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I lifted weights last week, but I got back into training at Syndicate gym this week. I did padwork twice and sparring Thursday. My leg still hurts a lot, though. I wonder if Andrea has a permit for her kicks. I think they’re lethal weapons. 🙂 I want to do jiu-jitsu this morning, but I think I might skip it and do the big kid’s jiu-jitsu instead, so I can beat up the kiddies roll around with super light people. Although there are some teenagers who are heavier than me. :O

I’m very very happy to be training again! It seemed like forever since my fight, but this is the end of the second week. I’m like “yay I can walk” and in the mean time, last weekend, Andrea (my opponent from Invicta 10) went and competed and won two divisions in the NAGA grappling tournament.

haha! Amazing! But I heard she had a busted eardrum? I don’t think it was from our fight. My other friend had that and it sucks, so I hope she gets better soon. I like Andrea a lot.

andrea and roxy taqlking after the fight I’m starting to follow her career more now.

andrea lee on podium
Who fights with a busted ear drum and wins? Apparently Andrea does. I’m a big fan. And she does something to market herself with a trademark – the cowboy hat. Follow her career, guys : twitter @AndreaLeeAaron
instagram: andrealeeaaron
Her opponent wouldn’t take the pic with her, she wrote.
andrea on podium alone

I use Wartape every day, so thank you for sponsoring me! I don’t want to show everything I’m taping cuz I don’t want to show my weaknesssssssss but yesterday I marked which leg not to kick. I told my training partners, “Please don’t kick this leg. If you do, I will go down. Straight down.” lol
war tape pic 2

My busted finger. Poor baby. 🙂 “Soft tissue mallet finger,” which means the ligament is busted. It doesn’t hurt at all, which is a little bizarre. So I have to keep it straight for 6 weeks and it’ll heal. I’m just finishing the 3rd week. yay. But I’m not sure I bent it or not taking the splint off last week…-_-; I don’t want to restart the clock. hmm
soft tissue mallot finger pic

I got some presents from friends and a fan! <3 thank you so much, guys! A massage cushion, Naruto socks, and Super Saiyan Goku, and two lunch boxes. And something else but I put it away, my brain isn't working right now. I will alternate using them 😀 Thank you so much! gifts from people
I self published my book and it’s available on Amazon! How exciting 😀 😀
Link to Amazon
memoirs cover

I’m going to Boston to visit my dad and step family! I’m so excited! Next Tuesday! 😀

I’ve been watching a lot of One Piece lately. I’m on Punk Hazard and everyone is trying to catch Cesar and rescue the children. I really like Law and Smoker.
smoker fighting

gumu gomo no ufo
Gomu Gomu no….UFO! haha this scene cracks me up, especially when I started laughing and then Ussop started laughing, too.

high on too much food, playing (pics), TUF20 Finale

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On Friday, I had lunch with my good friend Bootsy! 😀
roxy bootsy orleans

I’ve been wanting to go to The Orleans Casino French Market Buffet since I first saw it a year ago. It was great!
roxy  meat buffet
(shoutout: sponsor Fightchix fleece)
Then we took a walk and I made him go to the gift shop, which I’ve also always wanted to go into. And I played. 😀 I was really hyper from having eaten too much. Even more than usual. I don’t need drugs. I’m naturally high. XD

And then….GIRL MAGNET. Those little animals with the big eyes? I’m sure extensive market research and psychological evaluations were done to determine that huge sparkly eyes induce feelings of “OMG CUTE! MUST..GO…PICK UP!” reaction from females, because I made a bee-line as soon as I spotted them.
female magnet
roxy shark
LOOK, it’s a CAMO shark! 😀 I love sharks! They are one of my three most favorite animals ever! Rarrrr! So strong and vicious and relentless and ancient… why camo? XD

oooh, a cowboy hat?!
roxy pink cowgirl hat
Look, this crocodile looks totally stoned! XD Stoner croc!! LMAO
crocodile stoned
My second favorite animal!
look, they are friends! Two of my fav animals of all time! (third is hamster, but they can’t be friends like these two can, you know?)
animals together

You can tell that Bootsy is NOT impressed with stoner croc.
bootsy is not impressed


So after those shenanigans, I picked up Kristin (a star of popular youtube series “Women’s MMA Roundup” and “Team Kristin”) and we drove to the Palms Casino to see the UFC TUF 20 finale. We made it just in time to see Angela Hill fight Emily Kagan.

All the fights were really good! We got good seats, thanks UFC! I got to sit next to Bryan Caraway on my left, and Uriah Hall was in front of me. XD #fangirl

My bestie Heather Clark did amazing in her fight!
heather entering

Bec Rawlings was super tough, but Heather got the decision! I’m so happy I was crying. She had cornered me for my TUF 18 finale, UFC debut, and she had told me, “Roxy, one day this is going to be me.” There hadn’t even been 115 lb females in the UFC, but shortly thereafter, they announced it. 😀 She had been there for my dream come true, and I was so honored and thrilled to be there for hers. 🙂 Yay!
(click to enlarge)
heather and roxy ufc nov 30
heather and roxy after heather's fight2
oops I got caught on camera. 🙂 Hugging her after her fight! 😀 omgggg I was beside myself the entire time. XD

roxy and heather after her fight

fuck yeah gif

Finally, I made a bunch of cameos on this TUF Finale travel blog, done by Kristin and Veronica, of wmmaroundup.

post fight week, various adventures pleasant and unpleasant

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I don’t know what to think of this week. It’s my win week! The time to relax and be happy and revel in my win. 🙂 I somehow haven’t been relaxing. I’ve been kind of stressed out with various chores and mishaps. don’t get me wrong, I’m still very happy.

Hahah I stopped by the gym a few times. Chatted with John and the team and selling my T shirts. I did tons of chores! I had lists and lists of stuff to do! I printed out pictures from my trip, went to the Goodwill and got a photo album, wrote blogs about my trip in English and Japanese, wrote and sent Christmas cards. Ate a LOT. I’m in love with the Chicken quesadilla at Taco Bell. XD

However, I can barely walk. My left leg hurts soooo badly from Andrea’s leg kicks. She nailed me on the lower thigh right above the knee. It’s not visually bruised but it must be deep. The inside part where the ligament is is swelling, too. I couldn’t even bend my knee without intense pain. It’s not super damaged or torn or anything, I’m sure. Then my calf and ankle have been aching. Especially after I start moving after a while of inactivity. This morning I woke up at 3 AM and couldn’t get back to sleep because of the pain. I thought it would heal sooner, but it’s lingering. Well, it took a good two weeks for me to stop limping after fighting Tara, so this is normal. 🙂 And I won!

And my finger’s ligament is busted, so if I keep it straight for a number of weeks, it will heal without surgery. I have a splint on.

This is the only time I want to complain about all this. I’m so glad I’m not seriously injured. I see my friends on crutches, with blown out ACLs and meniscus or broken hands and I feel lucky. 🙂 Physical pain is NOTHING compared to emotional pain.

I can’t train, though. I want to train. :/ I hate gaining weight and not being able to move. But hey, I won my fight! I’m so happy!


On Tuesday, I took my car in to get inspected because Lee was leaking oil. Turns out I had to replace the timing chain tensioner, drive belt and battery, which came to $500. 🙁 Not too bad! And my boy is 102,000 miles, so it’s about time he got spruced up. They said I need new CV boots for the passenger side, but I’m procrastinating fixing that. 🙁

On Wednesday I tried to download some comics and got tons of malware because a popup asked me to ‘update my flash program” and like a dufus I clicked OK.


So it screwed up my computer, so I had to take it to a place and leave it there all day to get it fixed. 🙁 I had tried all my scans and virus removal programs and nothing worked. *sigh* $75. at least I just won fight money. haha so ironic. Serves me right. :/

I’ve been watching Constantine, the TV series, and I have a fangirl crush on Matt Ryan. XD Well, the character is cool and I like the story, too. Matt Ryan is also a super talented actor. I bought this poster on ebay for 8 bucks. Be jealous, suckas! XD

I watched TUF20, and I have to say, I’m super impressed with Rose. I’m a big fan. 😀 I love watching her technique. It’s so ninja.

I’ve spent a lot of time answering fan’s and friend’s emails. Thank you for your love, support, and encouragement. 😀

My T shirts have been selling really really well! I’ve been bugging my coach to fix the site to it ships to Canada, so hang tight, my lovely Canadians. We’re selling adult’s and kid’s, too! 😀

It was hard to teach the kids class hobbling along, but Justin helped me. 😀 Thank youuuuu <3 my teammate. It went well! Tomorrow I'm going to enjoy The TUF Finale with Kristin, who's visiting from Cali 😀 One of the two stars of Women's MMA roundup videos.

turbo account of Invicta 10 (pics)

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I had an amazing trip to Texas for Invicta 10. I’ll try and be brief and use pics to tell the story. Click on all pics to enlarge.

I went to Houston by myself – coach John would arrive the next day.

On the night I arrived, I hung out with my TUF18 fighter friend Peggy Morgan!
00 peggy selfie
Double-mirror-selfie! 😀 We went grocery shopping together, later on!

The next morning on Wednesday, I went to the Museum of Natural History. I saw…(click)
Cephalopod Chritmas tree
00 cepholopod tree

Oil drill bits
00 drill bit

00 dino and roxy

Then I had my photoshoot! I brought my Jedi Robe and lightsaber and crashed Peggy Morgan’s session.

She turned the tables on me!peggy jedi attackj

Then I did my own shoot in my Goku Gi. 🙂

Then I watched The Ultimate Fighter on Kristin’s laptop with her, Esther and her media crew. 😀
00 kristen esther

Jedi Master John Wood came in late because weather sucked in Vegas. Yay 😀
He helped me cut weight on Thursday. I insisted he wear his Jedi robe. Looks very respectable, don’t you agree? Very wise.
00 jedi john

I made sure I would be able to make weight with my Princes Leia costume on BUT the commission lady made me strip naked anyway. whyyyyy 🙁 Unnecessary…. grrr. I am definitely getting less modest through MMA -_-;;

Then this happened! 😀
00 face off leia
(I’m holding the chain, like how Leia choked out Jabba the Hutt. Although Andrea is not ugly like Jaba. lol)
00 leia

Ate BBQ ribs with coach, fan friend Candy and her brother! 😀
00 candy bbq

Here’s a ridiculously hyper video of me at dinner.

By the way, my fighter friend Serena DeJesus, who trained with me this past summer, also fought in Philadelphia, Matrix fights!
00 roxy serena
She ended up winning by choke! Yay!! Love ya and proud of ya, sista ;D

Then I fought!!!! and won by split decision 😀

Andrea was a super tough opponent. She’s gonna be big and super famous one day. Keep going, girl. You are awesome.

I didn’t have a second cornerman, so John asked his mentor, legendary Greg Jackson to help me in my corner. I was like, REALLYYYYYYY!?!?!?! omg what an honor!! THANK YOU! 😀
00 greg jackson

After the fight, I saw blurry images of my coach screaming happily at me through the cage, but I wasn’t going to celebrate until I got my hand raised. Then I did.

The two main people I need to thank are: number 1, my body, for holding together for me to do this. Every day I wake up and appreciate my health. (thanks, Jake Steckel, my chiropractor aka Kinetic Performance Edge). Second, John. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.

And my awesome team at Syndicate.

Celebration dinner…I ate SO much.

the next day, we flew home and went to the UFC. 😀 I ran into Leslie Smith, and my bestie Heather Clark!
I sat with my wonderful teammate, Adam Aquaviva!
00 roxy adam

Dana White came over to my area and greeted fighters in front of me, and I waved and called out, “Hi!” He looked up, saw me, and said that he heard I won my fight and congratulations. I was like…..eeeee fangirl. 😀 😀 😀

and he “liked” my pic of heather and I on instagram. omg XD I thought he hated social media.

I am soooooooooooooooooo sore. lol I’ve been eating naughty. lol For lunch I had Taco Bell and a Mcdonald’s chocolate milkshake. MILKSHAKE!