great work, training, POSE, AACC nomikai,

So…I had an non-stressful day at work and got a lot done. I had lots of successful lessons 😀

Then I went to the AACC! I dislike getting there so early because I sit around and get tired and lose motivation, but it can’t be helped because I don’t have anything else to do. ^^;; Anyway, people came and I trained! 😀 and I GRAPPLED!!! Sparred! And my knee felt great! XD The other one is hurting now, actually, lol, but it’s just wear and tear and not injured.

I was so happy I could just POSE!!!

I was going for this. ^^;


Okay, so I’m not there yet. 🙂

We ended early (9:45 PM) and went to this bar for a nomikai! Nomikai means “drinking party.” This time it was a welcome-party for new members and a promotion celebration for some members who got their jiu-jitsu purple belts. 😀

I couldn’t eat or drink much, but I enjoyed chatting with dojo members. 🙂

Tomorrow is a friend’s wedding!! I took a day off from work.…