my last week’s summary (w/ SAO characters)

So all last week I’d been trying to train lightly because of my busted nose, by grappling lightly with Jesus before class and not participating in the MMA team practice, because I didn’t want to get my nose bonked. Last Saturday I thought I could go harder and BJJ sparred with guy who spazzed out and kneed me in the nose, and it started bleeding. Grrrr.
kirito mad

I had to skip the kickboxing sparring for the day. But Monday I did MMA and it was fine, and yesterday I did kickboxing and it was fine. YAYYYY!

Lots of challenges yesterday. Started out feeling like crap – could be the fact I’ve been waking up at 3:30 every day for the past week coupled with hormones and a weakening immune system. I felt a stuffy nose yesterday, BUT I haven’t straight come down with anything. Technique was great. I struggled energy-wise in warmups. In sparring, I stood southpaw with Jamie cuz her next opponent is a southpaw. Invicta, quit giving my teammates southpaws! LOL (Liz had a southpaw last fight). It screws me up. haha But I survived and didn’t do TOO badly. My blocking has gotten a LOT better recently! I’m really happy about that. I’m blocking like a NINJA!
Now if only I could do it like Brolly…..

I sparred a bunch of rounds and did relatively well, but stuff started hurting and I started feeling light headed, so I sat out of sparring the last round. I tried to hit the bag instead but felt horrible, and couldn’t stand up well. Everybody else did this conditioning drill but I sat out…I HATE THAT. I feel wracked with guilt. I HATE telling John that I don’t want to do it. He said okay, but uuuuuuuurg I can’t bear not finishing class. It’s still bothering me. I thought about it all afternoon, last night, and this morning. I want to cry. But I didn’t want to push it and then fall over and injure something. I didn’t know what to do.

I wish Serena were there to tell me not to take it so seriously and get so upset (which she did by text later). It’s practice. But that’s what makes a successful professional fighter. Somebody who cares too much and pushes themself too much. *sigh* I have so much to learn, so much stronger to get, and not enough time!

Our coaching team came back from John’s bachelor’s party! I missed them! John and Casey and Mike and Chaz! and my boss Jason H, of course.

asuna crying

Did learn some cool wrestling stuff from Coach Jason Sargus, though. I’m such a slow learner. lol I couldn’t get it in class, got sooo frustrated, went home, thought about it obsessively, went to bed thinking about it, probably dreamed about it, came back the next class and thought “oh!” and then did the move on somebody in sparring. LOL YES GO ME
asuna happy

So I’m not teaching kids anymore because there’s been a shuffling of teaching staff, and my position was filled. 🙁 I miss teaching them so much and I want to coach them because I know them! It sucks. I still go into the gym in the afternoon just to watch. Which is even worse. The kids are like, “Hi Roxanne! When are you teaching us next?” :{ I substitute sometimes…. I’m actually going to start an MMA class for teenagers! 13-16 years old, on Saturday mornings from 11 AM to 12 :D. I’m so excited! It’s going to start the 28th!

I caught up to the new releases of Naruto, so I started watching this anime Serena recommended called “Sword Art Online.” (SAO) These characters get trapped in a virtual MMA online Role Playing Game and can only get out if they clear the game. My friend Q said it reminded her of .hackSign, but the two anime are so dissimilar that I didn’t even think of .hackSign when watching SAO. I’ve had more time than usual lately due to not teaching kids, no private lessons, and lack of chores, so I finished season 1 in a week, and now am onto season 2. Well, my Japanese is back to par. 🙂 It had suffered when I was watching English shows only, like Lost, Constantine, Star Wars Rebels, etc.

This weekend, specifically from tomorrow, I’m going to visit my friend Serena DeJesus, and family in New Jersey! I’ll be doing an MMA seminar at Killer B
killer b seminar
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