a few funny occurences on my day off

On Thursday, I cleaned my apartment and did chores in the morning, watched TUF 14, and worked in the afternoon. Then I met up with Brittany and we went to Taneichi-san’s Clinic “Yokohama Sports Osteopathic clinic” right across from Groundslam. He worked on my shoulder/pec, and Brittany’s finger. Both are feeling better little by little. We both had the idea to bring him chocolate, hahaha.

roxy and brittany at taneishi

We then headed back, and got into this elevator with this old Japanese dude who was talking to himself. This Japanese woman with a bike also rolled it in. Then the man looked at us. We both quickly looked away and tried to continue our conversation, but he said, “Hello!” We tried to ignore him. The women kind of glanced from me and Brittany, to the man, and then back.

He muttered something else in English, and then, “I can speaku za Engurish languagee!” he said, with his heavy Japanese accent. we both thought, “Oh crap, he can understand us….” but he was weird, so we both didn’t want to talk to him.

“Como estas?” I said to Brittany, switching to Spanish. Maybe he’d think we didn’t speak English.


O_O;;; Brittany and I were like, “WHAAAAAT?” LOL!!!!!!!!! and almost fell over and died right there on the spot.

“But I can’t really speak Spanish!” the woman chucked, with really good pronunciation. Then the door opened and the two got out and walked away. omg We couldn’t decide if they were together or not. That was freaking hilarious, though. serves me right, haha!

Another funny thing was that Brittany and I were shopping for socks and found animal ones. “I don’t see any dogs, only cats,” I muttered, sifting through them.
“Not that one?” Brittany said, her hands full.
“What one?”
“The white one.”
“That’s a goat.”
“A dog.”
“Which? I think it’s a goat,” I said.
“Goat? Dog?”
“Dude, goat.”
“Oh, the llama?” Brittany finally said.
omfg Yes, it was a llama. “Why the hell did I say goat? The word just wasn’t coming to me, hahaha!”
“Well, I said dog,” Brittany said.

I love you, Buri-chan. We make such a great team. XD hahaha
Then we went to Amataro and enjoyed yakiniku and fish!

fish lips

roxy brittany amataro
I just found my Eiffel 65 CD and ripped it. Man, I forgot how much I loved this album!…