My week in the US for Adele’s wedding

I departed super early on Thursday morning. I couldn’t sleep at all. By the time we landed, it was like 10 PM Japan time so I was ready to go to bed, but the flight attendants were like, “Good morning! Here’s breakfast!” ;-; It was 8 AM in the US.

I watched the movie “Tangled” and really enjoyed it, along with “The Green Hornet,” which was okay. I watched half of “Ali” (story about the boxer, with Will Smith). I was feeling a little bored, so I stopped in the middle and I’ll finish it later.

Late Friday morning, everyone went to get their nails done. I rode with Alison and we got lost. It was for the best, since we enjoyed some really great conversation together in the car. We met up with the bride-to-be Adele and the groom’s mother and sister, who only spoke Spanish! I really tried hard to remember my Spanish, but it’s getting all mixed up with Japanese.

In the afternoon, the family went to the wedding rehearsal at the Basilica and I waited around for my Dad and Marion (my step-mother) to pick me up at the house! Their flight was delayed. ;_; They were supposed to meet me at 8, but they showed up around 9:15 PM. I was sad, but happy they made the effort to come in Friday night! I really enjoyed talking to my Dad.

Usually, when my Dad asks me, “So when are you coming home?” I just say, “Yeah yeah I’m not.” But this time, it was the hardest it’s ever been. I miss him so much.

I spent Saturday morning with Dad and Marion, and then off to the wedding! It was a beautiful church, beautiful ceremony, beautiful bride and groom. Everything was perfect. Aunt Connie sung Ave Maria. She’s a professional singer, and music teacher. I love hearing her sing. I also got to see my extended family.

The food at the cocktail hour was to DIE for. Li, Adele’s friend, kept trying to get me to dance. ^^;; I did just a little but I really don’t like it. The main course was this THICK juicy steak. I was kind of full, but I had to eat it all! omg to die for. And the desert? Don’t get me started.

(btw I Just weighed myself and I have gained a pound and a half. Hah not as bad as I thought.)

This is cousin Joe-joe, myself, and Alison!

Sunday morning, Aunt Connie catered this MASSIVE brunch for 500 people- of course that many weren’t going to come! She’s Italian and always over-does it when it comes to food. I ate all day, basically. lol the crumb cake, the Monto Cristo, chicken rolled with spinach and cheese, rugala! omg carrot cake? It was just ridiculously good. When I stopped feeling full, I had more. It was really bad. LOL But a bunch of people did come over. I enjoyed talking to Ronnie, a family friend and choir member. He used to do boxing, and said that he watched me for an hour on youtube before going over the brunch. He was giving me all this advice. This is Ronnie showing me this “Crouching Tiger” pose that’s super hard if you hold it for 15 minutes.

Dad left at 2:30. I cried. ;_;

Monday, Mom picked me up at noonish, and we went to visit my grandfather (the one who just turned 100), who’s staying in a Veteran’s home. I LIKE that place a lot! I love the nurses and care-givers. My grandfather looks peaceful and so much more happy than when he had to sit alone at home every day. I am so so soooo happy for him. ^_^

Then we had dinner with Aunt Mary and Uncle Steve at a diner. I had TURKEY and the best tapioca pudding in my entire life. But it knocked me out. I fell asleep in the car and couldn’t rouse myself. It was kind of odd, actually.

On Tuesday, I just did random shopping errands with Mom. Thanks for the new shoes! 😀 We also watched some Firefly, the TV series.
Wednesday morning, I caught an 8 AM flight! On the way home, I watched lots of great movies! The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Horton Hears a Who, Twilight, and Twilight: Eclipse. I really like Twilight, although it’s super mushy. How can Bella fall in love so fast? ^^;; I like the wolf boy, actually…

Got home, unpacked, went to the gym- just for a bit- and now I’m here. It’s Thursday evening.

It’s good to be home. I can’t believe I squeezed so much into one week. I managed to visit both my Dad’s side and my Mom’s side of the family! Phew. Back to work tomorrow! lol
Regarding family resemblance, it’s funny because you can see the “Modafferi chin” but I have my Mom’s nose and pointy head, although you can’t see that from the pic. …