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One of my sponsors is the Strength and Conditioning company “Dominate Your Game,” based out of my gym’s building in Las Vegas. (linkie)They do physical training, nutrition counseling, and also give me supplements from Muscle Pharm. The later has been soooo invaluable! I’ve always always had to buy my own supplements, which are hella expensive, so I try not to buy too much.

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Now that I’m getting protein (the cinnamon bun flavor is fabulous), BCAA and recovery stuff, I feel an improvement in my performance. I think I’ve gained muscle (thanks to many things, but partly supplements.) Also glutamine helps me recover, and glucosamine helps keep my joints from hurting too much. I love Muscle Pharm’s stuff. Their protein is delicious and approved by the UFC, so I know that I won’t be putting any stuff into my body that can get me into trouble unknowingly. I always take their BCAA’s between mitt training (Link no longer available)ย and MMA team practice, and it keeps me from running out of gas before practice is over.

Muscle Pharm just came out with this new recovery powder, and holy crap. I REALLY noticed the difference in my energy level! I was ready to go to evening practice, after taking it after lunch! It’s pretty amazing.
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I just wanted to say that.

Also, Questtraining gave me a training tool named “Allstrike.” It’s a head, so I named it “Yorick,” after the Shakespeare character in Hamlet. hah I asked coach John to hold it and he kind of joked around.
roxy and john and yorick

Best expressions ever. XD
I want to work with him more for accuracy, hand-eye coordination, and speed practice. ๐Ÿ™‚

Check out their website:
Coach joked that Yorick is my new boyfriend. haha and this is what I have to say to that:
boys aint nobody got time for that