Excellent Thursday morning sparring, new fish

I am exhausted.

I had super fantastic training today! XD First of all, I was busy translating the map for Ground Slam that I COMPLETELY lost track of time. I’m supposed to catch the train at like 8:15ish and be in Yokohama at about 8:30, but when I checked my watch after I sent the map to Katsumura-san, it was 8:30!!! GYAAAA

So I grabbed my packed bag and bolted out the door. It was just my luck that somebody jumped in front of the Tokaido line train (RIP) and it was late, so after offering up a prayer for the Japanese society, I had to run down there, and then run back to the Keihin-Tohoku line, which was ALSO late. I busted butt and got there at 9:20, but although class was supposed to start at 9, people were still warming up and stretching. Yay

So I basically didn’t really miss anything. ^^;; First I sparred with Noripi (geez, what a warm up http://www.groundslam.com/f_tanaka.html) and my best moment was almost taking his back, but he just pulled me off and beat my up. lol Nicely. Watch out for this guy…they’re grooming this 22-year old to fight in the UFC some day.

Then I sparred some guy who always wears head gear, and did reasonably well. Almost got this sub I learned from Katsumura-san the other day.

Then Nakadai (http://www.groundslam.com/f_nakadai.html) was like “let’s spar.” o_O; I was like, “Really?” lol He’s huge so I don’t usually spar with him, and I thought that I wouldn’t offer a challenge enough for him. Thank you for the sparring! He’s really good. He teaches the beginner’s class on Thursdays. But we sparred and he really tried to hit me! Refreshing, and I’m so happy he respects me. As long as I don’t get smushed into the ground. I practiced circling and keeping my distance, and staying out of range of his strikes, although he got me sometimes. I also managed to duck under a few hooks and clinch, but once he got on top, forget about it. Well, side was rough but I’ve been working various stuff and I managed to do some good stuff. (vague on purpose) Overall, I got smushed but it was fun and I did some stuff. If I keep sparring with that guy, there’ll be no way I can lose my fight to some female. lol I did feel physically stronger than in the past. It helps I’m walking around at 136 lbs.

Then I sparred with BJ-san and I ALMOST got one move I’m trying, got the set up 3 times but couldn’t finish, and it was really good to experience all these various things that could happen from that position.

LOL I had just learned various ways to clinch, and I was fighting for and fighting for it! and I got it! And then I forgot what I was supposed to do from there. *smashes face on desk* DAMNIT My brain just froze and then I got reversed. -_-;

I sparred somebody else, and then grappled somebody, and then Noripi showed his this excellent excellent move regarding mount. So good. We drilled that and then did situational drilling of 30 seconds trying to sub from a position, or get out or defend a position. My body lasted through about one third of that. My back is killing me and I have a small goose egg over one eyebrow, but I think the bridge of my eyebrow is hiding it.

Such a kick-ass sparring morning. But I got nailed with leg kicks so I’m taking the elevators everywhere.

/end training rant

Then I adopted a beta fish from my colleague Max! I hope I don’t kill it. 😡 I think I might invest in a Britta water filter. My remaining gold fish seems genki.

After getting home, I’ve been translating some stuff, and soon I’ll leave for bonus lessons in the S. LC.

Happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy XD…