training, flying calendars

This morning, I suddenly found out that Katsumura-san’s car was still broken, so I ended up leading class. I had us do almost all striking and rounds on the mitts. We’re going to have to hit mitts at tryouts, so I’m trying to build up my stamina.

A-san, who had previously said he was going to quit due to injuries, decided to continue! I’m still worried about him, but he can still do certain kinds of training. I’m so happy! I cried again. ~_~ So happy!
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roxy kubota and arai san
Here is me, A-san, and Kubota-san!
Then during class, I was like, “A-san, POSE!” and he was like, “Huh? HIYAAAA!” Hah pose on command ability. Nice.
arai san pose!
After training, quick tea with a co-worker friend, and then work time!

Today, I had a kids class that I hadn’t taught one in a few months. Those 7 year-olds are improving!  Basically. Today I had to teach them days of the week, which is kind of boring. So grabbed the paper table calendar. You know, the kind that opens up to form a triangular shape. I pointed to Sunday and said, “Sunday!” Then I slid it across the table to the next kid. He had to say “Sunday!” and slide it to the next kid.

You could see where that was going. The giggling got intense. We got to Thursday before it started getting violent. D-kun HURLED the calendar at Y-chan, who did this slick evasion that looked exactly like this:
sakura dodging hearts2

HAHAHA! It fwacked into the wall, out of sight. I was still bent over from laughter as Y-chan scrambled to get it. Then she called out in Japanese, “Kowareta!” (It’s broken!”)
“What?” I said, incredulously. “How could it…”
She stood up, holding it, December in one hand, the rest in the other. Another kid picked up more paper bits and dutifully deposited them into my open palm, as if I could magic it back together.

“What?! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?” I screamed, and made a pretend angry face, which they knew wasn’t serious. I didn’t care, we have tons of calendars. They all shrieked with laughter. Lucky there weren’t any adults in the classroom next to ours. XD “BROKEN!? December is broken!”
“Broken! Broken!” they all chanted. XD HAHAHAHA “December!”

Then I got them to copy down the days of the week onto paper, cut them out, and we played the slap karuta game. They kept getting Thursday and Tuesday, also Saturday and Sunday mixed up, because they can’t really read yet, just do visual recognition. It was so much fun. When the class ended, I was really sad. ^^;

For the rest of the evening, I was so genki I kept cracking puns. I bet my co-workers wanted to smack me. XD…