“bruises,” training, friends, sushi!

“Please tell me that I have grown
For I have bruises left to show”

“Bruises,” by Unloco

I pretty much felt like this all week. Bruises. Mentally and physically.

Anyway. It actually cheered me up a ton to hang out with Jessica on Tuesday.

I found out randomly that my tall TUF buddy Jessamyn Duke is in Vegas for some Olympia job she’s doing! So on Thursday? I raced over to her hotel and we hung out for a few hours!

jessy and roxy in hotel


I walked into the gym on Thursday and one of my coaches pulled me aside- I hadn’t even changed – and showed me some defenses for the slam. I knew it, but I hadn’t drilled them like I should. And another training partner offered to help me drill! But I was really touched that my coaches and training partners are so interested in helping me train. Thank you, Syndicate! 🙂 I love you!

And Heather and AJ took me out to belated birthday lunch!
heather aj roxy skinnyfat
I ordered this “tuna nuts” thing, with sashimi (raw tuna) with avacado on a cucumber ‘boat.’ There was supposed to be this cabbage salad on top, but I can’t eat cabbage.
tuna nuts

I woke up feeling like total crap today. Physically and mentally bad, but I went to the gym anyway and did some good clinching technique. Thanks, AJ! And Heather! but man, I felt pathetic.

On the way to Syndicate this morning, I was gonna go the local roads and stop by the post office, but just…the stop and go traffic got under my skin and I was like “GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I NEED SPEEEEEEEEEEEED!” So I turned around in the opposite directions and took the highway. Man, don’t you ever get into the mood to just STEP ON THE GAS?!

I made some new friends today! 😀 Well, we met in passing, but today after training Victoria and her boyfriend Brandon took me out for a welcome lunch of sushi at Goyemon! There was all-you-can-eat sushi for an hour. Man, so many creative American creations of sushi, but I loved it! Like this one was called like “Crunchy rice” and it had like tuna? cucumber, like tobio eggs, and a fried chunk of rice on top with some sauce?! OMGGGGGGGggggg
victoria and roxy and sushi
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We have a lot in common! I’m so excited to hang out more!

It’s nice not working a full-time job. But I kind of am…. it’s weird. Like now. I don’t wanna go out, I’m too tired from training.

:/ At least while I still have savings in my bank account…
I worked super hard at my job and saved hard for 8 years for this.…