weight lifting with Tony

Tony has been giving me lots of training and weight-lifting advice for a little over a year. I trust him because he’s studied nutrition and this kind of thing extensively, and has a lot of experience. I feel like I’m getting results! In all my experience, I haven’t been able to get noticeable results before, I’ve become discouraged and given up and I haven’t been motivated to continue before. So I’m very grateful to him.

Yesterday, he came to Gold’s Gym with me (paying the stiff fee of 30 bucks for a few hours x_x;) just to help me and watch over my training. Thank you, my friend!

I got to introduce him to my former AACC training partners, and we ran into Celine and Joachim Hansen, so that was nice. And Uno-san. lol I seem to ALWAYS be running into Uno-san wherever I go.

I had kind of a hard day at work yesterday. Hopefully today will be better! I have a busy busy week ahead of me. …