Sunday Pizza, Monday double-duty training!

Sunday was a welcome/farewell party for new and old counselors at my office/ school! kansougeikai in Japanese! We had it in a pizza restaurant called “La Pausa.” Half the people who signed up backed out, but we still had a great time. ^_^ Hah me, Kwasi and Joe-Joe covered the topics of video games, computer programs, iphones, a few pet-peeves about Japanese customes, and the other ladies were still on the topic of high-end brand bags. LOL (This is why I relate to the men at my office, haha)
fondue with berlitz

It was the first time for me to eat cheese fondue. I’m wondering if it tastes authentic. I know Japanese cooks add their own touch to every cuisine. The pizza quality was “alright.” Japanese places always make their pizzas very poorly for “buffets.” That’s how they can be so cheap. I remember I went to Shakey’s for dinner, and the pizza was fabulous. Then I got the buffett, and it was crap – tasted like bready cardboard, with tha topics focused in the center of the pie (i.e. near the tip).

But I enjoyed the company most of all, and that’s the important thing! 😀
bakery stickers

This picture is of me and one of the counselors, holding my bakery sticker sheet! I buy from them frequently, but I always buy something between 100 and 200 yen, and you only get a sticker if you pay more than 200 yen (roughly $2.50). Therefore it took me 7.5 years, plus other people occasionally giving me some, in order to collect all 50!

You know, I just realized, but I’m having trouble typing on this keyboard. X_X I keep mistyping. I feel like my fingers are stretching, and I’m mistyping all the time. It’s my new laptop. That kind of sucks. This laptop is also a little slow. This is the second major thing I’m unhappy with about this laptop. ;-;

On Monday, I went to the morning regular class, and at first nobdy came! I was supposed to teach and cover for Katsumura-san and Steve, who were both away. Then Kakki came 30 mins late. 😀 YAY So I drilled him on side escapes and taking the back and escaping from the back. You know, Katsumura says he loves grappling so much, and that’s his speciality, so why do we focus so much on striking, when he could probably single-handedly mold the best groundfighters in Japan? Maybe I’ll ask…. But maybe that would seem presumtuous.

Anyway, Kakki started consistantly taking my back during our free sparring after that, so I was happy.

After that, I went grocery shopping, did chores, got my osteopathic treatment, and then went BACK to Groundslam for the evening class! I jumped in the tail end of the 7-9 class and did grappling. I simply CAN’T pass Kikyuo (Ishikawa’s) guard. It’s amazing. She has fabulous hip movement, and I think also because she has short legs, it’s easy for her to keep them in front of her to keep me from passing.

Actually I just thought of something….there’s this long-legged guy I nicknamed “Mr. Flexible” and I also can’t pass his guard, but he has a different style of using his long legs to tangle me up. I think I’ll have to study this further…meaning, effectively using my long legs, and different styles of preventing passes.

Then I did Tetsu-san’s BJJ class. 😀 He taught some interesting stuff. He taught CHOKES and taking the back, oh boy oh boy, I loves it, I loves it my precioussssssssssss XD I worked with Hideki-san 😀 I only sparred like…once? I think? My body was really feeling worn down, and I looked at the clock, and CRAP it was 10:30. (I’m usually in bed by 10:30 LOL) So I tried to high-tail it out of there.

I was teaching Noripi some English before BJJ, and he was saying it perfectly! Other people were laughing at him, but I’m glad he didn’t seem discouraged, because he was remembering word for work well.…