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I think I overdid it on Friday.

I try and do stairs twice a week, but this week it was this or that reason, and suddenly it was Friday and I hadn’t done any. So early in the morning, I went to the Orleans Casino Resort Hotel, and freaking did them. (Half my routine so I wouldn’t totally burn my legs out). I was thrilled with my increase in speed and stamina. I reached the top of the hotel before my short song was over, barely even out of breath!

Then I went to Syndicate and did a private lesson with Coach John. That was super awesome, as usual. I think that if more people knew what a good coach he was, our gym would be overrun and I’d never get any lesson time. lol and I’m not just saying that to kiss up because I know he’ll read this. Yeah, he’s alright I suppose…………

Then the 11:30 class started, and about 15 minutes in, I just wanted to go to sleep. My body was like, “No, I’m not going to listen to you anymore.”

grrrrr. ~_~ We did freaking awesome technique, and I tried so hard to concentrate and do it. For the most part, I got most of it, and did some of it in live sparring. I’m pleased with that result, considering I could barely focus, and my inner ears continually hearing my body tell me that it hates me.

Then Jake Steckel did his super-man chiropractic magic on me, and I felt somewhat better physically after that…………………….. but on the way home I binged on junk food. Binge, meaning a mini DQ blizzard and apple fritter. ._. I guess it’s not that bad…. Yes. Ice Cream helps. Then rented World War Z and watched zombies overrun the earth’s major cities.

Saturday, tried to drill technique with my training buddies but ended up just frustrating myself incredibly. Then Miesha came with the ladies she brought in to help her train, Cindy Dandois from Belgium, and Leslie Smith. 😀 We all sparred together. Did kickboxing with Leslie, but not MMA. Next time! ;_;

(click to enlarge)
miesha tachi and everyone
(Miesha, Bryan, Leslie, Cindy, John, Heather, me)

super ladies training

AND Reporter Roxy does a mini interview for her vlog! 😀 😀 😀

Last night, I went to the Miller Ale House in Town Square mall, which was super crowded, to watch the UFC fights! Heather, Maurice, Bootsy, and other happy people 😀 <3 Fun times! I ate too much and now I have a stomach ache. 🙁 It's time to be strict now... And for the record, I feel very strongly that Hendricks won. :/ …