hypocritical? Twilight

I was hanging out with Karen before, and were were waiting at a cross-walk.
“There’s nobody coming, come on!” she said, and took a step forward, intending to jay-walk.
“Wait, are there any kids nearby?” I asked, looking around.
“…Is that a kid?” I asked, nodding at this lady in front of us. LOL Dude, she was about like five feet tall with a long black coat and pony tail, and I couldn’t tell! She had adult-looking shoes and shoulder-bag, so maybe adult? Kind of sad I couldn’t tell.

“Who cares, come on,” Karen said, and ran across. I waited. I cared. I want to be a good example for children. I will jay-walk, I will eat on the train, I’ll eat while walking, even though I know it’s against the rules. However, I get mad when I see parents FEEDING their kids on the trains and having lunch there, or mnothers taking their children’s hands and sprinting across the street if they think no cars are coming. They’re basically showing their kids that it’s okay to break society’s rules, and I get mad.

Is that insanely hypocritical of me? I mean, I break them, but at least I KNOW I’m not supposed to. Eating on the train is just politeness, but crossing the street in Japan is a whole different ball-game. Cars don’t expect people to cross because they’re not SUPPOSED to be crossing, and Japanese people usually follow the rules, so they come racing down the street if they have a green light. *huff*

Another pet peeve of mine is WHY THE FRAK IS THERE NO SOAP IN PUBLIC BATHROOMS EVERRRRRRRRRR but people INSIST on wearing those STUPID surgical masks that they THINK keep out germs and bacteria, but don’t actually work? Actually, I think people wear them to keep the air they’re breathing warm. PEople believe that cold air is good for a cold germs. o.O; (If you are hacking and coughing, YES please wear a mask, btw)

I’m sorry, moms, but using the toilet and then giving your fingertips a little rinse under the water does nothing for the germs but give you peace of mind. Teach your kids to WASH. -_-; At my kindergarten I don’t see kids use soap. My mom, who works in a hospital, says that it takes as lnog as singing the happy birthday chorus like three times in order to kill the germs on your hands.

/end rant

I’m watching the latest Twilight movie. It’s soooo mushy and romantic, it kind of makes me sick. x_x I don’t really like romance movies and stuff….but I wanna know what happens because I like the characters a lot! Jake (Taylor Lautner) is hot. And…*wiki* he’s only twenty years old. XD ooookay. Hey, he’s a martial artist! 😀 *read* In 2010, he was ranked second on Glamour’s “The 50 Sexiest Men of 2010” list, and fourth on People’s “Most Amazing Bodies” list, among other honors. As of 2010, Lautner was considered the highest-paid teenage actor in Hollywood.

/end Twilight/Jake rant…