training is so fun, and stuff!

I feel like life is back on track….on the fast track! 😀 I’m back to training seven times a week instead of two! I slept 6 hours for two days in a row, but woke up at 3 again this morning. Gah!

Friday I could barely move because I was so sore from training. I slept, wrote a lot of my story, watched Shaman King, and worked on Friday. Boss didn’t give me 3 kids classes in a row. *gives thanks*

Saturday, boss added an extra lesson so I could take it off early on Sunday (Today) so I can go watch my new ZST buddies fight in Differ Ariake. It’ll have been a while since I last was a spectator. I don’t know if this is bad or not, but if I don’t know the people fighting, or I’m not with anybody to comment about the fights, I don’t really care to watch. ^_^;; I’m always exhausted so I could be sleeping….

So Kojima-san is fighting super early, and then Shimizu-san and Okude san are fighting super late. @_@; Maybe I’ll take a nap in between? Is that bad? LOL

Anyway, I had a pretty good day yesterday. Exhausted….but I made it! Two assessments, no make that three. YEsssss, come learn at Berlitz! 😀 We will support your English-learning needs. I am serious. I really believe in my company. It’s a good company and teachers are motivated if students are motivated. We motivate each other! 😀

ANYWAY, do you like my new Goya pen? GOYAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa XD~

On a sign down the street from my apartment, it says “medicine.” But what are the people doing? XD

I kind of didn’t participate in the striking part of the AACC class last night. *whistles innocently* I had a great time grappling and doing some leg lock stuff. I had an epiphany about the relationship of body type to ways to lock in a hold. w00t epiphanies. :D

On Friday? I got some news. Some great news. Some super happy wonderful great exciting specactular news. I am supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (dude I was one letter off from spelling that correctly without google’s help.). But I can’t tell you yet.

but I just wanna …..!