picture picture ~ and my weekend

So, first of all, the UFC happened this weekend with the first female fight.

It broke my heart and brought me intense joy, all at the same time! I want to celebrate for myself and female fighters! I want to cry because it’s been my 10-year dream since college to be the first female fighter in the UFC. My dream was broken. But I’m going to try and glue it back together. Or rather, tape it. “Athletic tape fixes anything,” I used to say. lol Just put a little tape on it and get back in there.

I gotta climb the latter with everybody else.

Next, I’m DYING to train, and waiting is killing me. I can’t sleep well. I’m stressed out because I’m not grappling and releasing my stress. ~_~ I had a hard few days at work. On Saturday, I totally snapped at my friends?

My day Sunday was a little nicer. Work was okay and then I met friends afterwards. I want to train so bad. _< The doctor said one more week! But I'm still nervous. My book isn't going as well as I had hoped. :/ blarg Anyway, here are some pics I took over the past few days. Click to enlarge them. buri and pancakes

I went to this pancake cafe with Brittany, but I couldn’t eat because it was too late at night. < Torture! I gotta go back because it looked really good.;_; buri lottery

Brittany won a dollar on a scratch ticket I bought for us. 😀

ferret 2
At Brittany’s place, her ferret “ferreted out” my cereal from the bags. LOL There’s a reason that expression exists.


figure clips

goku hair guy

This guy in a grocery store was wearing Saiyan hair. I have NO clue why. I tried to take a pic as discreetly as I could.

politeness sign

I love signs like this. People should know, but people don’t do it, so it’s great Japan makes signs to point out the obvious.

kanehara shirt 2

Kanehara-san was wearing this great shirt, with funny English on it. XD HAH
kanehara shirt back