Training, English, omgwhatsonmyface

Yesterday was great. I sparred mostly with Celine in the morning at Groundslam’s morning practice. I usually prefer training with men, but Celine is really talented and skilled. It’s also really good for me to spar another woman who doesn’t have a huge strength advantage on me, as a man would.

Also, yesterday Maezaki-san came to the morning practice, a lady who usually does the evening BJJ class. I was surprised. She said she came because she knew Celine was coming. Okay, so cool, we sparred, although I outweighed her by a lot. I worked on the recent techniques Steve had been showing me, and I got a few down! 😀 Then nobody came to the morning regular class after that, so Steve and I worked on a few things, and then quit early.  I’m pretty sore and I have a pretty bad headache, but I ran out of headache/anti-inflammatory medicine. ;_; Tony will bring me more from the good ol’ USA. XD

I was looking in the mirror to part my hair after training, noticed this huge bruise/scratch/thingie on my forehead, and did the Home Alone Macaulay Culkin “AAAAaaaaaaahh~!” ;_; OH well, at least it’s not a deep cut, so make up will cover it, no problem. XD Yay. Cuts suck because make up HURTS and you can’t cover up the fact that there’s a dent in your skin. x_x; lol

Steve said I’m getting buff! XD I dunno, but thanks anyway!!! <3 <3 <3 I hope so! Must be all the ice cream I've been eating. XD MY POWER FOOD!! *coughBrittanyParfaitofLOVEsooncough* Katsumura-san and I practiced English for three hours after practice, instead of our usual 2. He's really improving. I'm impressed daily by everything he can remember and produce fluently. High accuracy. Then I went for my osteopathic treatment with Mihara-san. Poor guy is Mizugaki's friend and was going to go watch his fight in Las Vegas. Mizugaki's fight got canceled with the rest of that UFC card, so he has plane tickets and plans in New York for the following week, so he couldn't cancel! So he's going alone. lol I really would have liked to teach him more emergency English before he left, but oh well. I taught him a few things. Then, home again. Exhausted. Almost done writing my dad's birthday present. My friend from the US is visiting Japan for a few weeks! 😀 He's coming TOMORROW, so I wanna be finished with stuff before he comes. :O I'm kind of rushing now. My dad's birthday is coming up.... I should mail it by next week. …