How I manage myself (I’m probably hard to live with )

I’ve been host to Brittany for a week, and it’s making me notice all of my habits and restrictions. I hope I’ve been a good host. lol I realized just how many things I have, so I figured I’d list them just for the heck of it. Living with my mom works because she and I are on the same time schedule. She goes to bed at 9 PM even!

-I wake up between 4:30 and 5:30 every day. Naturally. I can’t sleep in if I wanted to. :[
-I’m starving so I have to eat immediately. I can’t wait. If I’m traveling and supposed to eat with other people later in the morning, I have to have a ‘morning snack’ or I’ll feel like death waiting until like 7.
-I have to have a huge breakfast with all major food groups, or I get hungry a few hours later and feel hungry on and off for the rest of the day. My normal.breakfast consists of three courses:
1) yoghurt mixed with cereal. (sometimes oatmeal or bread with peanut butter in place of cereal) 2) two scrambled eggs with vegetables cut up, and nuts for fat
3) a huge salad with broccoli, asparagus, iceberg lettuce, carrots, and radishes. But I can’t have TOO much or I’ll get a stomachache when I put lunch in my stomach.

-If I eat or have anything with calories that will stimulate my digestive system to move before 10:30AM, I get gas and indigestion for the rest of the day. Except at 10:30 or after, I can have a banana and pre-work out drinks.

-I’m still high strung after practice for an hour.
-I have to have vegetables with fiber for lunch, and meat. I almost always eat chicken.
-If I have too many carbs for lunch, I will get sleepy an hour later.
-I hate sitting down after eating because I feel the food sit in my stomach, so I like taking walks after eating.
-I hate eating at home, because I can’t stop eating. Even if I’m full, I binge on whatever carbs are in the house, so I always bring my lunch to the gym so I can eat before I go home. Even on weekends, I try and plan so I’m out of the house around lunch time, even if I pack something. OR I plan it so that I eat and then go out immediately, so I don’t keep eating.
-I must have protein and vegetables around 3 PM, or I’m exhausted and feel like a zombie.

-I like to have dinner by 6 or I’m exhausted and like a zombie.
-If I have sugar or a big meal after 8, I have a hard time falling asleep because I feel energized.
-My brain and body start shutting down after 9:30 PM, especially if I’ve trained that day because I’m sooo tired from training. I’ve been known to randomly fall asleep in places like cars if I’m being driven, trains, MMA events, people’s houses if I’m invited over to watch the UFC, watching anime or movies on my computer everywhere. If I lay down on my sofa to watch TV, it is guaranteed I will fall asleep. (We call it “Roxalepcy”)
roxy sleeping at johns
(at John’s house to watch UFC, Jan 2014)

I’m SOOOO tired from training! Give me a break! LOL

-I can’t stop eating carbs, so I can’t have boxes of snacks or tubs of ice cream in the house, or I’ll eat the whole thing.
-I get a stomach ache and/ or diarrhea or digestive distress from: cabbage, beans, raw broccoli, chocolate, fish oil (I can only tolerate two bits of raw salmon), vegetable oil, garlic, raw onions, anything fried like french fries or chips

Brittany wanted to go to In-N-Out and I knew I couldn’t stomach the food, so I brought tuna and tofu and veggies. lol
in n out food
-I plan my day the day before, so I know what meat to thaw out, what chores I can hit on the way to and from the gym. What can I say? I’m good at maximizing my time, since I had to work and train full time for 8 years. Before that it was college, studying and training.

so yeah….…