I ate strange foods! Training, kids, pics!

I’ve been training and working really hard lately! Great sparring, great technique. BJ-san and Wicky-san have been giving me lots of advice lately. Thanks 😀

wicky and roxy may 2013

Wicky had been training at Alpha Male, with Urijah Faber, and he’s back now! 😀 I dunno, his and Katsumura’s striking techniques are the only ones that I’ve been able to see, do, and have stick immediately. All other attempts have failed miserably. Probably because they’re unconventional and irregular.

Something amusing happened on Monday. I went early to open the gym, and was wheeling my suitcase with my gear in it. I passed this fighter-looking dude standing outside the locked doors, and said, “Konichi wa.” He kind of glanced at me and like barely inclined his head, then looked away.
“Tee hee,” I thought, turning the corner to get at the electric lock. “He doesn’t know I’m from Groundslam.” So while watching him, I stuck my key in the lock and then the metal shutters started to rise. As did his eyebrows. When I came ’round the corner again, he was all bowing and “It’s a pleasure to meet you, I’d like the honor of visiting your gym” etc etc introducing himself. YEAH, THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT! HAHAH XD

This weekend, I was SO exhausted. I didn’t train at all on Saturday, and in fact, finished my book “Valley of Horses” by Jean M. Auel, that I’d been reading. I want the next one! :< Recently, I've gotten into looking at the Overly Manly Man memes on Reddit! haha so funny! 00cowardpedal

And random pic…. a little creepy. See what I mean? Look closely. Is it just me?


I tried a bunch of strange random food recently because……it’s strange and random. ADVENTURE!!

Spinach/basil/bacon rice ball.
spinach rice bhall
I bought it because it was green.
Roxy rating: 9. Eat frequently.

Napolitan Spaghetti / egg/ fatty ham sandwich
spaguetti sandwich
I laughed outloud, said “Ewwww,” took a pic, and made fun of it to my friends for a few days before becoming curious enough to try it.
Roxy Rating: 4. My tastebuds were very confused. But it wasn’t gross, per say. Will never eat again.

Marinated spicy grilled pollock roe
grilled mentai
very popular Japanese food.
Roxy rating: 8. I eat occasionally when out.

And I just saw this in a convenience store. An anime character called “Crayon Shin Chan.”
Butt-shaped jiggly pudding.
00butt pudding
WTFFFFFFFFFFFF! I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THE JAPANESE CULTURE. ~_~;; This is for like 4 year olds and up. We teachers experience little kids making sexual inappropriate comments to us, and wonder how the f*ck they know those words. Well, here’s why. The adults introduce them at an early age through anime….BUT WHY? WHY TEACH THEM THAT? Why draw a pant-less boy like in Gash Bell? It’ll just get little boys to mimick that, and it’s not GOOD.

/end rant

Roxy rating: negative five billion seven thousand and twenty five.

Well, I don’t teach MY kids such things, and I punish them if they say or do stuff. YEAH

Speaking of kids, in my class of 11 year olds, I introduced myself as “Super teacher Roxanne” and they were like “Oh you wanna be a Super Saiyajin?” (in Japanese) and I was like “Yes.” So they called me “Super Roxanne” the rest of the lesson. I LOVED IT! 😀…