…a broom

At office

Roxy: Good morning Michele! 😀
Michele: Hey!
Roxy: How’re you?
Michele: I’m fine….o_o *eyes my back pack and the long handle sticking out of it* Is that…a broom?”
Roxy: Oh yes ^_^
Michele: Why? O_o
Roxy: So I can chase little children!
Michele: o_o;;;
Roxy: EEEhehehehehehe! *cackle cackle*
Michele: O_O;;;

I went to my kindergarten outservice yesterday.
I played a game where I dressed up as a witch. I sat in the middle of the floor. The kids gathered at one end of the room. At the other end, behind me, I taped a picture of ‘haunted house’ and ‘candy’ to the wall. I told them that there was candy in the haunted house, and they had to get it. I held up number cards, for example, “2.” They had to take two steps forward and say “Trick or treat!” Then I’d hold up another, until they walked up to me (each time practicing English by saying “Trick or treat.” Then I chose a kid and held out four cards face down: two were candy, one was a witch, and one was a black cat. If one kid picked ‘candy,’ they had to run past me and touch the candy on the wall. yay, they win! If they pick “witch,” I would drop the number cards, pick up my broom, cackle like a demon and chase them back to where they came. If they picked the cat, I would drop everything, grab my foam cat paw toy, meow like a demon-kitty, and chase them back where they had come.

All in all, there was a lot of chasing, swooping, screaming, giggling, meow-ing, cackling, and I worked up a sweat. XD

Roxy has good ideas, if she does say so herself. XD XD XD EEEHEHEHEHE!!!!

(This is Michele making Yaya do the “Royal Dancer” pose)