my 28th year of life

I had a wonderful birthday! 😀 I worked and got to say to everyone, “It’s my birthday!!” So naturally everyone said “Happy Birthday!” and smiled. And that made me happy. ^_^!

I brought in little chocolate and almond cake thingies shaped like bears for my co-workers and that made them happy, which made me happy. I enjoyed them vicariously through them.

People wished me happy birthday on Twitter and Facebook and e-mail. THANK YOU! 😀 It made me…..well, HAPPY!!!!!!!!!! XD

Looking back, my 28th year was certainly eventful.

Let’s see…I trained a lot with Sean Frew a lot, and learned various stand-up techniques.
I went to my cousin’s wedding.
I took on a lot of responsibility at work in regards to kids classes…and everything else at the office.
I got a kind of promotion in that I became a mentor for my fellow teachers and started mentoring 5 people.
The Keishukai Honbu closed. 🙁
I started training at Zest Fight Club to prepare for my Sengoku fight with Akano.
I got cut from Strikeforce. x_x;
I spent my first year away from my family on Christmas. ;_;
Had the worst day of my ENTIRE LIFE when I got very ill on New Years and had to pull out of my fight with Akano.
I got to go to London, where I’ve always wanted to go! I cut down to 125 lbs to fight Rosi Sexton…but I lost. Made a lot of friends and fans, though.
The Great Tohoku Earthquake happened and it rocked our world. I visited Nagoya and Osaka with Daniel and met a bunch of people at Alive Academy.
I made lots of friends, at work, and online! My chatroom became popular~! ^_^
I started sleeping really really badly….I struggled with sleeping pills.
I went to my second cousin’s wedding.
I fought Akano in Jewels! And lost -_-;
I TRANSFERED TO the new school that I’ve been wanting to go to for two and a half years!!!! XD
Made new friends!
Started going to Ground Slam Dojo and met a ton of new fighters!
Became Kids Coordinator (KC) at my new school and am taking on new responsibilities.

So what’s my goal for this year? To win all my fights! and be very successful as KC. And I really don’t care that I’m one year away from 30! I was raised to happy on my birthday and appreciate each passing year, to look back and reflect on what I’ve learned. 🙂 …