I saw Amanda Lucas fight in DEEP

Yesterday, I worked a smattering of lessons from 8:00 AM, finishing at my day at the 4:00 kids class. Five 7-8 year olds.

Those little….rugrats. Yes. They shall be my “4 o’clock Rugrats.” I’m trying to show them how to do the activity book, but they keep chatting and not looking at me, and then do the activity wrong! Come on, kids…pay attention…..

So @_@; at the end, a few mothers had gathered, and I usually give out stickers, and then tell the mothers what we did, and what the homework was. Well, they refused to clean up, and the girls finally did after I physically started forcing them to do it. I had to try soooo hard not to be cross with them. Then I did my ritual goodbye with the girls, and they left. The boys were still chatting with themselves in Japanese, so I told the mothers (whosever mothers they were) “Amari shuuchuu dekinakatta desu.” which means, “They couldn’t really focus” and then left. -_-; ARG I’ll have to redo lesson 17 next time. I was way stricter today than I usually am. Next time, I’ll have to make more penalties…

So after that I went to Deep. I pulled a muscle in my leg, which isn’t serious but super annoying, so I was limping/thudding the whole way. Then the hip on the other side started to hurt more (has been hurting because I’m unbalanced). I pushed it hard on Thursday because I wanted to train at Ground Slam and made it worse.

I got to watch Amanda Lucas fight! She pretty much creamed Hikaru Shinohara. She mounted her and the Japanese girl could totally not move. Lucas was just hitting her and hitting her over and over, but she didn’t put her full body weight into it, so it wasn’t doing a lot of damage. Hikaru was defending her jaw area, so the punches bounced off her forehead and temple. That’s probably why the Japanese ref, who are notorious for stopping fights early, let it go on. Finally Amanda realized that the fight wasn’t gonna get stopped, so she transitioned to a beautiful arm bar. It was FULLY extended, but the Japanese wasn’t tapping. Her cornerman threw the towel- rightfully so, but she was so upset that stalked back to her corner and punched him as hard as she could. I’m told that he got a black eye. 🙁 I’m sure Lucas would have slowly stretched until it broke because Hikaru wouldn’t tap…I admire Amanda’s control in locking it in, slowly applying it, and giving her time to tap. I really do admire that. That’s what’s so beautiful about jiu-jitsu. ^_^

It was a great DEEP card, and I knew Miyazawa-san from K-Taro dojo who fought, but actually….I didn’t really pay attention to any other fights. :/ For me, a fight is a fight. I’m around fighting 24/7, so like meh. I should watch, I know….so I pretty much hung out with Amanda. I missed the main event. lol I took her and her group for sushi. After they went back, I took off.

Went to bed at 10:30. Woke up at 4. Aaarg 4….. *sigh* I’ve been trying to diet but haven’t seen any reduction in my weight yet. Hopefully the scales will tell soon… 🙁…