meetings and kids and Christmas cards

On Monday, I squeezed in 35-ish minutes of hard sparring at Ground Slam before dashing off to a Union meeting in Tokyo. I arrived a little late, but better late than never. Then we went to another Union event that I’m not going to talk about here. u_U But I was pretty tired. I had lifted weights on Sunday, and was PRETTY sore. I did some shopping and got home around 4, so I had a light dinner, watched part of Collateral Damage, played my iPhone ap Cityville games obsessively, before crashing at 9 PM.

Woke up at 4 This morning, which could have been worse. Taught my two kindergarten classes. First class was awesome but the second ones were slightly younger and wouldn’t settle down at all. That was more of a challenge.

Then went to my nomal office and taught, and did an assessment.

After work, I hustled to the massage place “Relax Hands” and Miss Nara worked on my neck again! SHE IS GOOD, and I’M SO Happy that I can make it in before they close officially at 9:30. 😀 YAY. I’ve been spending a lot of money lately, but it’s on Christmas shopping…..

I’m gonna lift weights tomorrow morning, work in the afternoon/evening, and spar with Akano (only??!) at night.

THURSDAY I’m LEAVING! I can’t wait!! XD DADDY!!!! MOM!!! XD CHRISTMAS! oh boy oh boy.

With every kids Christmas lesson I make, I have to make a Christmas card WITH the kids as a sample, so I have like 5 Christmas cards that I’m gonna present to my mom. It looks like a 10 year old made it. XD Actually, the kids can usually draw better than me. XD Art was never really my strong point. I was good at charcoal, though. And photography.