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chaotic days before my move

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I’m so glad I went part-time at work, because despite not working full time or even training full time cuz of my injury, I’m still insanely busy.

I’m not super seriously injured. I think I damaged a muscle in my neck/chest/shoulder and it would get better if I just stopped using it, but you know.

I’m focusing on moving, wrapping up my life here in Japan, and seeing all my friends.

I have a ridiculous amount of things to do:
–fill out paperwork to get my pension sent to me
–fill out paperwork to get my final salary sent to me.
But because I’m leaving the country so soon, I won’t be here to access my bank account, so what should I do?
–I researched, found Citi bank, and opened a Citi Bank international account, so I can transfer and access funds easier. I did that on Monday.
–Have to figure out the cheapest way to mail my belongings back to the US. Have to find boxes. Reduce items.
–Had to auction shirts and banners for donating to the Tohoku Volunteer trip my dojo is going on this coming weekend. Had to mail everything out and give the money to Katsumura san. Together, thanks to you guys, I handed over $425!!! But I actually can’t GO personally. I have to work. gah
–I have to get my mandatory company medical check tomorrow, but then on top of that, I have to go find a different hospital in addition to that. -_- Get some check ups done while I still have the insurance to pay for it.
–Worried about several friends and family. I want to help them.
–figure out my phone situation. I have an iPhone that I wanna use in the US, but the jerk-face poopie-heads in the SOFTBANK SHOP told me I couldn’t, and they couldn’t unlock the SIM thing for me. BULLCRAP, I asked my friends online, and they can do it if they wanted to. Grar!
–still going to company Union meetings. Fight for the workers! But I joined because I love my company. There must be checks and balances in order to keep people happy, and maintain what’s right. I’m actually the Union secretary general. hah bet you didn’t know that. I never talked about it before. But I’m not going to miss that stuff, after I move back.
–I gotta look up A) health insurance in the US B) cars C) banks D) confirm living place E)telling the immigration office Im leaving? Do I have to?

–The electronic shop frick’n told me that I have to call Toshiba and mail away my old broken laptop to them in order to have them recycle it. omfg I’m spending SO MUCH MONEY just getting RID of my stuff. I’m tempted to just smash the hard drive to bits to destroy my info, and then dump it somewhere public, and screw society. I paid: $70 for my TV, $5 for my heater, $2 for my VCR, $5 for my suitcase, $2 wooden stand, $5 for my metal shelf/stand, something else I forget…. ug.

On Sunday, I met my former-student friend Mami. She treated me to a delicious ginger-based meal in Shinyuri. The ironic thing is that she said, “It’s on me.” and I said, “Really? Oh thank you so much.” And then… “You know, this feels familiar. Didn’t I teach you this way back when in Level five or six? We did role-plays of what to say when treating someone?” HAHAHAHAHA And she used it ON ME, 3 years later!! Hilarious.
roxy and mami 2013
When her train pulled away, I cried.

Today, I met Megumi (Fujii) for an afternoon snack. It was great to talk to her again and hear her plans for the future. I am SO relieved and happy that she’s going to do what SHE wants to do!! It’s about time it happened. I’m so excited for her.

roxy megumi pastel 2013

Did I mention that last week I met my host mother? We had a sushi lunch, and she gave me peaches! ;_; I was sad seeing her walk away…I wonder when I’ll get to see her again.

I also hung out with Kunioku-san, my former trainer, for lunch a little while back. Good to see him again, too.

I hung out with Tsuruoka-san today for tea a bit, before heading over to Gold’s Gym to work out lightly, before meeting Megumi.

Did I mention I’m sleeping like sh*t and waking up at 4 AM every morning?

This Saturday I managed to get the day off, so I’m meeting one friend in the morning, and then going to the Ayu Matsuri festival with another in the afternoon. I’m so glad I can see two of my friends in one day…I need to. I’m running out of weekends! Almost every day on my calendar has something written on it. Then on Sunday, I have to work, and after that, meeting a few more friends.
And every day my back hurts like a mother f. -_-; Mihara-san was great yesterday. But man, I need more adjustments. It comes and goes in waves, and this wave is certainly taking a long time to go away. *sigh* I know it’ll get better, though, but it’s still freaking me out.

Anyway, I’ll be fine.

I’ve started rewatching Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors). It was actually my very first anime, before I even knew what anime was!! I was in middle school!

SO after like five minutes of watching the first ep, I realized, ‘omg these subtitles are Chinese. It’s all in Japanese…” But you know, it’s freaking cool that it took a few minutes to realize it because I could understood what they were saying!

What a dream come true! Seriously, THAT is a dream come true- I could watch my very first anime in it’s native language and understand 80% of it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make money with my Japanese at work, but it was an enabling tool for other things. Wonderful friendships, getting around living in Japan, cultural understanding, opportunities, etc!

It really is time for me to chase another dream.

Genes. Thoughts.

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If you could see into the future and you knew you were going to get hit by a car and die next week, what would you do?

You’d do whatever the hell you wanted to do, right?

If you knew that you were going to lose your sense of taste, what would you do?
You’d probably eat a lot.

Ask yourself: What are you doing now? Are you doing what you want to do?

We never know what will happen in the future. Of course, we have to assume that we’ll live for a long time, so we can’t go out and blow all our money and act like wild people without consequences. However, we could get hit by a car and die tomorrow, or get sick, and not be able to do the things we can do now, and never appreciated.

We shouldn’t settle for being unhappy. Make changes within reason- you only have a certain number of days on this earth to do things, and that number is unknown to us. Change can be fast, or it can happen slowly. My grandfather lived until 101, and deteriorated slowly, whereas my MMA sensei Moriyama-san was hit by a car and killed, still in his 40s.

Don’t forget – every step you take is more than some people can take. Every breath you take is more than others. Every friend you laugh with is more than some people have. Be glad for what you have, and it’ll make you a happier person. When you are having fun, relish in the joy. I try and find happiness in every single little thing – I’m excited to be alive- that’s why they called me “The Happy Warrior.” When you eat a delicious meal, savor it. When you’re having a bad day, remember at least you HAVE that day. And if you want something, make a plan and go get it. Now.

stressed out (rant)

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save you from roxy fightlikeagirl
Thanks, fightlikeagirl designs, for the pic. It just about describes me today.

So….firstly, my housing plans keep changing, and it’s freaking me out. I finally decided that I don’t wanna commit to a lease without having visited the place first, so I’m looking into monthly Suites rentals. But the location I want doesn’t have rooms available! ;_; I’m going to call back next week…I need to set that NOW. I already bought my airplane ticket for September 1st!

I went to my phone service company today and it’s going to cost $100 to cancel my plan, plus $70 if I want to use it from August 19th to the 30th. If I turn it off before the 19th, I don’t have to pay….but that’s a long time to not have a phone. 🙁

I woke up and various parts of my body are really hurting more and more. I’ve been to a bunch of good chiropractors/osteopaths, but the only one who can seem to help my back is Mihara-san, and I’m leaving! ;_; It’s freaking me out. ~_~; And I overdid it in training yesterday, so other stuff hurt. grar I just want to train hard.

During the day today, I got the quote from the moving company who had visited: $3,300! omggggg So expensive. I have a bit of savings now, but it’s all gonna be GONZO after I move back and buy a car and stop making income! ~_~; I need sponsorzzzzzz.

Then my company told me that they can’t send my saved up pension overseas, so I have to figure out how to get the money from my Japanese bank account to me in the USA…after I leave the country. Thanks a lot. Same as my last month of salary.

I was going to meet Brittany today, and had waited around for two hours, but I was freaking out after all of the above, and NEEDED to go home and get rid of more stuff…but it turns out she had canceled other plans to hang out with me. So bummed out. -_-;

I ate dessert. But I have lost a few pounds over the past two weeks, so it’s okay.

I keep thinking tomorrow is Monday, but I still have one more day of work before my day off. The staff were trying to tell me about my work the next day when I was trying to run out the door to teach at Mizo. I’m sorry, I felt rude, but we only have 40 minutes to get there! I don’t have time to talk! Maybe if my company…oh never mind.

I am going to give away half of my stuffed Carebear collection, and that makes me sad, but it must be done.;_; It costs so much to ship back…. and half my mugs. I love them all, but am keeping the ones I’m most attached to. (like 10ish) I’ve given away half of my pens to my kid students (they are so excited) like my fluffy bird pens and bulky ones. I’m just keeping ones that were gifts from people, or that I especially can’t part with. Thanks to one of my co-workers for agreeing to take my printer and chair. good for me, and free stuff for him. arigato.

Over the past few days, I watched the Trigun movie. I gotta watch thing else to relax before bed… I woke up at 3:30 AM and got sleepy at work. 🙁

I’m almost done TUF 14, but watching fights isn’t relaxing. I’m on the last few episodes. I’m trying to catch up.

piece of writing, from last time I moved

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In 2009 (I think) I moved from Atsugi to Kawasaki. I was cleaning out my drawers just now and found this piece of writing I did back then.

“By the light of the street lamps, artificial moons, I peddled through the deep night’s coolness, to the 99 yen shop where I go every night to pick up vegetables and eggs for breakfast. I said to the owner, “I’m moving tomorrow.” “Ah, now I’ll be lonely,” he replied with a smile. Back on my bike, I coasted like a fight carried downstream by the strong current. Smoothly I slid past my Egyptian friend’s apartment, now dark and quiet, empty for years. How long has it been since we laughed together, and spoke of our homelands, we pilgrims, we explorers. Now zig-zagging down side streets that I’ve come to know. Yet, on the eve of my move, I feet only quiet, peace in my heart, as the memories play like reruns over and over in the back of my mind. I relish and revel in the bliss of my experiences, examining in hind site, how my choices played out. And I’ll make a new home, where I can be safe from the world.”

Morning training, Neo Judo, smallest escalator in the world

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Yesterday morning (Wednesday) I practiced at Groundslam and taught class! We had a fun time! 😀

(click on all pics to enlarge)
roxy wed class group 7.2013

Rikiya wore this funny shirt! haha

political party

Then I went home and cleaned like a madwoman. 😡 I did a lot of things, like call the electric company and water company and arrange for them to shut off their services.

Then I went to Neo Judo! It was the first time I did a whole class, rather than coming late, after work. It was so much fun! Thanks, Omigawa-san! Man I love and miss Judo, and this is MMA-adapted “new Judo!” love it.

neo judo
Man, Chuji! -__- Why do men have to act like such perverts sometimes?!

And random pic: this is the smallest escalator in the world!
smallest escalator
guiness book