having shaped my beliefs and actions. If I had lived through what they did, I might act similarly, right? Who knows.

One day after watching it, I got insanely depressed. Then I got angry, and the next day I wanted to smash everyone in training. I thought, “Geez, is this show really affecting me?!?” Then I got my period. LOL which means it was just PMS, which is weird since I usually don’t have super mood swings. I just get unusually exhausted for a day and a half.

Oh well. It’s a weird world.

(click to enlarge pic)
google suggestions
Really? Is ‘boyfriend’ really the second most searched for option?! No, I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m not looking, either. When I was in Japan, I didn’t even have enough time to sleep, let alone date anyone. Seriously, I was working and training full-time, and I was getting insomnia. I was lucky if I slept 4 hours. I started feeling like I was dying.

So it wouldn’t be fair to the guy, especially as a fighter where I need to prioritize my training and stuff. I got used to thinking like that. Now I realize that I’m sleeping more and I have more time to hang out with people. I’m very happy single, though. It’s easier. Emotional pain sucks. As long as I don’t get an impossible crush on someone, I’m all set. It’s just my luck that every time I get a crush on someone, it’s impossible – either they’re too old, or too far away, or taken, or personality-wise would be a horrible match, or the situation is such that it’d be a bad idea. I’m a logical girl, I analyze and decide. And then tell my heart to shut up.

Seems like the majority of relationships I see are unhappy. You know, I’ve started thinking that people need to be “taught” how to have relationships. They should have classes in high school or something, about the psychology of relationships. When you go to marriage counseling (my mom told me about it), they talk a lot of psychology. Why wait until you’re married and unhappy? I feel like I know a lot just vicariously.

Humans are really stupid sometimes. It’s like…before you have a baby, read baby books.

Anyway enough of that. 😛

Last weekend was fun. I hung out with Heather and her friends in Gameworks. haha I was riding one of those bike-racing video game things, and I felt someone tugging at my purse…trying to steal my bag! I whacked at the hand and turned around with a “hey!” and it was Bryan Caraway, who burst out laughing! Haha! :}
roxy heather pinball

purikura with heather

Then Saturday my friend Victoria offered me tickets to go see the play Wicked with her and her BJJ friend. YAY! I have ALWAYS wanted to see that play! So exciting! We went and it was AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE!
wicked group pic
This week of training has been good. Monday was hard but awesome. But I limped away feeling broken. I skipped kickboxing yesterday and did jiu-jitsu, which was also awesome. But I still felt broken. x_x; Jake fixed me yesterday evening! #bestchiropractorever

I’m like two episodes away from ending the TV show HEREOES 3. (I think there are 4 seasons). I fell asleep watching it and had a SUPER NIGHTMARE. Where mutant humanized dogs were chasing me trying to eat me, and the world was like post-zombie apocalypse. I woke up NEEDING all the lights on. x_x

I returned to watching One Piece for my anime! 😀 I left off right after the Fishman Island. So I’m on ep 579 now! 😀

I just used “super” like three times in this entry. XD I think Frankie is rubbing off on me.

one piece pic

Japan trip 7 – Wed. pt 2 – Friday (training, ice cream, old coaches, B-day)

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After that CITI bank fiasco, I made it to Hirama, my old town, to have lunch with my host mother. She gave me a lovely Noren curtain as a gift! I was so touched! 😀 I took a picture of it hanging up in front of my bedroom door once I got home. She’s doing well. I think she’s like 75 but she’s so full of energetic and genki. I love her. 

After that, Omigawa-san invited me to do Neo Judo, but I was tired and didn’t want to train, so I hung out with Brittany for the rest of the afternoon, and we had dinner together. We would be training hard together on Thursday, the next day.

It was my birthday! So we hung out in Wired Café and ate good food and ice cream, and then took a walk.
roxy buri parfait

buri roxy wired cafe
I got an email from Omigawa-san telling me to come to Neo Judo, but I said I couldn’t.

At like 11 PM I got another message from him saying, “I bought you a birthday cake. We’ll eat it together after training! Thanks!” He sent me a picture of “Happy Birthday Roxy.” Written on it. How sweet! Those things are expensive.

So THAT’s why he wanted me to come! Oops, I had no idea. :/ oh well. We’d eat it tomorrow.

I woke up and on the train to Groundslam training, I reread Omigawa-san’s message. I had misread it last night! It didn’t say “We will eat it together after training,” it read, “We ate it together after training. Thanks!”

So……. They already ate….my birthday cake?? Without me? I mean, it was his because he bought it. But… I dunno. ^^; I have mixed feelings about that…..
Anyway, Brittany and I enjoyed training at Groundslam. It consisted mostly of us drilling stuff I learned at Syndicate, because everybody else showed up late and then just did MMA sparring. ^^; great time! Omigawa-san actually gave me a gift of a herb tea bottle. Thank you!
groundslam my birthday

See, guys? It’s normal in Japan to yell spontaneously for pictures. I’m not weird!! XD

omigawa gift

Katsumura-san taught us this move he tapped me out with. @_@;; lol so funny. I haven’t pulled it off yet…
katsumura clutch attack 4

After that, Brittany and Omigawa-san and I went to the Main Café called “Honey Honey” and got Omurice and a huge parfait.
katusmura buri parfait

omu rice japan

And they tried for like 15 mins to convince me to dress up like a maid, but I refused. ^^;; They almost wouldn’t let Brittany do it if I didn’t do it, for some weird Japanese-rule reason. We twisted the maid’s arm.

roxy buri parfair maid 2014

I had a nice dinner planned with my friends Mami and Y-chan, but before that, my old trainer Kunioku-san invited me to practice with him and his student and my friend Rodney :D. I jumped at that! We did round robin grappling. I found the energy to train and it was fun.
roxy kunioku rodney
It was sooo fun. After Rodney bolted, we actually had time to sit in Jonathans and have tea and a snack. So nice to catch up! :}

Then I went to Noborito and had a nice dinner with my two friends. :} It’s been a year for Mami and maybe three years for Y-chan!
mami and roxy noborito
So nice.

I didn’t get to meet so many people I wanted to meet. :{ I’m sorry about that….I think they probably feel like I blew them off. But I literally had no time. I can’t believe I squeezed in seeing Kunioku-san between two other meal-dates. ^^; That got planned like the day before.

Flying home, I didn’t feel sad or have a heavy heart. This trip healed my heart. I knew that I was just a plane trip away. I felt like it wasn’t my home anymore…I was just a visitor. Vegas was my home, and I couldn’t wait to get back to training at Syndicate. I have a new coach, a new team…. I just miss my friends in Japan. :/ It’s so hard to talk to them because of the time difference. At least there’s online.

Japan trip 6 -Tues (friends) Wed. pt1 (CITI bank Hell)

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I had a super busy day on Tuesday!

I had lunch with my friends from Shinyurigaoka Language Center! Moe, Meiko, and Jack! <3 It was soooo nice. 😀 I forgot what a great sense of humor you had, Jack. XD You really cracked me up. shinyuri friends
After lunch at Harvest, they helped me find two cute towls because that was one of my goals to get to bring back to the US. 🙂

After that, I met Buri-chan in Harajuku and we went to the toy Kiddyland! Brittany got me cute Stormtrooper socks that I’m considering my birthday present! She got matching ones!

Then, I met Mana and Sakura and we went to Inoki Sakaba restaurant, owned by the famous pro wrestler! I love it!

Free popcorn!
roxy popcorn inoki
I love Japanese themed restaurants! XD
See the boxing ring around the bar?
And Sakura!
roxy sakura inoki

So wonderful to see them again! Mana is one of the main characters in my book (for those of you who have read it.)
roxy and mana inoki
The girl who met me at the airport when I first came on my college exchange. So awesome to see her all grown up and successful. And she knew me before I debuted as a fighter! Wow, we go way back. lol
I gave her my book with her in it, and she got so excited she started reading it. XD
mana reading book
shishkabob inoki
We ordered this chicken vegetable shishkabob on a SWORD!!

Wednesday, I had plans with my host mother for a sushi lunch. I figured I’d try to get my business done at CITI bank before that. I’d go right at 9 AM and be finished by 11 AM, so I’d have time to get to Hirama by 12. Right? OMFG I HATE CITI BANK. THE POOP HEADS. Never ever do business there. I’ve regretted every single second of opening an account with them.

I only opened an account with them because I heard that withdrawing money overseas was free because of a deal they had with my company. So instead of paying $50 for a wire transfer, I could open an account in Japan, put my money in it, and withdraw it in America, and close the account, for free. I should have just paid the damn $50.

Besides taking forever to open it, and having to provide craploads of paperwork, the plan seemed like it worked. However, it turns out I could withdraw a limited amount from the Las Vegas ATM at a time, so like a few times a week when I had time, I went to the ATM. I had to go at least 20 times, and it was a pain in the butt. It took me a few months, but whatever. Finally when I got to $17 remaining, it wouldn’t let me withdraw it because it wasn’t an even $20. I went to the teller and they couldn’t access my account because it was Japanese! They couldn’t close my account! I had to do it in Japan! WTF? I was told by the Japanese that I could close it in America! wtf. So I called them on Skype late at night, which was Japan’s morning, and they sent me forms to fill out by snail mail. 1) request change of address form 2) change of resident status form 3) bank account closure form 4) like two other forms

Why the heck do they need to know all my personal details about my country status and new address and new bank etc? No, F-off! So I just filled out the #3 and sent it back, but of course, Japanese do everything by the book, so those forms came back to me with a “please fill these out correctly” written in big red letters.

That whole process took 6 months because I procrastinated, and then got pissed off. SO FINALLY I got to visit CITI bank in person during this trip and be like “Close my account, biotch!” to the nice clerk lady. She checked her computer, and I wanted for her to give me forms to fill out. She didn’t. She read her computer for like 10 minutes before I said, “Is there a problem?” She said, “You need to provide these forms: resident card indicating transfer overseas, a certificate of residence, and written notice of oveseas assignment.”
citi bank form
…… I was like, “Um, I don’t have any of that. I’m this one: No documentation is required for foreign nationals with overseas addresses.”

She said, “No, your address in the computer is Japanese.” I said, “Well, I don’t live there. That’s why I need to CHANGE MY ADDRESS.” duh! She said, “But you need to show this paperwork.” I said, “This paperwork DOES NOT EXIST. I quit my job, I live with my MOM in Las Vegas now. I am THIS choice. THIS star.” She said, “You have no job?” I said, “I’m a fighter.” She said, “Do you have proof?” I said, “PROOF? Look at my cell phone picture of me punching this girl.” And I showed her. She was like “O_O OMFG” and pulled out her job manual. “Okay, I check manual.”

Her job manual? OMG

TEN MINUTES AFTER THAT, she ran off to talk to her boss. Not her fault. It’s society’s fault. She could get fired if she did it wrong. It’s a society where people used to commit suicide for making mistakes, mind you. I started thinking, damn, I’m going to be late to my lunch! It’s almost 11 AM! I’ve been here for about 1 hr 45 mins!! I gotta get outta here.

FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER she came back and said, “We decide. We don’t change address. We pretend you still in Japan.” And she accepted my form #3, and sent me to the front to get my $17. How EASY was that? I wanted to strangle them all.

TEN MINUTES LATER I was just about to walk out without the $17, but I finally got called to the front, grabbed my money, and literally ran out the door, stiffling the urge to give everybody in the room the middle finger. I sprinted to the station and managed to meet my host mother at 12:00 even! go me. I hate CITI bank and I’m so glad I closed my account.

Wednesday….to be continued